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Everyone who knew of and enjoyed the performances of Don S. Davis should go over to Gateworld and view the 6-minute memorial video they've put up over there. It's lovely. (Heavily SG-1 oriented, naturally.)


Jun. 30th, 2008 05:46 pm
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It's popping up everywhere in just the last 45 minutes: Don S. Davis, wonderful genre-tv character actor probably best known as Gen. George Hammond (of Texas) on "Stargate SG-1", died yesterday. Heart attack. He was only 66. There is not enough :( in the world.

DSD was one of those people who took what is often a stock bit part (the guy in charge; the guy who sends out the teams) and turned it into gold. I always found it difficult to put my finger on WHY he was so effective as Hammond -- why his performance inspired so much love and loyalty and shouts of "BEST. BOSS. EVER!!!" I guess he just seemed... *genuine*. His kindliness seemed completely natural, but you never forgot that he was in command and his lenience had limits. His anger was intense, never blustery. He wasn't a bluff, hearty military commander, and he wasn't a smartass type -- he was an old-fashioned gentleman.

I feel badly for him, for a retirement cut short; and badly for his family, of course. And I feel bad that we can never look forward to seeing him in a cameo -- he always lit up the screen.

RIP, Don.
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Okay, I know that at least half of my flist is preoccupied with [a] "The Ark of Truth" (*sob*! my copy hasn't arrived yet, and regardless, I won't see it until the weekend, if I'm strong), and [b] [ profile] rydra_wong's long-awaited and apparently magificent giant kick-ass novelistic SG-1 gen story, "Walked Right Out of the Machinery" (see her latest post for links to it in parts); or perhaps even [c] [ profile] princessofg's finale of "Maybe it Was Memphis", or [d] [ profile] ivorygates and [ profile] synecdochic committing more wonderful-sounding crack-like AUs in "Mezzanine" (... why is everything coming out/being posted RIGHT NOW??? when I have to, like, go to work, and *sleep*, and junk?).

BUT! If you have ever watched the new BSG, or perhaps even if you haven't, you need to go watch this: the SciFi Channel's video summary of seasons 1-3, in 8 minutes, in preparation for the premiere of season 4 on 4/4. (Thanks to [ profile] hungrytiger for the link -- that was hilarious!)

Needless to say: SPOILERRIFIC!
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I really need everyone to go dig Christopher Judge's current hair... and his sparkly hairband, OMG!!!.

(Courtesy of the estimable [ profile] marthawells, from J. Mallozzi's blog, pics from a recent screening of the upcoming SG-1 movie "Ark of Truth" -- but the pics don't really contain spoilers. I am quite sure that Chris Judge will not look like that in the movie. QUITE sure.)
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It's more likely than you think!

So, on Thurs. night's Daily Show, the guest was Greg Bear, who's a sf/fantasy author from way back. Apparently he's been tapped (amongst other sf authors) to work with the FBI and Dept. Homeland Security, helping to, I dunno, brainstorm. He has a new book out, "Quantico", that uses themes that he helped develop in this work with the FBI.

The question here is: is Jon Stewart a SciFi Channel-watching geek.... or what?

JS: We're delighted to have you here.

Now, when you say "science fiction writers", they consider you more of a "hard" science fiction writer? Your books really are more about science that exists and sort of extrapolating that?

GB: A lot of them are, and we play with the net up, we say in the game, kind of like Robert Frost talking about poetry that rhymes? So this time we do it the hard way, we try and make it work.

JS: The science of it.

GB: Yeah.

JS: So, you can't just, in the middle of the thing, go, "And there's a Gate, and when you step through it you're on another planet!"

(Big audience laugh and laugh from GB; because JS did that line in a funny voice and waving hands.)

GB: I've done that! I've done that, that's fun, I don't mind doing that. I've written fantasy, scary stories, ghost stories. But when you sit down and write something like this book [Quantico], or earlier books, Darwin's Radio and so on, you have to convince the experts. And that means I'm talking to people who really do check their facts because they work in the labs every single day.

(The interview as a whole was interesting, and Bear seems cheerful and engaging when he was talking about trying to help the FBI and DHS come up with sf-like boundary-pushing technological approaches to fighting home-grown terrorism; he was esp. concerned with bio-weapons, creating viruses, etc. Seems like a nice enough guy. This was interesting to me, because I read *one* Greg Bear book back in the early or mid-80s, and I disliked it, and never sought out anything by him ever again. I wonder if I would like one of his books better now? It's been so long, and I dismissed the book so thoroughly from my brain, that now when I look at a list of his works, the title of it doesn't even ping me with any surety. Ah well.)

