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2013-02-09 04:50 pm
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Snowy Progression

As you are probably aware from the postings of other Boston-area LJers, we had a bit of snow yesterday and overnight into today. We actually achieved OFFICIAL blizzard status late last night (defined as "3+ hours of sustained 35 mph winds and 1/4 mile visibility") which, as the Weather Channel people never ceased telling us, is the first time Boston has had a REAL blizzard since the infamous one of 1978. We did not, in fact, beat that snow total record. However, we did have a 76 mph gust at Logan Airport last night, and a category 1 hurricane is 74 mph (sustained, granted), so well-played, nature.

I took a bunch of "before", "during", and "after" pics. You can click through and see any of them larger.

Many snowy pics below! )

Neighbors trying to dig out their entire driveway by hand. Mind you, the winds are still VERY strong. I then noticed that one of them (right) had, halfway through, gone and fetched a lawn chair, and just gave up.


I agree, neighbor. I'm not even going OUT there to clear off my car until tomorrow.
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2013-01-02 06:11 pm

2012 - the year in photos

As promised, I selected just 24 photos to represent the year, and hit every month except for April and September, I think. Click any to embiggen at Flickr.

Let's see if I can get one of those new-fangled LJ Collapse things to work...
I think I got it... oh it's just the old LJ Cut... )
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2013-01-01 07:01 pm
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Happy New Year!

It's a year in review!

Do you know how long it's been since I posted? Wow. I also see that I failed to post last year, which would be bad, in that I usually forget what I did for New Years from year to year.  Except I can remember that last year I went t [ profile] my_tallest's party so I could meet his then-new boyfriend, and that was fun!

This year I did NOT party, because I got really hideously sick from food-poisoning the night before, and continued feeling icky all yesterday.  So I sat at home and cautiously ate bland things, caught up on Tumblr after a week away, and just barely remembered to turn on the TV in time to see the ball drop.  *FWEEEEE*!!!  (that's a virtual party-favor thing that you blow into and it unrolls... what the hell ARE those called?)

It also feels like I didn't DO a whole hell of a lot this past year.  I really have to think back to figure out where the year went.

The best part of the year has to have been the saw-whet owl banding, I think.  I moved up from recording volunteer to actually extracting owls from nets and then doing the banding and measurements, which took me from doing it once a week to 4 or 5 nights a week.  So that really killed off October and November.  And yet, it's still pretty rewarding.

Hmm.  I should go back through my photos and see if I can post a "one photo a month" meme or something.  Maybe for tomorrow.

I also feel like I did very little art, which is kind of distressing.  Or at least it feels that way.  I think I did about 20 pieces, if I'm being generous in the counting... and oh yeah, a 6-page graphic story, which probably accounts for the other lack of production.  It took me 9 months to do that, and it hanging over me was probably part of the reason for other lack of production.  (5-6 weeks to do, if I counted up the actual time spent.)

If you're interested, you can see it here; it was a prize for someone in an ElfQuest fan group I'm in; it's not canonical, and is perhaps a bit "inside baseball" in terms of the story, but there it is.

I guess the other thing that killed me this year was that the first part of the year was still spent doing entries for the ElfQuest Fan Art calendar; normally that would have been completed long before New Years, but the nature of the project (producing pages for 3 weekly calendars) made it bleed into 2012, and I did about 5 pin-up montages of canon ElfQuest characters for it:

I also did an entry for the EQFA 2013 calendar, which they ended up selecting for April; again, canonical (the theme was "every picture tells a story", to do a 1-page comic that would convey any kind of story we wanted), and it can be seen here.

And that's about it!  Off to contemplate what I feel safe eating for dinner...
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2012-06-18 11:38 am


Thanks to all for the birthday wishes yesterday. :) We actually had gorgeous weather here, so I took the opportunity to do something I've been meaning to do for a while, which was get out kayaking again. It surprises me to realize that I probably hadn't been out for 2 years, and as soon as I got back out on the water, I remembered how much I just plain enjoy it. The river is lovely and the feel of kayaking is lovely.

This time, I was excited to get out on a stretch of the Charles River that I'd never been on before. Charles River Canoe & Kayak has several rental spots, all of which I've been to, but I didn't know they'd opened up a new one upriver at Nahanton Park in Newton, on a 12 mile stretch of the river unbroken by any dams!

