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You know what? "Nemesis" was a really good season ender. I know the whole thing with Daniel's appendix was just bad luck, or from another perspective serendipity -- but ending on the cliffhanger of him sitting in the control room, hoping the rest of the team had managed to use the Gate to escape the crashing ship in time, was really effective.

Yeah, so, speaking of old SG-1 eps...

I wanted to take a moment to alert anyone who didn't already know (and who might be interested) about the new community [ profile] redial_the_gate. Go check it out! It's a gathering-place for rewatching the series together, and sounds like it will be everything from live chats to collecting meta posts and comments, to providing a place for folks to link to their favorite material about given eps (related fic, etc.).

I love the idea. I'm bummed that I am going to be without real LJ access *just* as it is starting up -- I believe they are starting with "Stargate" the movie tomorrow, Tues. July 24th?

I'm not sure at the moment what the ongoing schedule is going to be -- but as I see it, it'll be a nice resource for when you do want to check in and watch or react *along with* others over the same old eps, but it's also not that high-pressure since you could always go back and catch up with posts about particular eps you like. I can see doing a bit of both things, as the mood strikes me.

So if you're interested, go take a look! And I'll see some of you there eventually...
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A grab-bag of reactions to various SG eps as well as other recent TV…

Stargate: Atlantis 3x11: The Return, Part Two )
Stargate SG-1 10x11: The Quest, Part Two )
Stargate SG-1 10x12: Line in the Sand )
Stargate SG-1 10x13: The Road Not Taken )
The Lost Room )
The Dresden Files )
Heroes 1x11 )
Battlestar Galactica 3x11: Rapture )

Annnnnd… that’s about it, on the TV-watching front. Except for the hockey, of course. (The Canucks are doing pretty well at the moment, thanks for asking.)

Now -- bring on “The Shroud”! Woot!
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I, um... had a lot to say about these mid-season finales. "tl;dr" seems to be my middle name (what a surprise).

SG-1 10.10: The Quest, Part 1 )

SGA 3.10: The Return, Part 1 )


SIX MONTHS? They want us to wait SIX MONTHS for the rest of the seasons? I feel a poll coming on…
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I have a new LJ layout. I’m still not sure if I like it. I would kind of like something **similar** to it, maybe, but this was the best of the choices I saw. I think. I don’t really know how to customize my graphics. (Geez, I still haven’t figured out **tags**.) I am not big on CHANGE, anyway, so maybe it’s just a matter of getting used to it. (Why change it, you ask, if you didn’t have to? Ehn, I thought it would be a good idea not to be stuck in a rut. I wanted to get with the times. Etc.)

And now, on to more TL;DR thinky stuff…

SG-1 10.09: Company of Thieves )

SGA 3.09: Phantoms )

Finally – the Save SG-1 folks have a new survey up, for Characters & Story Contributions. It’s here:

(They also have the results of their previous survey up, for which they got a gratifying 4000+ replies, which makes for an interesting sampling of results.)

Some comments… )
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In case you're like us, and you tend to watch SG-1 and SGA through TiVo, this week the timing was screwing up the ability to actually watch the promos for next week's Summer Finale eps. In particular, our TiVo cut off the promo of SGA before we could get to see the full thing, and there was something in particular I was looking for...

You can now watch the full promo at SCI FI's Atlantis page, or here, on YouTube:

Spoiler discussion behind the cut... )
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Hey, folks -- I remember seeing a number of people remark that they didn't get to see the "Inside" special that ran before "200" last week, because (of course!) they didn't see it advertised.

Apparently, SciFi is re-showing "200" and "Inside" TOMORROW, 8/25, before the new eps of SG1/SGA. So if you missed it first time around and want to tape it, check your listings.
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More and even more whacked-out nutty spoiler pics from "200" at up at Gateworld:

(Note: clicking takes you right to a page where you can see the spoiler-pics, so don't click unless you want to know.)

Man. I can hear fandom exploding, and the ep hasn't even *happened* yet.

I think this is going to call for the *heavy* drinking. Yup.
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Man – rainy, yucky, humid day here. Good day for staying in and puttering, and writing out thoughts on SciFi Friday. Which I missed doing last week for the premieres, because I was travelling (although I did get to see the premieres with [ profile] raqs, [ profile] alizarin_nyc, [ profile] abd07, and [ profile] literalman, which was a peck o’ fun, except that I would like to *flick* that idiotic “Science of Stargate” special for its LONG, LOVINGLY ILLUSTRATED segment on parasites, which went SO WELL with our attempt to EAT DINNER… yeesh…).

SG-1 10.02 – Morpheus )
SGA 3.02 – Misbegotten )
Eureka: Pilot )
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Huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! wishes to [ profile] tafkarfanfic, and (slightly belatedly) to [ profile] troyswann too!

My resolution of trying to keep up and write reviews for SciFi Friday went off the rails this past weekend, because I had a big work event (fabulously successful, and you all wish you could have attended it) on Friday and Saturday, and then I collapsed and vegetated. And in my vegetative state, I didn't save SGA or BSG properly, so TiVo deleted them to make room for other things that I didn't even want but had forgotten to go into my To Do list and remove. Aargh.

It did save SG1, though, and I finally, finally got around to watching that last night. So here are some incoherent thoughts on that, before I finally get to go and read what everyone else had to say…

SG1: Off the Grid )
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Technology… has betrayed me. I refer to my DVD-recorder. Which worked just fine on Wednesday when I dumped a movie to DVD. But which, when I went to do the same thing on Saturday, gave me an error message that said the DVD drawer was BLOCKED. (It said it in all-caps, just like that.) Which turned out to mean – get this – that I have to return the damn thing to the manufacturer (*cough*MAGNAVOX*cough*), and they will replace it. In 7-15 business days. Words cannot express how livid this makes me. Also, I have a fairly small TiVo, so things are gonna be tight for a while. And figuring out how to ship the damn thing back is going to be a bitch. Blah.

Have finally caught up on all of SciFi Friday, so…

SG1: Stronghold )
SGA: Grace Under Pressure )
BSG: Black Market )
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Comments on some of Mallozzi's "missing scenes and intended scenes" stuff...

Still cut for spoilers for Ripple Effect )
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LJ has 9.2 million registered accounts? Geez. No wonder it's so difficult to find a username that hasn't been registered.

SG1: Ripple Effect )

SGA: Critical Mass )

BSG: Epiphanies )


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