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So there I was, on the bus home tonight, and I really don't even know what I was thinking of that led me to get the theme to the old Spider-Man cartoon stuck in my head. I'm sure there was a train of thought that led to it. I don't think that would have come out of absolutely nowhere. But there I was, singing the theme song (on the inside) and thinking to myself, you know, the theme song to Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes is okay, if cheestastic in an 80s way, but the theme song to Spider-Man was FANTASTIC. Why don't they write theme songs like that any more? If I was responsible for making new Spider-Man cartoons (or movies) I would just keep using that theme song on every single one, assuming I could get the rights.

Synchronicity being what it is, I got home and was browsing Tumblr (as you do), and what should appear but this. I'm not even kidding. It was, dare I say, uncanny. (I'm sorry. Right company, wrong superheroes.)

You owe it to yourself to click on this, crank the volume, and listen, because it is Michael Bublé, and drums, and jazz horns, (and apparently the opening bars to the "Heat Miser" song, IDEK), and it is WONDERFUL.

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So, this is kind of random and meandering, but I wanted to note it down...

A while back I was lamenting the fact that I couldn't find Frankie Laine songs for sale on iTunes. Laine was a popular singer of the 40s/50s, and when I was small, we inherited my grandmother's cabinet Victrola and a collection of 78s and other antique records of amusing thickness and sometimes amusing colors. (The Victrola itself was painted an unfortunate shade of pea green, and it remained that color until my brother took it and stripped it down to its original oak, and he's had it ever since.) Anyway, my point: from the time when I was very small, I can remember playing Frankie Laine records on that Victrola, and I had my favorites, and I was thinking, you know, I'd like to have copies of those songs that I haven't heard in like 30+ years.

So I guess between the last time I wondered this, and this past Xmas when I was chatting about it with my brother, iTunes *did* in fact get a whole bunch of Frankie Laine songs, so I went in there and bought the Essential Handful that I really wanted ("The Cry of the Wild Goose", "Mule Train", "The Kid's Last Fight", "Rawhide"), and then a couple more that I recognized but hadn't realized Laine had done.

Which brings me to the point of this post, which is: "Rose, Rose I love you" (1951) is an INCREDIBLY CATCHY song, and I have it earwormed now, and... it makes me want to punch the lyricist in the face.

Why? Because it's a song about a white sailor guy (probably Navy, during WWII) singing about how he's fallen in love with this Malaysian woman (a rickshaw operator, no less), and it's breaking his heart because now he has to get back on his boat and sail away and never see her again. And his paens to her beauty and grace and style are lovely and all, but -- DUDE. First: exoticism LIEK WOAH. Second: does it really never occur to you, in 1951, that you could not be an asshole, and marry the lady? I realize that interracial marriages faced issues in that time period, but also, it's not like they didn't happen. Move to Hawai'i. Stay in Malaysia. Settle in California, which had repealed anti-miscegenation laws in 1948. SOMETHING, if you love her that much! Geez!

Looking up info on the song, to find out when it was recorded, I then came across some further fascinating facts about it. The song itself was originally a Chinese pop hit, from 1940. With a bit more digging, I managed to find a page that the original lyrics in Mandarin, with a translation of them, and also with the lyrics of the actual Frankie Laine hit.

As you can see, the original song is pretty much a straight-up love song. The love is not without its ups and downs (as the "rose" metaphor is obviously chosen for the fact that roses are lovely, but roses also have thorns), but it's *not* a song about "I love you, my exotic Oriental beauty, but my ship's leaving port and I gotta go". Apparently, we have a British guy to thank for the new English lyrics (although that page doesn't actually mention that he did the lyrics; the page about the song does).

Still, damned catchy.

Also, in conclusion: "The Kid's Last Fight" is just as weirdly inappropriately bouncy as I originally thought it was, given that the story of the song (remember when songs told long, involved stories?) is about a 19th century boxer who just has to win this fight so he can get the money and buy him and his girl the bungalow of their dreams, and how he does win the fight, and then he keels over dead. The end. Even when I was, like, 5, and loved the song because it was bouncy, I had some inkling of the fact that maybe it shouldn't be quite so bouncy when it was about, y'know, DEATH.
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Ganked from The Daily Coyote (itself a site that is deeply worth visiting daily, and catching up with its archive):

Hip-Hop Violin, by Paul Dateh and Inka One.

Violin renditions of GhostfaceKillah, TheRoots, Jurassic5, & more.

