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Okay, I know that at least half of my flist is preoccupied with [a] "The Ark of Truth" (*sob*! my copy hasn't arrived yet, and regardless, I won't see it until the weekend, if I'm strong), and [b] [ profile] rydra_wong's long-awaited and apparently magificent giant kick-ass novelistic SG-1 gen story, "Walked Right Out of the Machinery" (see her latest post for links to it in parts); or perhaps even [c] [ profile] princessofg's finale of "Maybe it Was Memphis", or [d] [ profile] ivorygates and [ profile] synecdochic committing more wonderful-sounding crack-like AUs in "Mezzanine" (... why is everything coming out/being posted RIGHT NOW??? when I have to, like, go to work, and *sleep*, and junk?).

BUT! If you have ever watched the new BSG, or perhaps even if you haven't, you need to go watch this: the SciFi Channel's video summary of seasons 1-3, in 8 minutes, in preparation for the premiere of season 4 on 4/4. (Thanks to [ profile] hungrytiger for the link -- that was hilarious!)

Needless to say: SPOILERRIFIC!
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You know that thing where your mp3 player of choice is set to shuffle, and it tosses selections at you, and your pattern-loving human brain insists on going "whoa! freaky!" ? Yeah, that happened to me this morning.

If I encounter a good fanvid to a piece of music, I have to seek out the music and add it to my collection; and I'm also unable to hear the music any more without thinking about the vid, of course. (Fortunately, in a few cases I've managed to excise memory of a bad vid set to a piece of music that I really like. :P) Case in point: am driving to work this morning, and the ol' iPod tosses Billy Joel's "And So It Goes" at me, so I let it play. I was certainly familiar with this song before (yes, I own a lot of Billy Joel, shut up), but then I found Carol S. & Destina's SG-1 vid for it (Jack-centric & J/D) and OMG!!! *loves to bits* Anyone familiar with the vidders won't be surprised to hear me say that the vid is magnificent, and now when I hear the song I get all teary about it. (Note: okay, so I get teary at a surprising number of songs, anyway; but that is to take nothing away from the fact that Destina is *often* able to make me tear up and get me right in the gut with her vids.)

The timeline of the vid runs up through "Meridian", so it was with some humor that my iPod followed up that song with Apocalyptica's "Path", which was made into a vid compressing the SG-1 S6-ending episode "Full Circle", and which I also love. (Arguably, that duology of songs/vids could only have been more apropos if I knew of a vid *about* Daniel's S7 return, but I'm not sure I do; I'm sure they're *out* there, but I don't think I've seen one...).

At any rate, a lovely chance to revisit those vids in my head, at least, and to rewatch them when I get home.

See links at the bottom of the page if you aren't familiar with either of them and would like to see them yourself.

Anyway... speaking of vids, this reminded me of my experience yesterday morning, when the iPod threw at me a song that I happen to like that I perennially think would make a really cool multi-fandom vid, but I always manage to forget about it later. (My brain does that with a handful of songs: that happens to other people, too, right?) Still, I figured I'd ask to see if any one knows if a vid *has* been made for it, because if it has, I want to see it. The song is: "Girls with Guns", by Tommy Shaw (SHUT. UP. ...with a tip of the hat to the discussion going on in [ profile] greensilver's latest post about songs you are vaguely ashamed that you enjoy unironically).

I mean, seriously, how would that *not* make a fantastic vid about all the kickass women in genre shows whom we know and love? I confess that my brain always starts thinking of Farscape's Aeryn Sun, when that song comes on, but it soon moves along to Firefly's Zoe and Sam Carter and... well, feel free to shout out in comments about who *you* would include in such a vid. Who knows, if it doesn't exist already somewhere, maybe somebody will be enticed into making it someday...

"So it Goes" by Carol S. and Destina can be found here (you'll need to write to request a password):

"Full Circle (Path)" by SE can be found here (bottom of page):

(if I've mucked up the etiquette of posting links to where vids can be found, please just let me know and I will correct the problem)
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I'm so behind in virtually everything that I haven't gotten to read and fb much of the 2007 Jack/Daniel Ficathon yet. But while I was gone, apparently, [ profile] entrenous posted my fic for me, only I just found it last night (because, psst! [ profile] greensilver, you need to update the list!) -- and it *RAWKS*! It's not exactly what I asked for and yet it's *totally* awesome, and she wins the Telepathy prize for in fact writing what I originally was *going* to request and then didn't.

"Flashover" by [ profile] entrenous. ~11,000 words.

Fireman!Jack/Psychologist!Daniel!!!!! 'nuff said. *clutches fic happily*
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Hey, folks on my flist who would care about the subject line! Just a reminder that, if I am correct, today is the last day to sign up for the 4th Annual J/D Ficathon, being run by the estimable Greensilver. Come sign up! *plans to head over herself*
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Last year, [ profile] raqs wrote "Coin on Edge" sort of for my birthday. So this year, I did a cover for it, for *her* birthday.

graphics behind cut )

Hey, it's the gift that keeps on giving!

