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I'm in the process of moving my old LJ over to here!

Just a note for folks who are wondering who this access request is from -- if you didn't remember that I changed my LJ name to "eregyrn" a few years ago, I used to go by orca_girl.
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Folks who have been reading this LJ for years will have seen many pictures of Emily, who is the cat I had the longest, and she was my baby. I'm sad to report that she died last Thursday morning.

(Seen above: a very familiar view.)

What I didn't relate back in the summer when I posted about Morgan's passing is that during that same week, Emily was deathly ill with kidney failure. The good news at the time was that while Morgan also suddenly went downhill so quickly that I had to put her to sleep, Emily rallied, even though in the course of various tests we discovered that she had only one functioning kidney (and who knew how long that had been the case); it had gotten a severe infection, but it cleared up with treatment (better than a tumor, though, which was the initial fear). So even as I lost Morgan, I still had Emily, although I had to give her fluids twice a day from then onward.

I guess the upshot was that the kidney infection probably put such a severe strain on the remaining kidney that it didn't last that much longer. Last week she became ill again and went downhill really rapidly, despite our attempting the same treatments as had worked in the summer. I had already decided Wed. night that I was taking her to the vet in the morning, but when I woke up, she was gone. I had at least gotten one last good night with her to say goodbye.

I miss her terribly. She was just the best cat, as everyone who ever met her will agree. I don't really have any regrets. I am grateful for the time I had with her, and every day gave her whatever attention she demanded (which was often a lot), because you never know.

It's very weird in my house right now. I haven't lived without a cat in the house since like 1990. I will not wait long to get new cats. (I had already sort of been looking for a friend for Emily, although I'm glad I didn't get one, so I could focus on her at the end.) But Emily will always be irreplaceable.

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For folks who still read LJ, and who remember entries over the years that featured Morgan, my Small Emergency Backup Cat. She lived to the ripe old age of 20, which is pretty remarkable given that she spent the last like 5 years blowing snot everywhere and the last year getting daily fluid injections.

Morgan started out life as a barn kitten in Morgantown, West Virginia. She came to me when she was 9, and she instantly became the dominant cat in our house. She always charmed everyone and was never shy about demanding attention -- breaking all the rules for what calico cats are supposed to be like. Over the past year, because of the fluids, I boarded her whenever I went out of town, and she had all of the staff at the vet/kennel wrapped around her paw. She would become "desk kitty" whenever she was there, not caring the least about big dogs who'd come in, or anything, so long as she was getting scritched. She was a total sweetheart right up to the end.

I'll miss her. (I don't think Emily will.)
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Yeah, the pilot was kind of exposition-heavy and overstuffed.

BUT I AM SO THERE. You cannot stop me. This is exactly the kind of ridiculousness I expected and wanted.

Behind the cut, spoilery thoughts and my live exchange with [ profile] telepresence while watching...
Read more... )

Conclusion: love the main characters, totally on board with the silliness. DON'T TANK, SHOW.
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I am taking a page from Katie and Cofax, and am going to start doing "what I'm reading" entries... which I understand should be a Wed. thing, and I'll get on track with that soon. But to start...

Finished relatively recently...

Close to Shore: The Terrifying Shark Attacks of 1916 by Michael Capuzzo, and Twelve Days of Terror: A Definitive Investigation of the 1916 New Jersey Shark Attacks by Richard G. Fernicola.

Read more... )

Still Life: Adventures in Taxidermy by Melissa Milgrom.

Read more... )

What I'm reading now...

Dry Storeroom No. 1: The Secret Life of the Natural History Musem, by Richard Fortey.

Read more... )

Arizona: A History, Revised Edition, by Thomas E. Sheridan.

Read more... )

Tony Hillerman's series of mystery novels set on the Navajo Reservation.

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(Previously: the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.)

