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First, thank-you to everybody who answered the name-change question. I decided to go with it, along with the suggestion to make a note in the LJ's sub-header line. And I suspect that I'll keep using the seasonal saw-whet owl pics that I've been using for a little while, which ought to provide a sense of visual continuity. Not to mention that you guys who pay any attention to what I post are probably used to the types of things I post nowadays. And that won't change, as this entry will show.

So! I am also incredibly behind on posting pictures. Several batches of photos and interesting events/news behind, in fact. So let's get cracking.


Way more owls to see this way... )

Finally, because it's SPRING: a very vivid flowering dogwood near the cemetery entrance:



- petting sharks!

- owl developments the following week (or, this past weekend).


May. 23rd, 2011 11:04 am
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[Poll #1744451]

I'm kind of mulling over changing the name of my LJ (and DW) to match the name I've been using fannishly elsewhere. And while I will always love my little-red-orca icon, I've similarly been mulling over changing the default to a piece of art I did myself. It annoys me a bit that if you change you default icon, all past uses of it will be replaced with the new one, I believe; but ehn.

Still, I know that just as a lot of you are indelibly in my head as your LJ names, while my current one is less like a "real" name, it's the name under which I did a lot of fannish participation (in SG-1 fandom in particular). I also know there are a few people on my flist who changed their names and to be honest, I still see posts from them and hesitate, trying to remind myself who they were "before" and what my connection to them is. So I'm just curious if people would care at all. (I'm not sure I won't do it anyway, no matter the results of the poll; but I'm curious.)
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Has anyone else noticed this?

I receive LJ comment notifications, of course, at a gmail account.

Up until approx. April 10th, I would get a notification that would read:

"Lynx (lynxreign) replied to your LiveJournal comment in which you said:"

From around then until approx. April 24th, I was apparently receiving (without noticing) notifications that read:

"raqs (raqs) replied to in which you said:"

And then, from April 25th onward, I have been receiving notifications that look like this:

"Lynx (lynxreign) replied to a [[sitenameshort]] comment in which you said:"

Isn't that odd? I started noticing (eventually) because the [[sitenameshort]] stands out, although granted it took me over a week to really say, "Ein minuten, bitte..."

Is this happening to other people? What on earth?
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Ganked from [ profile] cityofbeige.

"A lot of people", apparently. More than actually have me friended, which is a little odd if you ask me...

Who comments the most on this journal? )

I don't find it that freaky that one is always the one who comments the most in one's journal. I think that makes perfect sense, if you're the type of person who feels they ought to answer just about every comment that anyone else makes in your LJ. I do find it interesting that, based on the admittedly miniscule sample size I've seen (... a grand total of 3 people doing this so far), "people" (meaning, the three of us) seem to account for roughly 1/3rd of the comments in their own journal. (I might have expected that to be half.)


Aug. 20th, 2007 10:28 am
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Hello again, flist! I'm back from NZ (had a fantastic time; eventually, I'll post some pics and stuff). I can't get a really accurate reading on it, but it looks like my flist is at *least* "friends?skip=1200", which means -- no WAY am I catching up entirely.

So... anything I should know? What'd I miss? Let me know!
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One thing that struck me about the current crisis/kerfuffle -- not only do WFI sound like self-important, hypocritical idiots who lack key reasoning and arguing skills, but, you know, I would be willing to lay a bet that there are actual LAW ENFORCEMENT people out there who would like to stomple all over WFI right now. Why? Because in cases where illegal/violent-sounding interests were listed by people who were NOT listing them for innocent, community-contextual reasons (such as fandom, RPG, fiction, etc.), but might in fact have been listing them for the foolish reason that they *actually enjoy engaging in those illegal activities*... I bet there were attempts being conducted by law enforcement people to try to determine whether actual solicitation or enticement or whatever was going on. Not unlike the way law enforcement can use chatrooms to entrap active pedophiles.

Because law enforcement could and would actually look at the content and traffic of those various LJs, and be able to use a few braincells to tell the difference between "playing a villain in an RPG" or "writing fiction" and actually *being a criminal*. Yes. Because that is the job of law enforcement, WFI. To determine the difference between those things. NOT YOUR JOB. Their job.

And guess what, WFI? Yes! You are helping to *warn* and *cover the tracks* of those people! In this giant, indiscriminate net you've cast, which is mostly having the effect of screwing over entirely innocent people, you're helpfully driving back underground the kind of people whom you presumably would actually like real law enforcement to catch and prosecute.