In a sense, this was my downfall; so was going by myself. Because whenever I go out to do things by myself, I always wind up being over-ambitious. Previously, I think I have not done paddles much longer than about 6 miles round trip. This time, I took advantage of a little canal that cut across a big loop of the river -- at the end of which, I had to actually get out and walk through a waterfall over rocks (in flip-flops, because I'm dumb), dragging the kayak under a bridge to get back to the river and go back the long way, downstream. In my head, this made sense, because paddling downstream is always easier, and I'd noticed on the way out that the wind ought to be mostly at my back on the return. But I sort of didn't do the math in my head to estimate how long a trip that would really be. When kayaking, I tend to manage about 3-3.5 miles per hour. I paddled 2 miles to get to the half-mile short-cut. That brought me back to the river 8 miles upstream, which I then had to paddle all the way back to the rental site. And while I was indeed going with the current on the way back, the current isn't so strong that it carries you at any speed. So, yeah. That was about 3 and a half hours' worth of constant paddling, more than I'd ever done before, and the river was twisty enough that I still had stretches where I had to paddle against the wind.

But it was great, even if my arms are kind of limp noodles today.

I don't have any pictures of any of that, because I don't tend to try to mess around with electronics in a kayak, since it's all so wet. Instead, have some pictures from a few weeks ago, when Diane and Katie and I took a day-trip up to the White Mountains in NH. I was the instigator of this plan, because it has seemed for a while now, to me, that it is ridiculous that I have lived up here for over 20 years and never been up there, and never driven up Mt. Washington.


Many more pictures below the cut, half of cool animals and half of scenic mountain vistas: this way... )

Conclusion: the White Mountains are really pretty. And I want to see more waterfalls.
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2011-10-28 10:13 am
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October, meet me at camera 3...

Yesterday on my drive home, it was sleeting. Which, fair enough. But this morning as I commuted, I could see some cars -- not many, but really, too many -- with about an inch of SNOW on the roofs and hoods. In Belmont, MA. Which is outside of Cambridge. WHICH IS NOT THE FROZEN NORTH.

Also, on the radio as I woke up this morning, they advised me that there is a Winter Storm Watch (or Warning, I can never tell those apart) for my area this weekend, although it may just involve rain in the actual city area.


p.s. keep an eye on your local PBS schedule for Nature during the week of Nov. 16th, which I hear is when they may be showing "My Life as a Turkey", which looks to be just adorable.
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2011-07-08 07:42 pm
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It's an inauspicious start to the evening to have to KILL A SPIDER in your CLEAVAGE.

brb, icked out FOREVER.
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2010-11-18 07:29 pm
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Calling all Geek Girls!

Visit the above link. Despair just a little. First-grade girl loves Star Wars, picks out SW-themed back-to-school stuff. Starts getting teased about it by boys who claim that "Star Wars is a boy thing". In tears, girl begins to want to conform to avoid teasing. Her mother writes this thoughtful article -- and encourages fellow female Star Wars fans to post comments in support that Katie can read.

Dammit. Yes.


I am not fucking going back in time to 1978 to tell myself and all my girlfriends on the playground that no, we shouldn't be playing Star Wars during every recess, fighting over who gets to be which character, including girls playing the boy characters and droids and aliens (I always got to be Han *buffs nails* but possibly only because my friend really liked Luke better). I am not fucking going back in time to stop myself from enacting lightsaber fights with my cousins on the beach with Wiffle-Ball bats. Fuck no.

I don't know how much it will help. I feel for the kid. I was "different" in school, I got teased, and I coped in whatever ways I coped. I don't remember actually trying to conform, although I do sort of remember getting the message to withdraw and hide who I was a bit more. (Not so much "maybe if I wear pink and be girly, I'll be accepted", and more "maybe if I lie low they won't have so much ammunition".) But to be honest I think I was just the kind of combative "well, fuck 'em" child who did my own thing, regardless. I can't tell this young kid to just... do that. I don't know what her situation is like. I don't know what schools are like today. (Maybe there were just more tomboy girls around in 1978, to judge by the number of my fellow playmates. But the boys were still often poopyheads.) In the end, she has to go to school with THEM and live with them, not with us. But maybe it will do her some good to hear about other girls who are into geeky things. Maybe she really doesn't have any others around her in her school.

p.s. it does require registration to leave a comment, unfortunately. But you can go to the following to leave comments without having to register:
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2010-07-01 03:52 pm
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Cure for grumpy...