K. and I drove back east and then north, heading for our last few stops: Monument Valley, and then later, Mesa Verde. Instead of just driving through Monument Valley (as I'd originally intended), we decided to stay the night there, in order to -- what else? -- see the sunset.


Read more... )

Fantastic trip. Very glad to have seen all of it, and very impressed with what a huge variety there turned out to be in the landscape and geology. And someday, there are parts that I'd like to go back and do, or things we didn't get to that I'd still like to see.

But I think I will arrange to do that in, oh... earlier spring, later fall, winter perhaps. NOT SUMMER.

(The end.)
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(Previously: The North Rim and Antelope Canyon.)

Because of the long day (with stops at Antelope Canyon, the abortive attempt to see Horseshoe Bend, lunch, etc.), we ended up driving into the eastern edge of the South Rim as sunset was happening.


Read more... )

Next! Monument Valley, Mesa Verde, and Petrified Forest!
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(Previously: Death Valley and Zion National Park)

Our next objective, after Zion, was the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.


Read more... )

Next! The South Rim!
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So, in early June, I went on a big trip to the Southwest with a bunch of fangirls, and it was awesome. And hot. IT WAS SO HOT. (Though not as hot as it would be a few weeks later in that area, after we'd returned home.)

It was particularly hot, since three of us decided to start in Death Valley.


Read more... )

Next! The North Rim of the Grand Canyon, and Antelope Canyon.
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Bloom County Pope comic

Back in the mid to late 80s, this is one of the Bloom County strips that I photocopied and had on my dorm room door. I came across it the other day, and it seemed to beg to be posted, given recent news.
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As you are probably aware from the postings of other Boston-area LJers, we had a bit of snow yesterday and overnight into today. We actually achieved OFFICIAL blizzard status late last night (defined as "3+ hours of sustained 35 mph winds and 1/4 mile visibility") which, as the Weather Channel people never ceased telling us, is the first time Boston has had a REAL blizzard since the infamous one of 1978. We did not, in fact, beat that snow total record. However, we did have a 76 mph gust at Logan Airport last night, and a category 1 hurricane is 74 mph (sustained, granted), so well-played, nature.

I took a bunch of "before", "during", and "after" pics. You can click through and see any of them larger.

Many snowy pics below! )

Neighbors trying to dig out their entire driveway by hand. Mind you, the winds are still VERY strong. I then noticed that one of them (right) had, halfway through, gone and fetched a lawn chair, and just gave up.


I agree, neighbor. I'm not even going OUT there to clear off my car until tomorrow.
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As promised, I selected just 24 photos to represent the year, and hit every month except for April and September, I think. Click any to embiggen at Flickr.

Let's see if I can get one of those new-fangled LJ Collapse things to work...
I think I got it... oh it's just the old LJ Cut... )
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It's a year in review!

Do you know how long it's been since I posted? Wow. I also see that I failed to post last year, which would be bad, in that I usually forget what I did for New Years from year to year.  Except I can remember that last year I went t [ profile] my_tallest's party so I could meet his then-new boyfriend, and that was fun!

This year I did NOT party, because I got really hideously sick from food-poisoning the night before, and continued feeling icky all yesterday.  So I sat at home and cautiously ate bland things, caught up on Tumblr after a week away, and just barely remembered to turn on the TV in time to see the ball drop.  *FWEEEEE*!!!  (that's a virtual party-favor thing that you blow into and it unrolls... what the hell ARE those called?)

It also feels like I didn't DO a whole hell of a lot this past year.  I really have to think back to figure out where the year went.

The best part of the year has to have been the saw-whet owl banding, I think.  I moved up from recording volunteer to actually extracting owls from nets and then doing the banding and measurements, which took me from doing it once a week to 4 or 5 nights a week.  So that really killed off October and November.  And yet, it's still pretty rewarding.

Hmm.  I should go back through my photos and see if I can post a "one photo a month" meme or something.  Maybe for tomorrow.