You know, something's going on when Jon Stewart is groping for an example of "fantastical science fiction", and what he comes up with is Stargate... not something from Trek, not something from Star Wars, not Battlestar Galactica. I have to say, it took me by surprise.
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Alerted by [ profile] suzvoy and [ profile] telepresence:

The official MGM site for both Stargates has a box for a poll in a prominent place on its front page. The current question is: "Favorite Atlantis Slash Pairings":


On the *official* MGM page. Okaaaaay.

The choices, btw are Sheppard/McKay, Teyla/Weir, and Ronon/McKay; no, I have absolutely no idea how they arrived at those three, although the first is pretty obvious. I don't usually visit this page, so I've no idea whether it's a different poll question each day, what past poll questions have been, if they've ever done a similar slash question for SG-1, who's in charge of coming up with the poll questions, etc.

Just... *really*, MGM? You want to know? Huh.
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I haven't seen this break on my flist yet, so a heads-up for folks (though I imagine it will be all over the place very soon):

Solutions Blog ( has finally broken a story about a rumor that [ profile] telepresence reported to me last week, about a Big Thing coming up in the second half of SGA S3. The Solutions announcement itself is just an unspecific blurb, but it contains a link to another site with very specific information.

Comments, speculation... very spoilery. )
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Hey, folks! Some news on the ongoing series of Stargate action figures.

Series 2 (Sam, Teal'c variations, Thor) is supposed to be out this month, but various sites I've seen are still listing them as pre-orders.

The newsflash here is about SERIES 3, which is supposed to be out in Feb. 2007.

Apparently it will consist of:

Lt. Col. Cameron Mitchell (olive BDUs)
Vala Mal Doran (olive BDUs)
Vala Mal Doran (black bustier outfit from her debut)
Daniel Jackson (black-ops variant)
Cigarette-Smoking Prior (no, that's not what it's called, but it's a Prior based clearly on the one played by William B. Davis)

Go here for pictures:

The previous two sets of figures having come with pieces that let you assemble the Stargate, apparently this set will come with pieces that will let you assemble a DHD. (But it sort of sounds like you won't be able to assemble the full DHD, and if this runs true to form, we'll have to wait for series 4 for that.)

Still no word on the Atlantis action figures. :(
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Thanks to the Solutions Blog website for this heads-up...

ESPN Page 2 writer Gregg Easterbrook, in an extremely long article that's mostly about the new football season, wanders discursively through a number of tangential topics, including the cancellation of SG-1:

There's so much on the page that you might be better off doing a find for keywords, but on your way to the Stargate portion, don't miss "Future Historians Blame 21st Century Bolt for Decision to Evacuate Earth", which is about six items above "This Week's "Stargate" Complaint". (Both are about halfway down the long page, if you are dragging the scrollbar.)

This is a rant the quality of which could only have been written by someone who actually watches the show, indeed, who has done for years. He goes off onto a tangent about the recent seasons' premise of the U.S. building multiple Prometheus/Daedalus-class warships and why he thinks this is unrealistic in the extreme from a practical viewpoint (plus, he "liked the original Stargate premise better. The original premise was that archeologists in Egypt discover an entry point for an ancient network of gates that allow instantaneous travel across the cosmos; a handful of Earth's best step through the gate, having no idea what's on the other side and able to take along only that which they can carry. That premise forced plots to focus on contact with strange distant societies and to emphasize the small, halting nature of the human presence.") It is a rant worthy of the obsessed kind of meta that a lot of us tend to get into, and it makes me squint at Gregg Easterbrook in a knowing way.

Note: fair warning, he does *not* like Atlantis. (He considers it plodding and un-funny compared to SG-1, but I can't quite tell whether it's because he gave up on the show early on and doesn't watch it, or if he does watch it regularly too, or what.) He doesn't really spare SG-1 from criticism, either, though. I found it all pretty darned funny, and you know, didn't disagree with some of his points (save his characterization of SGA).

I'm just left wondering what most of his sports/football-interested readers make of this digression... presuming they read that far.

