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(It's sad that my first thought was to post this to LJ and then my second thought was, "but will anyone get to see it?" Poor LJ. Poor Russians. I'm feeling for them.)

The funny thing about these films is that while I like RDJ's Holmes okay, for me, it's all about the best Watson ever put on film.

The only problem with Stephen Fry as Mycroft is that it's hard not to see him as "Stephen Fry/Sarcastic Jeeves", and yet, I don't care, because could anyone be more perfect as Mycroft?
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... was going to be the most cracktastic 'period' piece coming out in the near future.

Apparently, the John Cusack vehicle Poe movie wants to give it a run for its money:

To be fair -- what this movie actually wants to be is RDJ's Holmes movies.

... are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Obvious crossover potential is obvious!
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Really like this Iron Man vid:

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To make this an "all geeking all the time" post: tonight is the Extended Fellowship of the Ring screening! Woo!

Meanwhile, in entirely other geeking news...

I've been somewhat interested in the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe stuff that's been developing, but that really kicked into overdrive for me after "Thor" came out last month. Thor is... let's see... yeah, the first conventional thing I've become fannish* for since SG-1 all those years ago. (* My definition of "become fannish for" is "interested enough to want to read fic for it, and find online communities to follow news and discussion for it". So, I watch plenty of shows and films and enjoy the hell out of them, without joining their fandoms.) (I'm not really counting ElfQuest or LOTR/Hobbit, as those have been fannish interests of mine for a really really long time.)

And for me, interest in "Thor" goes hand in hand with interest in "The Avengers" (i.e. the team-up movie featuring RDJ's Iron Man, Hemsworth's Thor, Chris Evans' Captain America, etc., directed by Joss Whedon and scheduled to be in theaters next May).

That means I'll probably post various tidbits about it from time to time. So! First tidbit!


Click to embiggen. This is a promo image prepared for a Licensing Expo going on right now in Las Vegas. So, it's more toy/merchandise-related, and is not a representation of what they'll use for marketing the movie. It's not a photo of the assembled cast. But still -- it's the first movieverse group shot of the team. So: SQUEEEEE!
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Just a note for folks who may not have seen this news yet: this June, in conjunction with the release of the Extended Edition LOTR DVDs on BluRay, there's going to be a modified "Trilogy Tuesday" event. Instead of showing them all on one day, several theater chains (including AMC and Regal) will be hosting three successive Tuesdays, showing the extended versions of FOTR, TTT and ROTK once each week, 6/14, 6/21, 6/28.

More detail, and links to AMC's site page for each of the showings, can be found here at's site. They've also posted a link to the official site about the event, where tickets can be ordered, here. (I think that ordering through that link may help TORn earn something.)

From what I understand, wide announcements about this haven't been made yet; possibly the announcements will come out as early as this Friday. The links above allow you to purchase tickets now, though. Anyone who remembers the Trilogy Tuesday experience will recall that it sold out pretty quickly in desirable locations. Ah yes, I remember well the 1-hour drive to the only theater where we could eventually get tickets for it. This time, since the showings start at 7pm, I imagine travel convenience will be more of an issue for folks.

If you're in the Boston area: I've already got tickets for myself and two others for Boston Common.
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Let's be honest: this thing looks like it is on crack. I mean, watch that trailer and tell me it isn't.

The sad thing is, it has a very good cast. The kid playing D'Artagnan and the guy playing Aramis are mysteries to me, but it is hard to go wrong with Ray Stevenson (Pullo!) as Porthos -- in fact I'm going to say right now that I think he has the potential to be the best Porthos we've had on film; that is because I do love him so. Based on the voice alone (he does most of the voiceover work of the trailer), and on seeing him as Darcy in that update of P&P a bit back, I think Matthew Macfadyen will make an acceptable Athos. (From me, that is actually high praise. He might -- might -- acceptably fill Oliver Reed's shoes, see icon. And that is saying a lot, because no other film Athos I've seen has even come close, and some have been downright what the actual fuck.)

Meanwhile, you've got Milla Jovovich as Milady, Orlando Bloom as Buckingham, Mads Mikkelsen as Rochefort, and Christoph Waltz (of whom I've heard good things) as Richelieu. I'm not sensing any duds in the cast, so long as the kids they've got playing D'Artagnan and Aramis can hold their own.