I still feel like a slacker for not having hand-drawn it. I tried, but I was having the artistic equivalent of a writer's-block day and it was sucking, so I did this instead. Maybe I'll still try to do a by-hand version, although I like the way this one came out more than I thought I would, and what I had been going to do would have been... different, and I'm not sure better. Anyway.

Happy birthday, Raqs!
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Thank you to everyone for the well-wishes. Am having a pretty good day. There have been things to SQUEE over. Later, there is going to be bowling and swanky cocktails. And tomorrow, going up to NH to visit with some old, dear friends, and go to the Revels North Solstice celebration.

[Geek alert.]
Special mention has to go to [ profile] raqs, who is the bestest fic-monkey ever. :D I've always secretly desired that someone would write me fic for my birthday, and [ profile] raqs came through with the sequel to her epic "Two Sides of the Coin", which I love, and that I've been bugging her about since she finished that story. (I still remember fondly how extremely smug I felt when we were debating the matter in the car, and she was all, "How could I do a sequel and bring Shigeru back, without having Jack actually cheat on Daniel, which you don't want and I don't want?" And I said, "Season six; Daniel-is-Ascended angst." And she said, "damn you, you bitch", and I knew I had won. Hah!)

So she posted "Coin on Edge" in the wee hours, and OH MY GOD I AM SUCH A FANGIRL, and I do love it so. It's in two parts:


[/Geek alert]

Hum de hum. Is it time to go bowling yet?
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Man. I am in a spectacularly BAD mood, and I have no idea why. I'm in A FUNK, and there's no reason for it, and that makes me nuts.

No, it's not hormones. No, wise-ass, it's not because the NHL season was officially cancelled yesterday. (Though, still: grrr.) Work was stressful *last* week (I had the requisite Huge Anxiety Dream last night about the Big Event that actually went perfectly well *last* weekend; but that's normal), this week is fine. Yeah, I officially wrote my teacher yesterday and quit hula, and yeah, one of my friends from the class is having a hard time letting me do that, and yeah, that's kind of hitting me with some self-esteem issues, but I'd worked through all that, or I thought I did.

It's a long weekend. I wrote 3,000 words last night. I have a cute little new/used laptop to play with. I found an outfit for this upcoming wedding that I think will work okay. For said wedding, I get to go to England ("get to" meaning of course, "get to pay to", but still), and even though that's a lot of planning, it's still something fun to look forward to. Folks have been posting all kinds of good birthday-fics on LJ and even if many of them aren't within my sphere of interest (cause, duh, they're within the sphere of interest of those whose birthdays it *is*), it's still nice, and some wind up hitting me in exactly the right place, like Otter's "Post Hoc". I really need to find or make some new SG icons (but typically, I don't know what I *want*). I get to see friends tonight whom I missed seeing last week, and the SG episode is supposed to be pretty good, or at least funny (if I can get in the right mood for it).

Why should I be sitting here, feeling all hollow and anxious and unhappy and near tears? I'm serious. It doesn't make any *sense*. Nor is it appropriate for a workday, frankly. Bleah. I don't get it, and I don't like it.

Ho Ho Ho

Dec. 25th, 2004 12:41 pm
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It would appear that some kind of Xmas-y post is de rigeur for LJ, so...

Like a bunch of my friends, I have been finding it hard to really feel Christmassy this year (right up to and including today). I don't really blame anyone; it's something as much inside of me as it is due to the fact that nobody seems particularly up for it. I've been having a fairly low-key and low-effort holiday, therefore.

-- Revels was lovely, as I've reported, and *almost* Christmassy, despite the way my description sounded. Almost.

-- I like my tree. [ profile] raqs (who visited briefly yesterday, which made for a really nice day because we also had lunch at the Iguana with [ profile] tafkarfanfic and her lovely husband; and then we watched three episodes of SG S3 that she had somehow never seen, and how can you *be* a Daniel fan and not have seen "Maternal Instinct"? But I digress...) pronounced my tree "pallid", which I think is fair, although I prefer the term "golden". Also, "cat-safe". It is nothing but golden-white lights and golden straw ornaments, which the cats are perfectly free to take down and turn into cat toys, since they can't hurt them; and which they do with great frequency. (I would post a picture except I don't think I can upload it to my webspace from here. Or at least, I don't know how.)

-- good lord. I just realized that I had a dream last night in which I caught the larger cat, Emily, actually jumping up and climbing up INTO the tree. This is something neither has actually done yet, to the best of my knowledge, although I did actually catch Emily standing up into the tree, so that only her hind feet on the ground were visible underneath it. Huh.

-- I watched "Sense & Sensibility", which is not Christmassy, but which is possibly my favorite movie and which makes me feel gooey inside. Last night, I also watched the 1984 George C. Scott "A Christmas Carol", which is my favoritest version of that story EVER, as everyone to whom I have ever subjected it knows. That *does* make me feel Christmassy.