I'm really behind (I have hawk pics, truly!) and am having a weird week of ups and downs, and this morning I had an unpleasant confrontation with a resident on the street where I park to commute (let's put it this way: if you want to try to convince someone of something, including your own moral superiority, leading off with being insulting, threatening, and condescending probably isn't the way to do it), which made me extremely grumpy.

However! I encourage everyone to watch the following, because I can think of few better quick cures for a bad mood:

I'm serious, just stick with it.
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2010-03-23 09:35 pm
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This is a Telepresence Update...

Hey, folks who read my LJ who also know [ profile] telepresence!

He just asked me to write a quick update to say that if anyone has been trying to get in touch with him for anything over the past few days, he's been offline. He's in the hospital -- he's fine, but they're running various tests, which take for-ev-er, so he's stuck in there until tomorrow at least. And his iPhone battery has long since died. So he can't access the web at all. All he has is hospital food and daytime TV -- feel for him.

So, that's the deal. Pass the word on to anyone who might need it.
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2010-01-01 08:40 pm
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2010 - that just doesn't look right...

So. Here we are, in 2010. Boy, that is wrong on so many levels. I am not doing that decade-in-review thing, no. But here, a quick catch-up on the past year, because I've done it the past two years in a row, so I should keep that up.

Once again, I did nooooothing on New Year's Eve. Weather was crappy here, AGAIN. (And it's supposed to be worse this weekend.) I stayed in, I ate Indian food, I had a beer, and I rewatched Disney's "Hercules", which is directly the result of having gotten trapped within the labyrinth of TV Tropes a little while back. (Verdict: not all that good a film, and the things that seemed wacky and interesting when it came out are still kind of wacky and interesting, but not enough so, if you know what I mean. Still, that's what $1 rentals from the library are for.) Ooo! Ooo! And I upgraded the RAM in my computer! I can now thumb my nose at Gmail/Safari and its annoying RAM-hogging issues.

Today I puttered around, and watched the NHL Winter Classic (played in Fenway this year!), and that was neat. It was hard to figure out who to root for, since it was the Bruins playing the Flyers (the Bruins won in dramatic fashion, which is nice, since it was their home ice). Seeing Bobby Clark and Bobby Orr do the face-off was extra-cool. On deck, also rented from the library, I have "Inkheart", which if nothing else I expect to be pretty (I also have "The Incredibles" to rewatch, and I know that's good; and "Tombstone"). I started reading, and am enjoying, Jim Butcher's Dresden Files series. At some point this weekend, I plan to break out the LP-to-MP3 turntable that I got clearance at BB&N, and pray that the LPs I have that I want to convert aren't warped. Being snowed in should be good for that.

I am glad that 2009 is gone, in that 2009 started okay, and then just before January ended, I broke my wrist in a fall on some ice, and GOD THAT WAS ANNOYING. Now, this winter, I'm all hinky about walking on the snow, of which, once again, we have had plenty already so far (WTF December?).

But 2009 was also when I let my inner birdwatcher out, I guess, and discovered a passion for following juvenile redtail hawks around and taking pictures of them, which was really delightful. And it was also when I was introduced to how owls are so much more wonderful than I had any idea they were, which is an obsession that is still partly waiting to be further explored, and that's always fun (as is anticipating/hoping for a redtail family next spring/summer, too).

Anyway, fannish output:

In RiverTwine Holt, my ElfQuest fandom group: approx. 11,717 words of fiction spread over 5 stories; and 50 pieces of art (mostly in color), including 94 figures. What's eerie about this, to me, is that that's VERY close to my total numbers for 2007 and 2008, too -- but, it's factoring in that I did no art in January (I don't know why), and then I broke my wrist and could not write or do any art until nearly the end of March. Hmm. So maybe I would have been on track for an even-more-productive year, considering those are really the numbers for 3/4ers of it.