At the very bottom of the page he closes with:

"Next Week: The Stargate commandos use the wormhole to travel to a mirror universe where "Star Trek" has not been canceled and the other three promised "Star Wars" movies are actually being made."

Boy, you find fannishness in the oddest places, don't you?
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Huge thanks to [ profile] stephicozar for making this available! I figured I would pass it on.

This is Hypaspace (... it's some show, no, I really don't know what it is), with almost 7 min.'s worth of the SG cast and crew talking about the cancellation: Michael Shanks, Chris Judge, Claudia Black, Ben Browder, and Peter DeLuise. (No, no idea where AT was; it looked like it was done while they were on location shooting something, so maybe she wasn't needed that day, or maybe she had this ep off or something.) (Also, you do get glimpses of this ep they were shooting, but I don't think it's *that* spoilery; certainly not plot spoilery, really.)

Really nice. Very heart-warming. Very classy.


Hey, sorry about that, folks! Jenlev broke it to me that YouSendIt was asking for a login to get the file? Sorry to screw that up. So, presuming that's not working for anyone -- you can either visit stephicozar's LJ, linked above, and her latest post has a download link from SendSpace (it worked for me, but I had to retry it about 6 times to get a download). Or, here it is on YouTube:
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The Solutions Blog is one of the places I go to look for updates, and they are doing a good job of rounding up coverage of all this:

New up there today are links to E! Online's article ("In a statement long on plaudits (i.e., “worldwide phenomenon”) and short on specifics, Sci Fi said it was canceling SG-1 because, well, it just was.")... Maureen Ryan of the Chicago Tribune ("A shabby axing for an interstellar show.")... a very brief statement by MS...

And, of most substance, a link to TV Guide Insider, with the first statements from Brad Wright: "While executive producer Brad Wright tells TV Guide his "dream is to take SG-1 back to the feature it began as," we are now hearing that MGM may produce a series of TV-movies based on the mother-ship series." (n.b. I would feel better if the article confirmed from whom it was hearing the latter -- from BW? From Pryor at MGM, whom it then quotes? Or...?)

"Pondering the idea of at least one movie, Wright says that the show's finale — the last 10 episodes should begin unspooling around March — "should be a very satisfying end to the season, but not necessarily an end to SG-1 by any means."


ETA: From the Province, more words from RCC:

"Cooper says a good guess would be an SG-1 miniseries, made-for-TV movie or even a feature. Good news for the 200-or-so crew that work on the show."

ETA2: Be sure to go look at [ profile] fantasygoat's post today.
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This is a sympathetic but level-headed pondering of SG-1's cancellation. Roush likes SG-1 well enough (he appeared on the "Inside" special to say nice things about it), but folks may remember him as a passionate "Farscape" fan. So he's got that perspective on this.

Some thoughts. )
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Whoa! I didn't see that coming... well, I didn't see that coming *today*, anyway.

I... need to process. I need to read more.

It wasn't that I wasn't expecting it, really.

Still, I need a hug. (just a little one)
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Yeah, I'm not the first to post on this, but mine just came today, so of course I had to do some SQUEEing! (*SQUEEEE*!!!!) And make some observations...

So yeah, the faces are still vaguely... wrong. I'm still wondering whether I could doctor the painting on them a bit. (What? I used to paint miniatures! Give me a break!)

The fact that the Daniel figure comes with [a] teeny little flexible glasses with actual clear plastic lenses, [b] a boonie, [c] something that is either a tablet or a piece of parchment, which he can actually grip, and [d] a magnifying glass (no archaeologist should be without one, I guess?), cracks me up.

Okay, so, granted: if you actually put the glasses *on* him, he looks like he's wearing WWI aviator goggles (Curse you, Red Baron!). And the boonie is... not so much a success, in terms of fitting on his head. (I don't get that; they make other accessories out of this soft flexible plastic: Jack's tac-vest, for example, and the BDU jackets of the torsos, as well as the fatigues tunic that Gen. Jack wears, are the same deal. Like, the BDU jacket collars are soft and flexible, and there's actually space between the t-shirt and the jacket -- which is where I wound up tucking the frame of the glasses. My point being: it was entirely within their capabilities to make a soft and completely hollow boonie that could have fit down on Daniel's head, but for some reason, they didn't.)