-- And! It's not Christmas without a Christmas Miracle! In my case... I have this cassette tape that [ profile] raqs and I bought in like 1992 called "Handmade Christmas Music", produced by this tiny little private folk-music place. I got the tape in the divorce. For years now we have been saying that we ought to try to get it digitized so that we can both have good copies. I tried really, really hard to do that this year, but that's another story (a comedy of errors about a bunch of hapless help-desk guys and an equally technologically hapless middle-aged woman on the day before Winter break). Suffice to say, I didn't get it done this year.

Last night, after I had taken [ profile] raqs to the train station, on a lark, I typed "Handmade Christmas Music" into Google. Please understand, I have done this before. I think I did it only a year ago, without luck. Last night, however -- the first link that popped up was a link to the website of the guy who had recorded this tape, and lo and behold (cue choir of angels), not only was there finally a CD version of this album for sale, but ALSO, a SEQUEL. You do kind of have to really like instrumental versions of Christmas carols played on folksy instruments like hammer dulcimer and harp and banjo ("Duelling Jingle Bells" -- no, not kidding), to like these, but we do. I have now ordered them in the hope that they'll actually come soon, while it's still really the holidays, which makes up for my having been a moron and not doing this Google search on a lark a couple of weeks ago, say.

-- Tonight I will take my friends to the traditional Christmas dinner at a fine Chinese restaurant. And that will be nice. Then I will come home and read [ profile] raqs's new draft of "Two Sides", because honestly, that story is probably my favorite Christmas present this year, and I don't care what anyone else thinks.

So, merry Christmas to all, whatever you're doing. I hope that no matter how you celebrate the holiday, or even if you don't, that it's a good day, the kind of day you want it to be.
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Over the weekend, when I was visiting [ profile] raqs, we sat down and watched this tape that [ profile] keiko_kirin had sent me a while ago, which among other things contained 7 SG songvids. Now, songvids are not something I'd allowed myself to get into before; for a while there, my computer just wasn't cooperating with the format that many people used (me in the Mac ghetto, AGAIN), and so on. But the ones that Keiko sent me were pretty darned awesome.* (See list behind cut.)

A little while ago, just after that vid-oriented con when everybody was talking about vids they liked and stuff, Raqs, in her usual more-proactive-than-me-sometimes fashion, went out and acquired a good number of them. So after we watched the tape, I glommed on her computer and watched what she'd collected thus far. This resulted in the following thoughts: Hidden behind a cut because, ehn, there could be spoilers. )

Finally -- the challenge that Raqs mentioned earlier. Okay, so this has been in my head for a while now. I keep meaning to ask all you folks out there who have viewed SG vids widely: has anybody done a Sam/Jack 'ship vid to XTC's "Mayor of Simpleton"? I've liked the song ever since it first came out, and have it on my iPod, and since getting into SG fandom, I can't hear it without snippets of Sam/Jack clips running in my head.

If nobody has essayed this so far, I'd love to see somebody do it. (Do not accept the recent remake by The Engine Room, on the "Welcome to Mooseport" soundtrack, as a substitute; it's okay, but the original is better.) I feel as if it would need an ironic touch -- as if it should be not only a S/J vid but also one that pokes fun at the idea of Dumb!Jack, rather than supporting it. But I'd probably view any attempt ironically anyway, so that's okay.

Also, Maroon 5's "Sweetest Goodbye", which would have to be a J/D vid, of course. Raqs mentioned it to me in this context while she was writing "Rough Trade", and now, dammit, whenever I hear it, I can't help but think of it that way. Which isn't such a bad thing. I suppose.

Oh, and -- for recommendations, it doesn't have to be limited to Stargate. I'll watch any vid for any show I'm familiar with; in many cases, I would probably even watch really great vids for shows I'm *not* familiar with. One that I *did* successfully go and track down back in April was Sica's "Good Ol' Fashioned Lawyerboy", an Angel/Lindsey vid. So feel free to suggest anything.


May. 26th, 2004 03:03 pm
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Why is making LJ icons so darned addictive?

Why do all the "creativity"-related mood icons involving the little fox have it reading a newspaper? What is creative about reading a newspaper? Eh?

In support of another's creativity:

"Rough Trade" by dith

To be honest, I would not have said beforehand that I would be terribly drawn by an answer to the particular challenge that caused dith to write this story (#117 at Area52). Shows how much I know. I'm also not a big angst-o-rama girl, as a rule. (Not that I hate it, and I've read some angst I just loved, but on the whole I'm into happy endings -- which dith isn't.)

So what did *I* like about this dark, angstful, ouchy story? Jack in peril. A Daniel determined to save Jack. Two guys who love each other that much but still fundamentally don't *get* what the other is thinking. Hot sex. Foreshadowing. Trust despite the lack of understanding. More hot sex. Some lovely Jack-admiration. And yes, even the sadness of it, becomes sometimes I do find it more satisfying when a story eschews an ending that magically makes everything better when, as a reader, I have to doubt whether it *could* be made better, at least, better than the way it's left.

I don't think that's all there is to the story, others may get entirely different things out of it. I appreciate certain things because of my own particular preferences (which are, obviously, very Jack-oriented). It seems odd to say that such a dark and angsty story made me happy. But it really kind of did.


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