Just watch, okay?

I need an album of these guys, and I need it NOW.

ETA: According to Paul Dateh's website, an album from him is coming out on Jan. 27th. You can download some singles from his site.

(Coming up later: cat in the snow!)
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I went looking for this recently because of a bag that [ profile] raqs posted about, and it gave me vivid flashbacks to this video. Check me on this: when this video came out in 1983, was there ANYone who said, "No! Elton John is TOTALLY STRAIGHT! Why do you ask?"

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In this day and age, I fail to see why record labels insist on bringing out only a "greatest hits" album from a given artist, instead of just releasing the artist's damned oeuvre and getting it over with. If the overhead on producing a CD and packaging it and selling it is truly that prohibitive when weighed against the expected audience who might possibly buy it, then FINE, but throw the MP4s or whatever the hell they are up on iTunes, because surely enough people will buy at least some of the tracks that it will make money.

This is by way of saying: I am adding "The Smothers Brothers: Live at the Purple Onion" as well as any decent compilation AT ALL of the hits of Frankie Lane to my growing list of "why the hell am I unable to obtain a digital copy of this?" LPs that I cannot find in any other format. (See also: the *original* recording of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat; the entire works of Allan Sherman and not just some damn Greatest Hits CD; etc.)

Actually, what I really need is to break down at some point and just buy one of those doohickeys that's a turntable with a USB plug that goes into your computer so you can digitize your LPs directly. (Your scratchy, old, probably warped by now LPs. *sigh*) Though with my luck, what do you want to bet it doesn't work with Macs?
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Hey, I'm on a roll!

The story behind this is that something like 14 years ago, [ profile] meesto showed us this video. It is one of those odd things that has stuck in my brain *ever since*. Particularly the lyric, "Lincoln's in a movie, shakin' his booty" and the accompanying image of an animated currency Lincoln. Plus the parrots. Always the parrots.

But could I find who the song or artist was? Like, EVER? I could not. (And did I ever actually manage to ask Meesto about it? Of course not.)

Well, jackpot! 1994: Thomas Dolby, "Nuvogue", from the album "Gate to the Mind's Eye". Now my brain can rest easy. (Except for that phantom "Personal Jesus" vid, that is.)

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Video for "Personal Jesus", 1989:

Originally, I was hunting this down for [ profile] raqs, because she introduced me to the Marilyn Manson cover recently, but she was unaware it was a cover of this older song. I hadn't seen the video... since it came out, basically, I think. But I figured YouTube must have it. And then I thought, why not share it with everyone?

Now, the weird thing? This isn't the video for the song that I remember. :-/ So now I'm trying to figure out what video I *am* remembering, and what it could possibly be *for*.
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(Contrary to the expectations of many of my friends, no, this is not a post about [ profile] my_tallest's cat, Stasha.)

No, the subject line is in relation to this:

"Rare White Killer Whale Spotted in Alaska" -- and they got pictures! Cool! (No, not an albino; apparently it has all the regular white orca markings, but all the bits that are usually black on an orca are instead a white/beige/ivory color.)

So here's my question. How, in the age of the internet, is it possible that nobody has ever (illegally, I am sure) typed in and made available on some website somewhere the liner notes of "Hooked on Classics", such that one could consult the medley playlist of the famous ear-wormy 1981 hit "Hooked on Classics I & II"? Tsk.

Finally, [ profile] raven_lore shared this earlier, and it bears re-sharing. This is the next animation from the guy who did that wonderful animated short of the cat waking up its owner:

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Man... I have a bunch of things I want to post about (recent day-trips, Stargate fic, my bonsai, etc.), but that will take more than a few seconds to compose a post on... so I'm falling behind. Bleh! So here's some unorganized random brain-firings, instead.

1. WHY, when it is 86 degrees inside my apartment, will my big, hot cat insist on sitting in my lap? WHY?

2. I've been having a run of insects in the apartment. The usual carpenter ants, of course. And also... what I think might be water-bugs. Thank god, this year, no carpenter bees. (They appear to have made a home in the walls using the same holes that the aforementioned sparrows are using. I say, I don't care, if they stop comiing IN the apartment.)

OMG WHY DID I JUST GOOGLE-SEARCH "WATER-BUG"?????? *is completely grossed-out forever*

More insect ramblings... )

3. Hey, you all remember the raccoon? From a couple of months ago? Well... )

4. Meh. I'm sure I had other things to post about, but I can't recall what they were after all the ranting. Or the things I can recall... do you ever get to that point where you think about posting something and then you get around to actually doing it and then think, oh, why bother posting that, it's dumb?