I also feel like I did very little art, which is kind of distressing.  Or at least it feels that way.  I think I did about 20 pieces, if I'm being generous in the counting... and oh yeah, a 6-page graphic story, which probably accounts for the other lack of production.  It took me 9 months to do that, and it hanging over me was probably part of the reason for other lack of production.  (5-6 weeks to do, if I counted up the actual time spent.)

If you're interested, you can see it here; it was a prize for someone in an ElfQuest fan group I'm in; it's not canonical, and is perhaps a bit "inside baseball" in terms of the story, but there it is.

I guess the other thing that killed me this year was that the first part of the year was still spent doing entries for the ElfQuest Fan Art calendar; normally that would have been completed long before New Years, but the nature of the project (producing pages for 3 weekly calendars) made it bleed into 2012, and I did about 5 pin-up montages of canon ElfQuest characters for it:

I also did an entry for the EQFA 2013 calendar, which they ended up selecting for April; again, canonical (the theme was "every picture tells a story", to do a 1-page comic that would convey any kind of story we wanted), and it can be seen here.

And that's about it!  Off to contemplate what I feel safe eating for dinner...
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Still stranded at episode 2 of "Teen Wolf". (Just, no time.)

I finally got myself all caught up on "Once Upon a Time", except for last night's premiere. But I'm glad to see glee exploding here and there on my flist about it. I'm certainly intrigued by the way they ended the first season, with magic clearing becoming a factor again, and everyone remembering who they are. It seems like an awesome set-up to really change the terms of the show.

Otherwise: is anyone else out there watching "Hell on Wheels"? Anyone at all? *lonely* Sometimes that show just pulls stuff where I acutely miss the ability to bond with someone over what just happened (I need someone to clutch over OMG HILARIOUS AWKWARD DINNER PARTY, or to squee with over FINALLY! GATLING GUN!), and as we are nearing the season finale (2-parter next week), the show is definitely ramping up those moments.

Also: 10 episodes is too short for a "season". And I am not down with this whole, "we won't know for a few months whether it gets another season and then it'll probably be a year before it does". That is some agonizing pacing.


Jun. 18th, 2012 11:38 am
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Thanks to all for the birthday wishes yesterday. :) We actually had gorgeous weather here, so I took the opportunity to do something I've been meaning to do for a while, which was get out kayaking again. It surprises me to realize that I probably hadn't been out for 2 years, and as soon as I got back out on the water, I remembered how much I just plain enjoy it. The river is lovely and the feel of kayaking is lovely.

This time, I was excited to get out on a stretch of the Charles River that I'd never been on before. Charles River Canoe & Kayak has several rental spots, all of which I've been to, but I didn't know they'd opened up a new one upriver at Nahanton Park in Newton, on a 12 mile stretch of the river unbroken by any dams!

In a sense, this was my downfall; so was going by myself. Because whenever I go out to do things by myself, I always wind up being over-ambitious. Previously, I think I have not done paddles much longer than about 6 miles round trip. This time, I took advantage of a little canal that cut across a big loop of the river -- at the end of which, I had to actually get out and walk through a waterfall over rocks (in flip-flops, because I'm dumb), dragging the kayak under a bridge to get back to the river and go back the long way, downstream. In my head, this made sense, because paddling downstream is always easier, and I'd noticed on the way out that the wind ought to be mostly at my back on the return. But I sort of didn't do the math in my head to estimate how long a trip that would really be. When kayaking, I tend to manage about 3-3.5 miles per hour. I paddled 2 miles to get to the half-mile short-cut. That brought me back to the river 8 miles upstream, which I then had to paddle all the way back to the rental site. And while I was indeed going with the current on the way back, the current isn't so strong that it carries you at any speed. So, yeah. That was about 3 and a half hours' worth of constant paddling, more than I'd ever done before, and the river was twisty enough that I still had stretches where I had to paddle against the wind.

But it was great, even if my arms are kind of limp noodles today.