Also, the table/parchment is blank. Which I guess makes sense. And sets up a great joke along with the "magnifying glass": "Gosh, Daniel! The alien script on that tablet is so small you can barely see it! Lucky thing you have that magnifying glass along with you!" Har har! (Note: magnifying glass does not actually magnify.) I doubt that I can resist the temptation to put little hieroglyphics on it. Or! No! I know! I could make it a little alien Rosetta-stone-thing! With Asgard script and Ancient script and Furling script! Oooh!

Moving along... several things about the Serpent Guard also kind of delighted me. First, that they gave him one of those little round shock-grenade things. Cute! (Except his hands can't really hold it. And it is small and round and cannot *sit* on anything with trying to skitter away.) But then they give you *two* tips for the staff weapon -- closed, and open. Now, that's a neat idea (although obviously it would have been a skillion times cooler if they'd made it able to open and close on its own. But the switch-in tips is a nice compromise.) But best of all -- the Serpent Guard's head *pops off*! And then the Serpent Helmet pops *on*! That's pretty cool. And a fairly reasonable way to deal with that issue, I guess. (I had assumed that the helmet would just be partly hollow and fit on over his actual head, but I wondered how bulky that would be. Problem solved.)

This led me to experimentation with some of my multitude of Jacks (now *there* is a happy thought!). This was my conclusion: Jack and Daniel's heads pop off, too. Perhaps they are not SUPPOSED to, but they do, and then you can get them back on again, so long as you are willing to use sufficient force and be a bit patient. (Experiment conducted with Black Ops Jack.) A little investigation suggested that their hands might pop off in the same way, although I haven't actually done it yet. This means of course that if you really wanted to, you could... well, you could have BDU Jack without a hat, or you could put the black fingerless gloves hands on BDU Jack (who has also been painted with Young Jack brown hair, btw). Or you could have Black Ops Daniel. etc.

Sekrit Message for Jenlev: it's a GDO. I swear. :) But no, I have no idea why all of the regular run of figures get these weird white vibrator-resembling GDOs. But the Black T-shirt Jack from FCBD had a properly grey GDO.

Sooper Sekrit Other Message for Jenlev: I see what you mean about it being difficult to snap the Gate together.

So basically, right now above my computer, Daniel appears to be trying to talk to Totoro. (Sadly, not to scale; now *that* would be awesome.) And Jack is contemplating zatting a deinonychus (as well he should). (That *is* to scale, actually.) And I am amused.
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They're standing down NORAD.

"...On Friday military officials in Colorado announced that Norad’s day-to-day operations would be consolidated, for purposes of efficiency, in an ordinary building at Peterson Air Force Base in nearby Colorado Springs.

The mountain will be kept only as a backup, though fully operational and staffed with support personnel — a place of secure retreat should the need again arise, a military spokesman said."

Huh! Interesting.

I'm grateful to long-time friend [ profile] xanadumalion for the news and the link -- all these years I've known her, and I never knew that she had worked there! (I guess we had fallen out of touch right before my obsession with SG-1, and then since then it hasn't really come up.) Over in her LJ she has some neat reminiscences about going to work at the Mountain.

(Geekily, it makes me realize how few people who write SG fanfic know much actual detail about what the interior of Cheyenne Mountain is like. While SG fans internalize the whole "28 levels" thing, I think everyone fails to realize how *big* it is in there. I include myself in this, prior to reading an article about it a little while ago. I have to admit, I would love something like a book or a Nat'l Geo piece about the Mountain, complete with pics and maps and schematics, because -- it's just kind of *neat* and mind-bogglingly huge. And yet it occurs to me that, um... it's a military base and such a revelation of its physical form is pretty darned unlikely. And it ain't like they give tours. You notice how very limited they have always kept the stock scene-setting footage used on the show. In lieu of that, I'd love to see someone who'd actually worked there write a fictionalized account of what it would really look like for a character to get from their parked car all the way inside. Hmm.)

ETA: [ profile] nangi_akki reminds me that it's the opening chapters of "Fast Food Nation" that contain a more detailed than you usually get description of the interior of Cheyenne Mountain!

ETA2: [ profile] green_grrl has put some nifty links to descriptions of NORAD in comments! Thanks!

