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You know, I got the second cat because I felt that my first cat was bored and could use the company, not to mention the exercise of maybe playing chasey-chasey more often. Well, Emily *was* bored, it was true. And now we've gotten to the point where she and Morgan are mostly settled into being buds, and they have mostly worked out each other's play signals and stuff. But you know what?

I really didn't intend for "play time" to be 5:00 freakin' AM. Especially since [a] they sound like a herd of rhinos, and [b] my bed is apparently part of the "path of fun".


I have joined the ranks of the TiVolution. It only took something like four and a half hours and the expert help of [ profile] telepresence to get the damned thing hooked up properly (unless you count the fact that I still have to return the defective wireless ethernet adapter and get a new, working one). But it works. YAY!

Among other things this means I will never have to miss Stargate because I was out and set it up to tape but like a goober forgot to check to see if there was room on the tape, and then have to whine and beg at [ profile] telepresence to make a tape copy for me so that I can finally get to see what everybody said was a great episode.

Also, I got to see the Daily Show, which TiVo is helpful for because apparently I couldn't set my brain to remember to turn on the TV at 7pm to see it. And this is a good thing, because the ep that TiVo got for me and which I watched at my leisure last night was the one from, like, last week, when Bill Clinton was the guest, and it was AWESOME, from start to finish.


I hate performance evaluations with the white-hot passion of a thousand suns. So does my supervisor, actually. (Actual quote: "So, what are the consequences if we simply 'forget' to do this?") But, we gotta do it. Today. Blah.


[ profile] troyswann inspired me to go through my iTunes and make a playlist of Sappy Songs. Since I managed to come up with about a hundred of them from my library, I am refraining from spamming her "what would you include on a sappy-songs CD?" thread, but will probably post it here later, as it amuses me.


And finally...

My thoughts on last Friday's ep of SG-1,  )


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