Way to go, WFI. Way to go.

Anyway, having said that...

The dumbest thing about my reaction to this whole situation is this: I have never *really* understood the purpose of the LJ "interests" section of the profile. I just never felt the urge to put anything in there. And I never look at anyone else's (except on occasion with bemusement), or click on any of the links.

So tell me. What good did having those buzzwords (among much else) under your Interests *do*? I suppose it's a little late *now* to be wondering what interests are and what they do. But honestly, I'm sitting here trying to imagine why I would put "rape" (for example) under my LJ Interests, and if I did so, what positive result that would get me that was a sufficient exchange for the raised eyebrow it would get from other people who don't share whatever particular context it was that made me put it down. I'm really missing some key thing about this. Can anyone explain?

(Or maybe it's just that I'm incredibly insular in the way I use LJ. Like so much else -- my cellphone, my computer -- I am sure that I don't use it to the fullest extent of its bells and whistles.)
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(I cannot express how much of a bummer it is that the "whale" layout is boring ol' sperm whales, and not orcas... yes, I am totally scheming in my mind how I could transform it into orcas... in the meantime, SQUID!!! will do nicely...)

(ETA: Also... I have just had someone add me as a friend whose LJ information is in Cyrillic and who lists his/her location as Minsk, Belarus. I am thinking that is... a mistake.)


Apr. 2nd, 2005 03:46 pm
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320 LJ posts. I missed *320* LJ posts on my SG-filtered flist alone. My god. How can that *BE*?
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(Live Journal is FUCKING WITH MY HEAD. I spent 5 minutes trying to put some of this entry behind an lj-cut. No matter what I did or how carefully I read the FAQ, it wouldn't do it. So I gave up, and edited the entry to slap a note on the top saying, sorry, I tried. When I posted that, IT HAD THE LJ-CUT. So I went to edit it again to take *out* the now-superfluous note. When I then hit "post"... THE LJ-CUT WASN'T WORKING, AGAIN. Now I am editing it AGAIN to pour out this tale of woe. Will the resultant post have the lj-cut, or not? Who knows?)

Last night, [ profile] telepresence, [ profile] my_tallest, and I held an impromptu meeting of the "Die Alone in the Rain" club. We can't entirely blame Bill for starting it, even though he was the one going on about being in a funk in his LJ earlier this week, but certainly, by Friday, Len and I were in a monumenal funk as well.

It wasn't that SG was in reruns this week (because, I don't know about the boys, but the anticipating of weekly SciFi Friday isn't an unmitigated joy this year; I tend to approach it with more of a wary caution), although that certainly introduced a certain formlessness to the night (and nothing can be as soul-sucking, sometimes, as sitting around staring at each other saying, "I dunno -- what do *YOU* wanna do?"). It might have been the letdown after the excitement of having [ profile] raqs pop up spontaneously last weekend. (Judith ought to feel very flattered that we all confessed that it was about all we could do to keep ourselves from hugging her ankles to keep her from going back to Long Island.)

Whatever. We employed the following recipe to counteract our General Feeling of Overwhelming Ick:

-- dinner at a nice but surprisingly inexpensive Thai restaurant, where all the dishes that everybody had were just stupendously good. I can personally report that two glasses of wine helps with ANY funk, although it does make me sleepy.

-- a less traumatic experience in the local Blockbuster, trying to decide what all three of us could stand to watch, than one might have expected.

-- a viewing of "Shaolin Soccer", which we hadn't realized was out on DVD yet and which therefore made the choice easy. That is a

-- a viewing of Bill's Tivo'ed "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy: London Edition". Verdict: we don't think it's as good as the original.
Long-winded reasons why we didn't think it was as good... )

-- then, finally, to top off the evening -- watched the repackaging of the *pilot* episode of "Queer Eye", which was shot in Boston, which I didn't know until Bill told me about it. And lo, it was good; and fascinating to see the origins of stuff they would do later in the show. Interesting of course because Carson and Ted were the only crossovers; as they put it, the other three guys "had real jobs" and therefore couldn't uproot and go to NYC to do the ongoing show. Which, in the case of Culture Guy, is a darned shame, as we thought he was *so* much better than Jai at actually talking about cultural substance. And the interior design guy? *Eerily* looked and sounded like Thom's identical-but-less-Jewish twin. The straight guy they picked on for the pilot was actually a friend of one of the producers, and VERY game, as was his girlfriend. And we got to play "spot the Boston store/location!" during the ep, which made it extra fun for us.