ETA3: Gateworld posts about it:
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Thanks to both [ profile] paian and [ profile] katie_m for pointing to this (do not click if you are avoiding spoilers for S10 -- even the link text is a spoiler, that's why it's beneath the cut!) -- what seems to be more info on additional Casting Spoiler appearences in S10.

Discuss! (all spoilers for S10 are fair game - another Big Spoiler is discussed in detail) )
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A tip of the hat to the Solutions Blog for posting this link to an interview with Mallozzi (conducted via email) in the wake of news/rumors coming out of Comic Con:

In it, he offers some speculation on some things that might be behind the low ratings for the premieres (short answer: while not conclusive, it may have something to do with SciFi VP O'Brien's comment at SDCC urging viewers not to watch via TiVo, which doesn't get counted in ratings... or something like that). (Can somebody explain how they get ratings numbers for me? I thought it was more based on extrapolations from a sampling of households, not actually counting actual tuning in? In which case I'm not sure why it would matter if *my* TiVo was on. What am I missing, here?)

He also comments about the rumors regarding Devlin's desire to finally make his Stargate movie sequels, starring Russell and Spader (he points out what I realized after reading the various announcements about this: Devlin has signed a deal to do 3 movies for MGM; he'd *like* to use two of those for the Stargate sequels; MGM has *not* agreed to it or greenlighted it; there's no script, no deal; and while Russell and Spader may indeed have said in the past that they'd like to do it, that's not the same thing as having them signed to do an actual movie right now).

Finally, regarding the startling news that SciFi wants to put a 6-month break between the first and second halves of S10/S3 of SG1/SGA? It's news to him, and he is having trouble believing it right now:

"This bit of news is so bizarre that I have a hard time believing there is any truth to it. A six month lay-off in the middle of the season? I mean, come on. Seriously? Why not just tell me that SCIFI has decided to start airing SG-1 and Atlantis at 1:00 and 2:00 in the a.m.”

Hmm! But of course he can't say categorically that it is not happening. I do notice now that checking out news outlets (like Gateworld and Solutions), nobody has officially confirmed this, it still has "rumor" status and is apparently based on something heard at SDCC rather than an official announcement by SciFi. On the other hand, I think we can all easily believe that SciFi would make a decision like that and simply fail to tell the executive producers of the shows in question, right? Mallozzi may think that it sounds bizarre, but folks who remember various fiascos with Farscape know that SciFi has done this kind of thing before. (And what about this very-long break between seasons for BSG? I originally thought that was a decision of the BSG production team, not the network -- but am I misinformed on that?) I think that Mallozzi is right that if it's true, it signals an odd change in attitude towards "the Gates".
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Haven't seen this on my flist yet, so... has put up a new promo (I don't know if it's been on tv yet or not?) for SG1 S10, which includes a clip of...

S10 Casting Spoiler - Click Here for Link to Promo Video, etc. )

Many thanks to [ profile] telepresence for the heads-up on this.
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None of these are scoops or anything, but you know, if you haven't seen them... I'm a few days behind, but I haven't seen mention or discussion of these things on my flist thus far...

AT and RDA comments vaguely re. S10 and ship... Nothing specific or that alarming, just fodder for hmms... )

Hey! Fandemonium's SG-1 novels will now be sold in the US! )

More on the action figures... )

Finally... one of the radio stations that I listen to in the car in the morning does this thing called "BackSpin", which is, they pick a year, and do a block of songs from that year. It can be kind of fun, and they seem to enjoy finding some popular songs from that year that you haven't heard in a while (rather than the ones that are still getting airplay).

This morning, the year was 1982, and as this song came on, I knew it INSTANTLY even though I knew I had not heard it in YEARS, from the instrumental opening alone, but I couldn't think what the song was. And then the singing started and I was singing along, and I still could not remember the song's *name* until we got to the chorus.

It was "Don't Pay the Ferryman" by Chris De Burgh. Wow. What a delightfully cheesy song that was!

Now what I want to know is -- has anyone done a H:TLJ vid to that song? Because, *seriously*... wow, how much fun would that be?
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As a follow-up to my previous post on the First Wave of SG-1 action figures... pics of the SG-1 Second Wave action figures have surfaced, so here is what I've found so far! Pictures behind the cut...

Sam, Teal'c x3, Thor )

For you SGA fans out there, the same company is supposed to be coming out with a line of SGA figures as well. But so far I haven't been able to turn up info or pics of them.


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