Like, I could tell you that I like the new Fountains of Wayne song because it's actually a bouncy and cheerful song about being a sad, single loser in your late 20s or 30s (hello), but don't despair... and also I'm pretty sure the song is strongly alluding to the idea of single women masturbating in the shower, which, I have to give it props for that. Or I could say that I like the new Green Day song, which has a great beat and is also actually very political and anti-war, which is nice, because I do sort of wonder every once in a while where all the protest songs have gone. But... meh.

Yeah, it's that time of the summer when I feel kind of very isolated, like no matter what I do, there's just crickets chirping out there, and meh. I don't know whether that's because it's summer and that's when people's schedules get wacky and they have better things to do, or whether it's because I'm just ridiculously needy, or what. Probably, er, both.
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I really love how nothing gets fellow LJers' attention like posting a maddening question that involves researching something having to do with popular culture.

[ profile] katie_m was quickest off the mark, providing the answer that the "Do you ears hang low?" tune is "Turkey in the Straw".

Going to read the Wikipedia entry on that led to the reminder that the tune has been used, amongst countless other places, for the American State Capitols song from Animaniacs. And I discovered -- I don't know why this didn't occur to me before! -- that OF COURSE a lot of those Animaniacs pieces (which I haven't seen since the show was on the air) are now on YouTube. Of course. So...
(Wakko does the American State Capitols, to the tune of "Turkey in the Straw")

(Yakko does All the Countries of the World)
(The Universe Song)
(The Ballad of Magellan)

I'm actually really happy to find the clip of the Ballad of Magellan, because I never actually saw it on the show -- but I know the song by heart, because the folk-band Broadside Electric put it on their third album, "More Bad News", as a bonus track on the 1997 release, with the following in the liner-notes:

The Ballad of Magellan is an age-old tale of a voyage into the unknown: a man travels to find his way to the East Indies and, in so doing, traverses the mysteries and intricacies of his own soul. We cannot stress enough the effect this deeply moving story had on the three of us. After hearing it for the first time, we entered a state of hyper-awareness where for a short time we grasped the answers to the pressing questions we all ask ourselves about our place in the universe. We woke up three days later in a canoe drifting around in the mighty Schuylkill River with no recollection of our prior activities. *



* The truth is we heard it on "Kids Corner," one of the best radio shows on the planet, and entered a state of Animaniawareness after which we woke up a year later having watched too much TV. The song itself probably bears little or no resemblance to anything that actually ever happened to anybody.

And, yeah, while it's nice to have gotten to see the original, finally... the Broadside version is better. :)
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(Completely random note having nothing to do with the rest of this post: can ANYone out there PLEASE tell me what the real name is for the piece of music that goes along with the doubtless spurious lyrics of, "Do your ears hang low?/ Do they wobble to and fro? / Can you tie them in a knot?/ Can you tie them in a bow?/ Can you throw them o'er your shoulder like a continental soldier?/ Do your ears hang low?" (Or, insert your own filthier lyrics here.)

Why? Because around my neighborhood, there's an ice cream truck that, when it is not playing a bad MIDI version of "The Entertainer", is playing a bad MIDI version of the above tune. Over and over and over, GRINDINGLY. It makes me kind of insane. And I would really like to know what the hell that piece of music is called. Not that I think that would make me any less insane. I'd just like to know.)

Moving on...

Oh, and the Canucks were eliminated from the playoffs on Thursday. (By the Ducks.) I'm sad about this, although it has to be said that making it past the first round was a good achievement for the team this year. (In the years I've been following them, I haven't seen them make it past the first round, if they made the playoffs at all.) And they weren't swept; always important.

Luongo was Really Good, as he ought to have been, but he didn't give such a completely stonewalling performance that you felt sure he was going to be this year's Playoffs Story. Still, it was his very first post-season ever, and I feel that he acquitted himself well. He got in, he got into the second round, and you can't say that he was the reason they lost. I hope that this translates into confidence for him and the rest. His feet got wet. The big story about him is no longer that he's a superlative goalie who's *never* made it to the post-season because he was on crappy teams. Of course, it's not "once he got there, he was perfect", either. But I tend to feel that perfection is too much to expect.