But lord, what is going ON in that trailer? I... just... don't even know what we're looking at, sometimes.

Nevermind. It may wind up being Very Bad (which given the potential of the cast, would be a shame), but I am going to have to go see it anyway.

Note: we are NOT going to see it in 3D. You can't make me.
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I am so all over this thing, six ways from Sunday:

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11th Doctor: I got a much better impression of him in action than I had from still photos. He reminds me favorably of Peter Davison, who was my first Doctor. Also basically liked the companion. Am willing to watch more for now.

Clash of the Titans: main impression: 400% more giant scorpions than I wanted or needed.

ETA: okay a third note:

How to Train Your Dragon: wonderful, adorable. I very much recommend it.
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I went to see "Alice in Wonderland" last night with MT's class, and wanted to put some thoughts/reactions down here.

I should probably note at the outset that I am a huge Alice fan. In the sense that it is one of the oldest and most beloved of childhood books that is imbedded deep in my consciousness. So I couldn't help but watch this movie through that lens. What I can say for it, briefly, is that it wasn't as bad as MT and I feared it might be, but IMO, it wasn't anywhere near as good as it could have been.

The Good and the Bad below... (spoilers galore, obviously) )

I'm sure there's a lot more, but I'll leave it at that for now.

No... I'll leave it at this:

MEMO TO DISNEY: when people go to see a film, they often come out of it with a desire to buy things connected with the film. You would think that a SMART COMPANY, one that, oh, say, has built its empire on merchandising, would be hip to that by now.

Why, then, can I not purchase a plush Cheshire Cat based on the Burton movie?

And I do not mean this one, because while that's cute, and clearly in the color scheme of the Burton movie's Cat, it really doesn't look a damn thing like the Burton movie's Cat. (What the hell? The tag on that plush isn't even in remotely the same font as the Burton movie's titles.)

The Disney store has a section for the Burton movie, but it is filled thus far with an unenticing selection of apparel, bags, some jewelry, and books, not TOYS.

Some Googling around turned up the idea that Medicom is going to have some action figures out... in JULY???

Again: WHEN people go to see a movie, it is usually upon emerging from the movie that they experience the desire to purchase things related to the movie. Banking on them having that desire 5 months later seems like Marketing Fail to ME.

Look, Disney. I know that you feel the need to back your 1950s animated Alice designs. That's been a big seller for you for literally half a century. Great. But believe me when I tell you that for Alice fans, one of two things is going to hold true. Either: they are going to want versions from BOTH movies, because they are completists. Or: they decided long ago that some of the 1950s movie didn't appeal to them, and they're not going to buy that stuff NOW if they've decided they like the Burton movie version better.

I can't figure it out. Companies do this a lot, I just never figured it would be Disney. Let me fling money at you, Disney! Why won't you give me the chance to fling money at you?

(And for the record, it's not just me. When Googling around, what I ran across a lot was OTHER people posting online to ask "does anyone know where I can get a Cheshire Cat plush from the Burton movie?")

No wait, I'll leave it at THIS:

Apparently, "Alice" wiped the floor with "Avatar" in terms of opening-weekend box office. Since both opened in 3D and IMAX, I think it's fair to compare the two. Avatar's opening weekend = $77 million. Alice's = $116.3 million.

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So. Here we are, in 2010. Boy, that is wrong on so many levels. I am not doing that decade-in-review thing, no. But here, a quick catch-up on the past year, because I've done it the past two years in a row, so I should keep that up.

Once again, I did nooooothing on New Year's Eve. Weather was crappy here, AGAIN. (And it's supposed to be worse this weekend.) I stayed in, I ate Indian food, I had a beer, and I rewatched Disney's "Hercules", which is directly the result of having gotten trapped within the labyrinth of TV Tropes a little while back. (Verdict: not all that good a film, and the things that seemed wacky and interesting when it came out are still kind of wacky and interesting, but not enough so, if you know what I mean. Still, that's what $1 rentals from the library are for.) Ooo! Ooo! And I upgraded the RAM in my computer! I can now thumb my nose at Gmail/Safari and its annoying RAM-hogging issues.

