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Note to self: you are too old and out of shape to just off-the-cuff decide to drive a bucket of balls on a driving range. Especially when you have never done that before in your life, and you are putting together a golf swing purely through conjecture. Doing this right in front of the clubhouse where you buy the buckets and the clubs is also a poor decision, because it results in people (teenagers, toddlers) hanging out watching you and your no-doubt atrocious golf form as you flail away. (Real exchange -- todder: "You missed that!" me: "So I did!") However, it *is* moderately satisfying when you actually manage to hit a 100-yard straight drive.

Note to self: you are too old and out of shape to just off-the-cuff decide to try out the batting cages. The "adult medium" pitch experience was just humiliating. (15 swings and 15 misses; I never did solve that one.) Eventually, I tried the softball slow-pitch -- where I was actually able to HIT three-quarters of them, and indeed, that was satisfying. (This activity also involved doing it while a lot of teenagers loitered around, watching you flail away.)

Richardson's Ice Cream & Mini-Golf is very fun, but it has to be said that the course *is* evil. (My feeling is that all of these new-style courses that delight in creating putts that have all these subtle rises and grooves and stuff are evil. As opposed, of course, to good old-fashioned gimicky miniature golf, where the putts are flat and the challenge is all in the mechanical obstacles.)

Yay for all the [ profile] walthertown folks! That was a great evening.

*hobbles away to take ibuprofen*
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Okay, I've been having some odd and vivid dreams over the past week; more than usual, I mean. (Moving anxiety dreams, of course. Dreamt I was in an SCA tournament and was being asked to do something patently ridiculous that I didn't know how to do, like, "train-running", and I didn't even know what that was, but it turned out to involve having a race with someone else by running along the roofs of moving train cars. Dreamt I was leading one of those police/military standoffs with some charismatic but psychopathic cult leader, crouching behind a van holding a sniper rifle while he invited us all in to have breakfast before the shootout. etc.)

I feel I must mention, though, that this morning, I dreamt that I took Lord Yu miniature golfing.

(For the non-Stargate infected amongst my friends, all you need to know is: 3,000-year-old Chinese emperor with a megalomaniacal parasitic alien snake in his head.)

Yes, there was dream-logic. It all sort of started out around the SGC briefing room table, where they were having this summit meeting with Yu. He was sort of in one of his more unreasonable, Evil Overlord moods, and they were trying to explain to him that he shouldn't throw the sort-of kind-of cooperative agreement he and they had out the window, and he was explaining that as a Goa'uld, he hated and despised all humans, and they were trying to win him over by explaining how they knew that but the fact that he keeps being helpful to us makes us feel kind of warm and fuzzy towards him, even if he is a Goa'uld. (That part of it felt more to me like I was watching it than participating; I was just sitting there wondering why they'd suddenly decided to start dyeing Jack's hair brown again, because it was a really bad dye-job, and darnit, we *like* the silver.)

And then, and I'm really not sure why, it was me having to be, like, Lord Yu's handler or something. And we were on the Jersey shore and I said, hey, let's go miniature golfing. Which was totally beneath him because he's a Goa'uld and the Jade Emperor, but I insisted. It wasn't the course I had worked at, it was another more elaborate one on the island. Lots of water-hazards. And at one point, I ran into my Aunt Marge and Uncle Jack (the former of whom is dead, actually), and I had to introduce them all. "Marge, Jack, this is Yu." I think they thought he was my boyfriend. Stephen was there too, by the way. I don't know who it was he was golfing with, but at that point I was seriously considering not trying to make Lord Yu golf, but just going and kibbutzing on Stephen's game, as equally likely to entertain and/or distract Yu from whatever it was I was trying to distract him from.

I think...that I want to go miniature golfing for my birthday this year. I was trying to decide between that and going to King's for bowling and cocktails and stuff. I sort of want to do that too. But I think my subconscious is trying to tell me that I really *do* want to go miniature golfing.


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