If I had to name one thing that I think sunk them, it would be: lack of offense (which goes along with crappy power-play). They just couldn't seem to get enough goals. With one or two exceptions, all of the games were fairly low-scoring, and that means that *if* they had managed to put in 2 more goals a game, they probably would not have had to play a gruelling 7 game first round (really, 9 games in terms of total periods of hockey played), and they probably would not have lost the 2nd round, because what Luongo did in goal would have been enough.

*shrug* How to address the offense problem? Dunno. Will be interesting to see. It was a problem for them *all year*. In the first half of the regular season, it dogged them. In the second half, they solved it *just* enough to go on a spectacular winning streak to win the division and make it to the playoffs. But like everyone says -- the playoffs are like starting a new season. And thus, in the first half of the new season, lack of scoring dogged them again.

So pretty much, I feel a little disappointed, but not really despondent. I'm bummed that I won't be watching them truly contend for the Cup this year. But it's not a "oh god, everything's wrong, the sky is falling" feeling. They could do it next year; they don't need a complete overhaul. They need some tweaks.
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This is for folks who are local to the Boston area - is anyone out there interested in going to see Rodrigo y Gabriela at the Roxy on the night of Tuesday, April 17th? Tickets are $20. Show starts at 8pm. This is downtown.

Caveat: I don't even know how many tickets are available. But if some folks are interested, I can try to get some.
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None of these are scoops or anything, but you know, if you haven't seen them... I'm a few days behind, but I haven't seen mention or discussion of these things on my flist thus far...

AT and RDA comments vaguely re. S10 and ship... Nothing specific or that alarming, just fodder for hmms... )

Hey! Fandemonium's SG-1 novels will now be sold in the US! )

More on the action figures... )

Finally... one of the radio stations that I listen to in the car in the morning does this thing called "BackSpin", which is, they pick a year, and do a block of songs from that year. It can be kind of fun, and they seem to enjoy finding some popular songs from that year that you haven't heard in a while (rather than the ones that are still getting airplay).

This morning, the year was 1982, and as this song came on, I knew it INSTANTLY even though I knew I had not heard it in YEARS, from the instrumental opening alone, but I couldn't think what the song was. And then the singing started and I was singing along, and I still could not remember the song's *name* until we got to the chorus.

It was "Don't Pay the Ferryman" by Chris De Burgh. Wow. What a delightfully cheesy song that was!

Now what I want to know is -- has anyone done a H:TLJ vid to that song? Because, *seriously*... wow, how much fun would that be?
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Huh. I haven't updated in a while. Mostly because I haven't really been doing anything update-worthy.

I fell off the wagon with regard to writing up thoughts on SciFi Friday, was too anal to skip the weeks I'd missed and just pick up with where-ever I was at, and now it's over. My little local viewing-group is replacing it with a grab-bag of "Dr. Who", "Deadwood", "Action!" (brilliant, so *of course* FOX cancelled it), and possibly S1 of SG-1, sometimes (we reserve the right to skip the really awful ones).

On my own, I am watching "due South" for the first time. (About midway through S1 right now.) Am finding it interesting, in the sense of, here's this show I've been aware of, and especially aware of tangentially through fandom, but I'd never seen it. I can't say that seeing the "Icebound Stream" vid and the "What's My Age Again?" vid at Escapade had nothing to do with finally pushing me into trying to see it. I'm also kind of on a "Canada is interesting" kick at the moment (evening pick-up reading at present is the new edition of "The Illustrated History of Canada"; it's extremely sobering when you realize that you don't know much that's specific about the history of a country that large and that much your neighbor).

Anyway. due South. "Sweet, and cute" is my assessment so far. I'm enjoying it, if not falling head over heels in fannish love with it. (That's not a slam. That describes my relationship with many beloved shows over the years.) Biggest "surprise" so far: the subtle humor and comedic timing that Paul Gross brings to Fraser. (Second biggest surprise: the number of humongous, boxy cars from the 70s apparently still being driven in "Chicago" in the late 90s.) I have this feeling that [ profile] raqs would go for Fraser, although she is dubious about this. I dunno. I can't even quite explain why. I just think so.

At any rate, I'm looking forward to making my way slowly through the series. I'm also interested, on a low level, in the show's fandom's meta, since that's something that's been hovering around the edges of my fannish participation for years, but I didn't have anything to connect it to. I hope somebody gives me the low-down on what I'm *sure* were issues of vital interest to dS's fandom, such as the RayV-RayK switch.