I think we were all in ever-so-slightly less of a funk than we had been at the start of the evening, which is good. Plus, it's a long weekend! Yay!
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Grrr, okay. I can ask about this here, on the off chance that anybody who has friended me has run into these problems and found out the solutions already. Or, I can write to LJ's customer service, if such a beast exists, because the online FAQs are not helping me.

Problem Number One - Hinky Friends List Behavior

I discovered this today. I have [ profile] raqs friended. I filter my Friends list between two groups, one of which is displayed as the default; she is on both filtered lists, actually. Last night (I think), I saw that she had posted a very short update. When I checked my LJ flist this morning, I happened to notice that this short post from her wasn't showing up on either of my filtered flists. So I went to her LJ, where I found both that post, still there, *and* a subsequent longer post from her made the same evening.

To make it even weirder, though: her post before that, (August 9, 5:01pm), *does* show up on both of my filtered flists. Just, not either of her posts from August 10. (Except, the first post from August 10 did the last time I checked my LJ last night.)

Further data: the posts aren't locked in any way. She still has me friended. (Well, she'd BETTER; but yes, I checked.) I can see them when I look at her LJ entries page. I made sure she was still on my filtered lists. I tried completely deleting my filtered lists, and remaking them. I logged out of LJ and logged back in. I looked at the Friends page of someone else who I know has her friended ([ profile] my_tallest), and discovered the same thing -- her August 9th post shows up in his flist, but not either of her posts from August 10th. So it's not just me. *BUT*, she has gotten comments to at least the first August 10th post from someone else. So somebody is seeing her posts on their flist.

About the only thing I haven't done (yet) is shut this damn computer down and rebooted. Off to try that. But seriously. THE HELL?

Problem Number Two - Hinky Comments Page Behaviors

Okay. I'm a paid member and all. I should have all the bells and whistles. Apparently (I gather) there are two different styles for LJ designs. And fewer people seem to be using Style 2. But every once in a while, I run across somebody who, when I go to their LJ and read their entry and click on their comments, I see the *entry* just fine, but the comments? No personal LJ icons, for one thing, but most strikingly,


Ugh. I used to notice it in [ profile] tempe's LJ, until she switched layouts. Most recently, I noticed it in [ profile] brighidestone's LJ. I mentioned it once in a thread at tempe's LJ, and others said it wasn't happening to them. (I assume it mustn't, or else the user would become aware of it and try to fix it.)

If I go check the option to display comments to entries on my flist in the style of my *own* LJ, then that's fine. But (picky, picky), I also find that boring. I *like* it that when I click on the comments to people's entries, it takes me to *their* layout. Because while I love my layout, I don't want to look at it to the exclusion of all others. Bring on the rich diversity of the LJ community, I say!

But the format above? Has got to go. Why can I not make it go? Why does it happen to me? *whine*


Okay, [ profile] okojosan gets the prize for answering Problem Number One -- after speaking to [ profile] raqs on the phone, have determined that she did, indeed, go back and BACKDATE both of those entries. Because, for some reason, her laptop had become convinced that it was August 20th, and accordingly, those two entries were originally from the future. She went back in and backdated them to the correct date, and voila -- they're gone! From everyone's flist, apparently?

I still think it's weird that backdating should cause this to happen, but at least it's happening for *a* reason.
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With a little advice from [ profile] raqs, I have made my first animated LJ icon! I realize that everybody else and their dog has already figured this out, but still, it pleases me, because I am often intimidated by computer software.

Zim icon

If anyone else wants it, go ahead and snag it.
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It just struck me. The little fox in the "confused" mood icon below? What I assume is a fox lying on its back staring bemusedly at the ceiling?

When viewed face-on, the little fox icons are no problem. But when viewed in profile, they are missing a key foxy attribute: the long pointed nose.

It's the little-known Lesser Round-Headed Fox of Madagascar, I see.

(And yes, I chose this mood for the icon, because it has an iMac, and SQUEEEEE! But also because it *is* extremely nerdy to worry about the anatomical correctness of your LJ mood icons.)


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