Today I puttered around, and watched the NHL Winter Classic (played in Fenway this year!), and that was neat. It was hard to figure out who to root for, since it was the Bruins playing the Flyers (the Bruins won in dramatic fashion, which is nice, since it was their home ice). Seeing Bobby Clark and Bobby Orr do the face-off was extra-cool. On deck, also rented from the library, I have "Inkheart", which if nothing else I expect to be pretty (I also have "The Incredibles" to rewatch, and I know that's good; and "Tombstone"). I started reading, and am enjoying, Jim Butcher's Dresden Files series. At some point this weekend, I plan to break out the LP-to-MP3 turntable that I got clearance at BB&N, and pray that the LPs I have that I want to convert aren't warped. Being snowed in should be good for that.

I am glad that 2009 is gone, in that 2009 started okay, and then just before January ended, I broke my wrist in a fall on some ice, and GOD THAT WAS ANNOYING. Now, this winter, I'm all hinky about walking on the snow, of which, once again, we have had plenty already so far (WTF December?).

But 2009 was also when I let my inner birdwatcher out, I guess, and discovered a passion for following juvenile redtail hawks around and taking pictures of them, which was really delightful. And it was also when I was introduced to how owls are so much more wonderful than I had any idea they were, which is an obsession that is still partly waiting to be further explored, and that's always fun (as is anticipating/hoping for a redtail family next spring/summer, too).

Anyway, fannish output:

In RiverTwine Holt, my ElfQuest fandom group: approx. 11,717 words of fiction spread over 5 stories; and 50 pieces of art (mostly in color), including 94 figures. What's eerie about this, to me, is that that's VERY close to my total numbers for 2007 and 2008, too -- but, it's factoring in that I did no art in January (I don't know why), and then I broke my wrist and could not write or do any art until nearly the end of March. Hmm. So maybe I would have been on track for an even-more-productive year, considering those are really the numbers for 3/4ers of it.

Once again, I also entered a piece for the EQ official fan calendar - but the reveal on that is delayed, so I don't know yet whether it made it in. Perhaps I shall update if it did.

I hope that, no matter what your 2009 was like, that 2010 is BETTER. Happy new year, everybody!
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Ganked from [ profile] telepresence, who is over there also geekgasming over this. He has more to say about it over in his post, but, apparently, at Comic Con, Disney just put this on the end of its video presentation. There has been absolutely no word leaked of this. NONE. No fanfare, just, there it is.

eta: I just want to say that one of the things I love about watching stuff like this is getting to hear the audience/fan reaction as they figure out what they're watching. (After watching this one, I went and watched the ComicCon footage of the Iron Man presentation last year. Same thing.)
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Yeah, that particular wolf has cried before, hasn't it? But yesterday, it was announced all over the place: Warner Bros. is in a deal with WaRP to do an EQ movie, with Rawson Thurber writing/producing/directing.

More links and quotes below. )
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I will not *BE* in this fandom. Seriously. No.

Yet, [ profile] nel_ani linked to this fic today and for some reason I clicked it and read it, and yes dammit, it's a really good fic. Great humor, great voices; eventually, hot sex, for those whose cup of tea that is. ;-)

"Papparazzo" by [ profile] basingstoke (Iron Man/Spiderman).

Also... All I have to say is that there HAD BETTER BE a metric ton of Tony/Rhodey fic out there.

I recently linked [ profile] telepresence to the blog of a film/popular culture professor who wrote several long and quite fascinating essays on the history of the Iron Man comic, and I would just like to point out that in Part Two, Doan writes:

"But minor chronological quibbles aside, Rhodey was a great addition to the Iron Man cast-- smoother, funnier and more capable than Happy Hogan, and a much better love interest for Tony than Pepper Potts. Without the heavy-handedness of O'Neil and Adams on those Green Lantern/Green Arrow tales, and without the "he's just a regular joe" begging the question of Lee and Kirby introducing the Black Panther in the 60s, Michelinie and Layton effortlessly integrated the book and gave Marvel an African-American hero whose popularity immediately rivaled Stark's among the book's fans.