I don't have any pictures of any of that, because I don't tend to try to mess around with electronics in a kayak, since it's all so wet. Instead, have some pictures from a few weeks ago, when Diane and Katie and I took a day-trip up to the White Mountains in NH. I was the instigator of this plan, because it has seemed for a while now, to me, that it is ridiculous that I have lived up here for over 20 years and never been up there, and never driven up Mt. Washington.


Many more pictures below the cut, half of cool animals and half of scenic mountain vistas: this way... )

Conclusion: the White Mountains are really pretty. And I want to see more waterfalls.
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So there I was, on the bus home tonight, and I really don't even know what I was thinking of that led me to get the theme to the old Spider-Man cartoon stuck in my head. I'm sure there was a train of thought that led to it. I don't think that would have come out of absolutely nowhere. But there I was, singing the theme song (on the inside) and thinking to myself, you know, the theme song to Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes is okay, if cheestastic in an 80s way, but the theme song to Spider-Man was FANTASTIC. Why don't they write theme songs like that any more? If I was responsible for making new Spider-Man cartoons (or movies) I would just keep using that theme song on every single one, assuming I could get the rights.

Synchronicity being what it is, I got home and was browsing Tumblr (as you do), and what should appear but this. I'm not even kidding. It was, dare I say, uncanny. (I'm sorry. Right company, wrong superheroes.)

You owe it to yourself to click on this, crank the volume, and listen, because it is Michael Bublé, and drums, and jazz horns, (and apparently the opening bars to the "Heat Miser" song, IDEK), and it is WONDERFUL.

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Last weekend I went and visited my Mom, only two months after seeing her at Xmas. The biggest issue here is that it's a long drive and I get SO BORED with all of the possible routes, which I have done multiple times a year for years and years. SO BORED. I have gotten to the point where I will plot a route that is out of my way and on slower roads, just so that I have something to look forward to. It takes longer to get there, but at least I'm mentally stimulated.

On the drive back, therefore, I routed myself through Harriman and Bear Mountain state parks (NY) as has become my custom, and then noodled my way up the east side of the Hudson Valley, discovering things as I went. Alas, a few of them I did not get any pictures of -- like the several deer and for-real beaver dams seen in the aforementioned state park. So for the collection below, you know it had to be truly arresting for me to have stopped to take a picture of it.

But let's start somewhere familiar: bird identification!


As I was getting gas while leaving the island that Mom lives on, I noticed a bird on nearby power lines, and I looked at it idly, as you do. "Huh," I said to myself, "that's the size of a mourning dove, and it has a long tail... but that is NOT a dove's head shape".

more below, including an identification )

Before we leave LBI...


Yes: the beach, still there. Actually, the beach is very notably wide right now. Probably because the island has not suffered a big storm in a while. This is high tide.

more beach below )

So, after the nice state park and the deer and the beaver-dams and all, I'm driving up the Hudson Valley on roads I'd never been on before, and I come to a junction where I turn from one little state route to another and WHAM:


Curious? See below the cut... )

Coming up this weekend: bald eagles! And maybe, if we are very very lucky, snowy owls.


Jan. 15th, 2012 10:25 pm
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This is even more exciting right now, given that we've been working our way through select Old Who eps for the past several months. (We are in the middle of Tom Baker right now.)

Also, in a different WOOOOO category, go here to see several short scenes from the upcoming Avatar: The Legend of Korra:
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(It's sad that my first thought was to post this to LJ and then my second thought was, "but will anyone get to see it?" Poor LJ. Poor Russians. I'm feeling for them.)

The funny thing about these films is that while I like RDJ's Holmes okay, for me, it's all about the best Watson ever put on film.

The only problem with Stephen Fry as Mycroft is that it's hard not to see him as "Stephen Fry/Sarcastic Jeeves", and yet, I don't care, because could anyone be more perfect as Mycroft?


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