Once again, I also entered a piece for the EQ official fan calendar - but the reveal on that is delayed, so I don't know yet whether it made it in. Perhaps I shall update if it did.

I hope that, no matter what your 2009 was like, that 2010 is BETTER. Happy new year, everybody!
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2009-03-11 09:16 am
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I know, I'm hell at updating. But, as you can tell from my writing this, I came through the surgery fine. (Except for the nerve block not working to actually block the pain, and except for the Percocet making me ill.) Massive, massive thanks to [ profile] elishavah, and also to [ profile] veejane, for all the help they've been giving me. I apologize for not being good about replying to comments, I really appreciate everyone's well wishes.

Yesterday was the 11th day after the surgery, so I went in for my postop checkup. Everything looks good! The cast finally came off (and this had been the most annoying cast, yet). I now have a very small plastic brace that goes on with Velcro straps, which I can take off to shower (!!!!!!) and to do my exercises. The incision is big, but healing well; the skin is already pretty much closed over. The whole arm and hand is a bit achey, and feels vulnerable because it isn't so well protected. The bone won't actually be healed for another four weeks, but because the plate is holding it together, I can start on rehabilitating everything.

The weirdest part is that I am supposed to now be doing all kinds of exercises to get a hand and the wrist back in shape, and it's very strange to have nothing at all on the arm, and to be trying to tell it to do things, and it's not be able to do them. I know that will come in time, as I work on it.

Below the cut, my x-rays, so you can see the plate and all the screws.

Pictures this way! )
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2009-02-23 08:05 pm
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(no subject)

So! When I last updated, it was to announce in a brief way that I had broken my right wrist in a fall on the ice. It's been a while, so it's a good time for another update.

I've been coping, even though it is a gigantic pain in the ass. Many thanks to people like [ profile] emilytheslayer, [ profile] lynxreign, [ profile] elishavah, and especially [ profile] veejane, for various bits of assistance that have made the last four weeks get-throughable. Everyone at the office has been very nice; it helps that we are in a somewhat slow period. (Although, our annual symposium took place a couple of weekends ago, and that wasn't what you would want to call "slow". But I was able to line up a lot of minions and delegate to them, so we survived it.)

The office bought me a copy of MacSpeech Dictate, the Mac version of Dragon Naturally Speaking, which I have been able to install both at work and at home. This allows me to keep up with some of my e-mailing, rather than having to do all my typing one-handed. Unfortunately, it doesn't really work for me for writing fiction, and needless to say, what the right hand out of commission I can't do any artwork, which is driving me nuts. Still, thank goodness for small favors. (I am however getting really tired of having to speak everything out loud, including punctuation.)

Below, an example of how the cats have been "helping":

(i.e., Morgan has decided that the pillow that I use to prop up my arm when I'm sitting in my chair is her new favorite place to lay, and I have to shove her over when I actually want to use it for the purpose that I intended it for. Also, yes, I had undecorated the tree prior to the fall, but had not taken it down and put it away; now, it is up for the duration, and I don't see the point of having it sit there without putting the lights on.)

That is an example of the original splint. It was succeeded by a hard cast, which is what I'm wearing now. I have a compression fracture of the distal radius, and from the start, the surgeon told me that he was worried it might "fall apart", rather than "get sticky" and start to heal. Well, nearly 4 weeks later, the latest round of x-rays taken today has shown that it decided to fall apart. Or to be more accurate, it collapsed in on itself. The ends of the bone to connect up with the wrist are not quite in the right alignment, which could be a bad thing going forward. So today, I found out that I will be having surgery on Friday to put in a plate to correct this.

The bright side is that this will not set me back to the beginning in terms of recovery. It will add a few weeks, but it won't (or, it shouldn't) add six more weeks. I'm annoyed, because the arm has just been getting to the point where it is starting to hurt a little less, like its, you know, healing; and now after Friday it's going to hurt all over again while I recover from the surgery, and I have no good idea of how long that's going to take.

In summation: FEH.