And make no mistake: for all the women Stark has bedded and dated over the years, and despite the pathos of his relationships with Madame Masque or Bethany Cabe, his longest and most important love is with Rhodey. It is a homosocial love, to be sure, and only metaphorically becomes sexual (when Rhodey "possesses" Stark's body by donning the armor begnning with issue #170), but it is the deepest relationship in the book, and the arguments between the friends that power the second half of O'Neil's run on the book are the longest and most wrenching "lovers' quarrels" the title will ever see (it is not a girlfriend Tony reveals himself to in the page up-top, after all, but Rhodey-- a confession before a final battle). In many ways, O'Neil's lengthy run is about the nature of this platonic love, and just how far one will go for it."

Well, yeah.
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Thank you everyone for the kind birthday wishes! Today, I received: a new computer at work (20" iMac running OSX 10.5); flowers in a GIANT MARTINI GLASS filled with pink crystals (the most amazing thing about that is that No, it wasn't Raqs who sent it to me); and I got to watch the most amazing bluejay fight I have ever seen. Tomorrow, if I'm lucky, I expect to receive an octopus.

The best part about having a milestone birthday is getting a call from your older brother, who took turning 50 in reasonable stride (except for the part where he's going to jump out of a perfectly good airplane; and also, he leased a Porsche; at least it's not red!), but freaked out over his "baby sister" hitting the big Four Oh. Yes, yes, I'll still always be the younger one! And I have less grey hair. (Even if I wasn't coloring it.)

In the spirit of giving, I offer you all... FUNNY VIDS...

"Hi! I'm a Marvel... and I'm a DC: Iron Man and Batman"

"Part Two" (be sure to stick around for the "surprise ending"!)

"Part Three"

Oh yes, it's a whole series. )


Ganked from [ profile] beerkitty: Eddie Izzard + Darth Vader + Legos = \o/

And now....

I have Breyers' Mint Chocolate Chip with my name on it...
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Okay, having just realized that I've only posted twice in over a month, and both of those posts were V.O.D.'s, I feel compelled to post something that is NOT GRIM.

ITEM: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [ profile] destina!!!

ITEM: Kind of Incredible Hulk spoiler behind the cut - better safe than eviscerated by my friends... )

ITEM: I'm thinking of buying a bike.

Every once in a while I contemplate the idea. I used to LOVE biking, but I have never biked up here in MA, and to be frank, the idea of riding around here kind of scares me. Let's put it this way. The last time I was a regular biker, NOBODY wore helmets.

However, Deborah has been riding her bike in to the office (it's about 5 mi. from her house). And today she and a friend went on a bike ride in the afternoon where they just followed the Charles from Harvard all the way out to Waltham, and had drinks at Margaritas right on the water there before going back. 15 mi. round trip.

And the thing is -- that's do-able. If I am not mistaken, I could take the Charles River path nearly the entire way in to work. Hmm.

So, armed with some birthday money from Mom, I started thinking, hmm, maybe I'll get a bike with some of that.

Now *this* is what I DEEPLY DESIRE:

*grabby hands*

And that put me in mind to ask my flist if anyone who HAS been biking in, like, the past 20 years (*gah*) could comment on the advisability of buying a cruiser-style bike over something with speeds and junk. (I used to primarily bike on LBI, where my Mom now lives; it's 18 miles of utter flatness. I have never ridden a bike that had gears, or hand-brakes, or anything. I rode a 1960s Schwinn cruiser that I adored, which had coaster brakes; and I would routinely ride it on 18-mile round trips down there. But I have no experience with biking anywhere that has hills.)

But I'm not going to *GET* the above bike. I've already emailed one person on Craiglist advertising a used mountain-type bike who's very local. *crossing fingers*.
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(Contrary to the expectations of many of my friends, no, this is not a post about [ profile] my_tallest's cat, Stasha.)

No, the subject line is in relation to this:

"Rare White Killer Whale Spotted in Alaska" -- and they got pictures! Cool! (No, not an albino; apparently it has all the regular white orca markings, but all the bits that are usually black on an orca are instead a white/beige/ivory color.)

So here's my question. How, in the age of the internet, is it possible that nobody has ever (illegally, I am sure) typed in and made available on some website somewhere the liner notes of "Hooked on Classics", such that one could consult the medley playlist of the famous ear-wormy 1981 hit "Hooked on Classics I & II"? Tsk.