What I'm reading: Rachel Caine's "Weather Warden" series, which I've enjoyed the hell out of. I have the 4th book in hand but have been taking a break (after blowing through the first three in a weekend), both to draw it out, and because I have a baaaaaaaaaad feeling about plot developments on the horizon and I'm trying to work up to it. Also, Cherryh's latest in the Foreigner series, the somewhat misleadingly-titled "Pretender" (in that the titular character never actually *appears*, although I suppose you can argue that the entire book is about disposing of him, so...). Unfortunately, this was a bit of a disappointment to me. I loved loved loved the first two books in the series (what is she on now, the third trilogy?), but have felt "ehn" about the rest, though I still read them to follow the advancing story. My problem, I've concluded, is that I want different things out of the world and the narrator character than Cherryh wants to focus on; she keeps giving me glimpses, but that's it. After the last one, I had hopes of this latest book in terms of action and plot. But it felt very repetitive to me, like it had nothing new to say, and like the actual action in it was all stuff we'd been through before. There were no surprises, and with relation to the narrator, no real sense of *peril* any more (to him, especially; or to those around him), which makes reading about him going through faux-peril kind of irritating. Ah well. Of course I'll still read the next one. But this one, I got from the library, and the next I will too.

I am *poised* to read Naomi Novik's series, too; just *poised*. To my surprise, my local library system has ordered "Temeraire". Yes, you read that right. "Temeraire", not "His Majesty's Dragon". Already, I'm intrigued by that. (For those not in the know: I had understood that "Temeraire" was the title of the first book in Britain, but that it was being released in the US at the end of March under the different title "His Majesty's Dragon". Hmm.)

What else? Renewing my car's registration has been needlessly fraught this year. Let's just say that it involves a parking ticket from *2003* that I hadn't realized I failed to pay, and that I'm scrambling to avoid getting any more $100 citations, and... would it kill them to issue a *warning* first and then give me a short grace period to, like, *deal* with all this stuff, rather than slamming me with a hundred bucks off the bat? Grrr.

Recently acquired the soundtracks to many of the Broadway musicals of my youth (meaning, that my parents owned the LPs of, and that I therefore grew up listening to): the Burton "Camelot"; the Mostel "Fiddler on the Roof"; the Dean Martin "Bells are Ringing"; "Fiorello!"; the movie "West Side Story"; and "Godspell". Ah, they take me back. Am still frustrated by the fact that they do not seem to have ever released ALW's *original* (short) "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat". The precise recordings that one grew up on are the *only* ones that sound "right". I don't *want* any of the umpteen expanded stage versions of "Joseph". I want *that one*.

My cat has dandruff. I have to figure out what to do about that. I had no idea that cats could have combination skin. This is the cat that gets -- no lie -- chin pimples. And I had *no idea* that cats could have acne, but... apparently so. Now she's got dandruff too. Is this normal, I ask you?

Finally, the Canucks have been *sucking*. Right now they are battling hard just to make it into the playoffs. (*crossing fingers for another win against the Oilers tonight*) This appears to be the most fraught lead-up to the playoffs that anyone can remember recently. There are presently 7 teams within 6 points of each other, all scrabbling for 5 playoff slots. It's madness. And then wacky schedule stuff happens, such as right now, when the Canucks are playing the Oilers 3 games in a row, and 1 point separates them. Yikes. The Canucks won the first of the three, and immediately went from 10th place in the Conference to 7th. (Only the upper 8 go to the playoffs.) Madness, I tell you.

Ho Ho Ho

Dec. 25th, 2004 12:41 pm
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It would appear that some kind of Xmas-y post is de rigeur for LJ, so...

Like a bunch of my friends, I have been finding it hard to really feel Christmassy this year (right up to and including today). I don't really blame anyone; it's something as much inside of me as it is due to the fact that nobody seems particularly up for it. I've been having a fairly low-key and low-effort holiday, therefore.

-- Revels was lovely, as I've reported, and *almost* Christmassy, despite the way my description sounded. Almost.

-- I like my tree. [ profile] raqs (who visited briefly yesterday, which made for a really nice day because we also had lunch at the Iguana with [ profile] tafkarfanfic and her lovely husband; and then we watched three episodes of SG S3 that she had somehow never seen, and how can you *be* a Daniel fan and not have seen "Maternal Instinct"? But I digress...) pronounced my tree "pallid", which I think is fair, although I prefer the term "golden". Also, "cat-safe". It is nothing but golden-white lights and golden straw ornaments, which the cats are perfectly free to take down and turn into cat toys, since they can't hurt them; and which they do with great frequency. (I would post a picture except I don't think I can upload it to my webspace from here. Or at least, I don't know how.)