I leave you with a cute picture of Emily (all 4 feet!):

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2009-01-28 02:18 pm
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Short version: fell on ice this morning. Broke wrist. Right, of course. Already irked with one-handed typing. :P

Updates later. Apologies in advance if I'm slow replying to anything.
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2008-10-01 10:24 am
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Gives one pause...

I was woken up out of a sound sleep at 1:22 am by my cellphone ringing. After the disorientation and the heart-pounding comes the lying-there period where I negotiate with myself about whether I'm going to actually get up to see who it was. I can tell from the beeps that the person didn't leave me a voicemail message. That's good, right? If it was someone who really wanted me, they'd leave me a voicemail. If it was someone who knows me really well and it was really, REALLY important, they'd call my landline. Right?

But it's an edgy feeling. You lie there and think about all of the bad news it could be; especially when your brain is kind of in that place already. What now?

Get up to look; don't recognize the number. Ugh. Go back to sleep.

Now here's the slightly unsettling part, although not for the reason you might think. This morning, I put the phone number into Google. And there she is: my wrong-number caller. Her name, her address. Click a link, and I'm looking at a satellite image of her HOUSE. (She's lucky; streetview hasn't quite gotten to her area yet.)

Now THAT is freaky.

(Yes, I then went and googled my own phone numbers. Nothing comes up for them. Good.)
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2008-06-17 08:32 pm
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I bring you... FUNNY VIDS...

Thank you everyone for the kind birthday wishes! Today, I received: a new computer at work (20" iMac running OSX 10.5); flowers in a GIANT MARTINI GLASS filled with pink crystals (the most amazing thing about that is that No, it wasn't Raqs who sent it to me); and I got to watch the most amazing bluejay fight I have ever seen. Tomorrow, if I'm lucky, I expect to receive an octopus.

The best part about having a milestone birthday is getting a call from your older brother, who took turning 50 in reasonable stride (except for the part where he's going to jump out of a perfectly good airplane; and also, he leased a Porsche; at least it's not red!), but freaked out over his "baby sister" hitting the big Four Oh. Yes, yes, I'll still always be the younger one! And I have less grey hair. (Even if I wasn't coloring it.)

In the spirit of giving, I offer you all... FUNNY VIDS...

"Hi! I'm a Marvel... and I'm a DC: Iron Man and Batman"

"Part Two" (be sure to stick around for the "surprise ending"!)

"Part Three"

Oh yes, it's a whole series. )


Ganked from [ profile] beerkitty: Eddie Izzard + Darth Vader + Legos = \o/

And now....

I have Breyers' Mint Chocolate Chip with my name on it...
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2008-05-02 08:48 pm
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SUCKY end to a (mostly) SUCKY week...

Let's get the non-sucky part out of the way first: went to see Eddie Izzard on Wed. night, w00t! (with [ profile] editswlonghair and [ profile] vampyrusgirl, thanks to whom I was even able to pounce on what may have been the LAST TICKET on an impulse on Tues. night.) It was fantastic, and I recommend the show to everyone. Also, Eddie was just SMOKING HOT. (Not so much with the transvestism; jeans, black tshirt, black cutaway tails-coat with red silk lining; I hear he had on black eyeliner, but from the cheap seats, who can tell?) Also, I was totally charmed by the parts of his routine that consisted of him coming across some stream-of-consciousness point, and resulted in him pulling out his iPhone, calling up Wikipedia, looking up the thing, and reading it to the audience. I know this doesn't sound hilarious, but it was.

As for the rest...

Ehn. I'm still coughing. I'm tired all the time, and I have verrrrrrry little motivation. I was all jittery last night and I didn't know why. I'm extremely crankypants and feel very snappish and irritable, and while that's often a sign of PMS, it can't be, so. MEH.


So as I'm getting off the bus, I mis-time standing up and the bus moving, and I fall on my ass and bruise my legs and arm. :P


I walk over to my car and open the door, and say to myself, "why is there glass all over the seat?"

I had to do an entire circuit of the car before finding that it was the back window that was smashed in. :( :( :( I stood there -- IN THE RAIN -- for several moments staring at it, and thinking, what the hell? There's nothing visible back there except for two boxes of cat-litter, which are still there, and they haven't been moved, so it's not like someone riffled through the back looking for valuables.