Finally, [ profile] raven_lore shared this earlier, and it bears re-sharing. This is the next animation from the guy who did that wonderful animated short of the cat waking up its owner:

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Okay, I admit it. I'm that much of a sucker. I'm *there*, man.

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A big thank-you to everybody for the birthday wishes! It was a good day -- fairly relaxing (except for some traffic snafus early on -- a day when there is an afternoon Red Sox game at Fenway, PLUS some kind of street fair that has closed off Memorial Drive, is not a great day to be driving from Waltham to east Somerville and back). [ profile] telepresence and [ profile] katie_m and I went to see "Ocean's 13", which was exactly as enjoyable as I wanted it to be. (I seem to be one of the few people who wasn't vastly disappointed in O12, but yes, I admit that O11 was the best, and this one was better than O12 if not quite at the level of O11.)

Then they indulged me (and my inability to CHOOSE), and we strolled down the street (this was in Waltham) to the tapas place, and had a very nice tapas late-lunch. And sangria! Ah, the first sangria of the summer...

Nobody out there who also has [ profile] raqs on their flist will be at all surprised that I got BENTO BOXES for my birthday. Oh yes. (See icon: LITTLE CRABS!)


Jun. 16th, 2007 11:54 am
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Here's the thing -- absolutely, I recommend "Daywatch" as a movie. I really did enjoy it a lot. But I would strongly suggest that you rent "Nightwatch" and watch it first. Because then, the last 20 minutes of the movie *might* involve a *bit* less "... Quoi?"

Nightwatch and Daywatch are modern Russian fantasy films (magic in a modern setting, mostly). They're subtitled (with some really interestingly *active* subtitles, too). Right now, in the Boston area, they're playing at Kendall, but also at Waltham (!).

Despite the occasional feeling I had of being lost ([ profile] telepresence apologized afterwards for the movie depending more on the previous one than he thought it would; but I will say that they put an English-language "previously on..." sequence at the start of the movie, and that *did* help me immensely), I just enjoyed the movie a lot overall. It was so... so... RUSSIAN.

What I mean is... okay, as Telepresence and I were discussing afterwards, a lot of us are actually used to watching Asian films nowadays; wuxia, Hong Kong cinema, Japanese films, anime, etc. It's not that those films never seem exotic any more; I think it's more that their exoticness has started to take on its own familiarity, and lack of surprise. And that is helped not only by setting and design, but in the faces of the live-action films' casts. (When I say "exotic", by the way, what I mean is, "not deeply rooted within the traditions of my own culture and upbringing, so that I don't have an almost unconscious feeling of identification with the story elements".)

A Russian film is just as exotic/alien, but you're still watching a bunch of pasty white people (speaking a different language, sure), with the occasional Asian person thrown in. To me (who has watched very few Eastern European films), it was all very subtly unexpected. The actors don't look American/Hollywood, nor do they look British. The settings -- the city, the apartments, everything -- don't look familiar. The underlying concept of the movies (sort of... rival "faerie courts" with an ancient truce between them, and the watchers who monitor them) is kind of familiar but everything had a unique spin to it, much more looking-towards-Asia (there's a big sequence at the start of the film involving Tamerlane attacking Samarkand -- and by the way the director's first name is Timur, so, hah!).

Just... cool. See it, if you like fantasy, but you sometimes feel like you have European-Fantasy fatigue.
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I've seen this linked in a few places now (including Making Light, and Henry Jenkins, both in comments), and it's probably been on my flist already, but in case anyone hasn't seen it yet:

"A Fair(y) Use Tale"

A carefully edited montage of clips from Disney movies that functions as a simple (and not unbiased) primer on copyright law. It's a little over 10 min. long, and it took me a bit to get used to the format, to really hear what was being said (because it's a mish-mash of voices and intonations, not to mention images) -- but I thought it was worth sticking with it. It's clever and sometimes quite funny, and it must have been such a pain in the ass to put together.

It wasn't created by a fan, in case you're wondering. It was produced by Prof. Eric Faden of Bucknell Univ., and it credits the Stanford Fair Use Project, a part of Stanford Law School's Center for Internet and Society.


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