-- good lord. I just realized that I had a dream last night in which I caught the larger cat, Emily, actually jumping up and climbing up INTO the tree. This is something neither has actually done yet, to the best of my knowledge, although I did actually catch Emily standing up into the tree, so that only her hind feet on the ground were visible underneath it. Huh.

-- I watched "Sense & Sensibility", which is not Christmassy, but which is possibly my favorite movie and which makes me feel gooey inside. Last night, I also watched the 1984 George C. Scott "A Christmas Carol", which is my favoritest version of that story EVER, as everyone to whom I have ever subjected it knows. That *does* make me feel Christmassy.

-- And! It's not Christmas without a Christmas Miracle! In my case... I have this cassette tape that [ profile] raqs and I bought in like 1992 called "Handmade Christmas Music", produced by this tiny little private folk-music place. I got the tape in the divorce. For years now we have been saying that we ought to try to get it digitized so that we can both have good copies. I tried really, really hard to do that this year, but that's another story (a comedy of errors about a bunch of hapless help-desk guys and an equally technologically hapless middle-aged woman on the day before Winter break). Suffice to say, I didn't get it done this year.

Last night, after I had taken [ profile] raqs to the train station, on a lark, I typed "Handmade Christmas Music" into Google. Please understand, I have done this before. I think I did it only a year ago, without luck. Last night, however -- the first link that popped up was a link to the website of the guy who had recorded this tape, and lo and behold (cue choir of angels), not only was there finally a CD version of this album for sale, but ALSO, a SEQUEL. You do kind of have to really like instrumental versions of Christmas carols played on folksy instruments like hammer dulcimer and harp and banjo ("Duelling Jingle Bells" -- no, not kidding), to like these, but we do. I have now ordered them in the hope that they'll actually come soon, while it's still really the holidays, which makes up for my having been a moron and not doing this Google search on a lark a couple of weeks ago, say.

-- Tonight I will take my friends to the traditional Christmas dinner at a fine Chinese restaurant. And that will be nice. Then I will come home and read [ profile] raqs's new draft of "Two Sides", because honestly, that story is probably my favorite Christmas present this year, and I don't care what anyone else thinks.

So, merry Christmas to all, whatever you're doing. I hope that no matter how you celebrate the holiday, or even if you don't, that it's a good day, the kind of day you want it to be.
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You know, I got the second cat because I felt that my first cat was bored and could use the company, not to mention the exercise of maybe playing chasey-chasey more often. Well, Emily *was* bored, it was true. And now we've gotten to the point where she and Morgan are mostly settled into being buds, and they have mostly worked out each other's play signals and stuff. But you know what?

I really didn't intend for "play time" to be 5:00 freakin' AM. Especially since [a] they sound like a herd of rhinos, and [b] my bed is apparently part of the "path of fun".


I have joined the ranks of the TiVolution. It only took something like four and a half hours and the expert help of [ profile] telepresence to get the damned thing hooked up properly (unless you count the fact that I still have to return the defective wireless ethernet adapter and get a new, working one). But it works. YAY!

Among other things this means I will never have to miss Stargate because I was out and set it up to tape but like a goober forgot to check to see if there was room on the tape, and then have to whine and beg at [ profile] telepresence to make a tape copy for me so that I can finally get to see what everybody said was a great episode.

Also, I got to see the Daily Show, which TiVo is helpful for because apparently I couldn't set my brain to remember to turn on the TV at 7pm to see it. And this is a good thing, because the ep that TiVo got for me and which I watched at my leisure last night was the one from, like, last week, when Bill Clinton was the guest, and it was AWESOME, from start to finish.


I hate performance evaluations with the white-hot passion of a thousand suns. So does my supervisor, actually. (Actual quote: "So, what are the consequences if we simply 'forget' to do this?") But, we gotta do it. Today. Blah.


[ profile] troyswann inspired me to go through my iTunes and make a playlist of Sappy Songs. Since I managed to come up with about a hundred of them from my library, I am refraining from spamming her "what would you include on a sappy-songs CD?" thread, but will probably post it here later, as it amuses me.


And finally...

My thoughts on last Friday's ep of SG-1,  )


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