So then I put my seat forward to get at the paper towels to brush the glass off my seat, and I find... a golf-ball in the little net pocket on the back of my seat, along with the paper towels. Yes, I *was* parked along a main road that happens to run alongside a country-club.

So I drove up to the country-club -- more glass tinkling off into the back with every bump -- and went inside to find out what their policy might be with regard to their patrons chipping their shots and breaking car windows. And indeed it turns out that they have a Standard Procedure for this, so that worked out fine, and I got their card, and the number of the glass place that does work for them and will supposedly come to me and just charge it to them. *sigh* I really hope they work on a Sat. and that they have a Mini Cooper back window with heating element in stock.

And then I stood there in the COLD and the RAIN (well, not in the rain, but under the veranda) waiting for AAA to come, because it struck me that driving with chunks of the window liable to fall out at any moment was probably unsafe, and if I tried to break it all out myself, first, I had nowhere to put the stuff, and second, if I cut myself, I would be the biggest moron in the world. It took them nearly an hour to come. [ profile] telepresence and then [ profile] raqs kindly talked to me -- or allowed me to talk at them -- until then.

Now I have a big piece of cardboard over my back window, and some plastic garbage bags sort of draped over the outside to try to keep out any more rain tonight, and THIS IS NOT THE FRIDAY NIGHT I WAS WANTING TO HAVE.

And my back hurts, and all the energy that I left work with, that I was going to apply to any number of things since I had a late lunch and didn't need to eat right when I got home, is all gone, and I'm hungry now. And my legs hurt.

The end.
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2008-02-03 01:10 pm
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(no subject)

When you have a dream about commuting (even though it *looked* nothing at all like your actual commute does, except for the... vehicle, I hesitate to call it a "bus", that did have "73 Waverley" in lights on the top) and then you wake up at 7:10am, it's only natural to groan and think for a moment that it's a work-day and you'll have to get up in a minute. It's extremely blissful, therefore, when you realize moments later that no, it's Sunday, and you can totally go back to sleep. w00t!

I just wanted briefly to give you all some evidence of what a fruit-loop my Small Emergency Backup Cat, Morgan, is. I related earlier I think that Morgan decided a few months ago to start taking over all the spots that Emily had been sleeping in -- because Morgan is *evil*. Now it's February and she's still religiously sleeping up on top of the back of the Green Chair of Love. If you look back through my cat tags, you can find pics of Emily sleeping there. Here, I wanted to share with you what I now see every night:

The hell? What is it? Is it a calico tribble?

The top of the chair can only be about 6" wide. I really don't know how she manages to *curl up* on it. But there she is, blithely hanging over the edge.

Finally, I'll leave you with Emily, being cute (and sleeping on the bed, which used to be Morgan's Territory, but which Emily can now sleep on because Morgan has abandoned it):

Off to watch much TV, including SuperBowl!
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2008-01-05 07:02 pm
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MIGHTY! also, cat detente

Yes, I went to the gym again! Also, I went on Thursday, I just forgot to post about it.

On Thursday, I discovered two things. One: weeknights around 6pm is when EVERYONE goes to the gym, apparently. That was the most crowded I had ever seen it. But thanks to them having a skillion of each type of machine I use, I never had to wait to get on one. Score! Two: huh! Cute guys go to the gym! I know, this shouldn't be news. It just struck me, that's all. And you get to talk to them! Or, to be accurate, you get to say things like, "Give me a second to wipe this[ piece of equipment] down, and it's all yours", and they'll respond with things like, "Sure, thanks." ... Yeah, I know, that's pathetic. Still, baby steps.

I also need to provide this pictorial proof of the occasional cat detente that happens at my house. This pic was taken at about 2am on Jan 1st, when I finally came to bed to find that the cats had given up and gotten there before me. (It was cold.) I have no idea who was there first and who got there second. It's just that normally you cannot measure the distance between the two of them on the bed in single-digit inches. They were *really* cold. I heartlessly evicted both of them so I could get in bed. Emily did come back to lie down near me.
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2007-12-29 05:52 pm
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Go me!

I went to the gym again! HAH!

(Don't worry. I won't post EVERY time I go. That would be silly since the goal is to go often. I just feel the need to affirm that I actually went again.)