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Bloom County Pope comic

Back in the mid to late 80s, this is one of the Bloom County strips that I photocopied and had on my dorm room door. I came across it the other day, and it seemed to beg to be posted, given recent news.
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I was going to share something different (and fabulous!) with you all today, but instead, I'm sharing this: because yesterday, George Carlin died. So I want to pause, and remember a guy who was the kind of comedian who could make tears run down my face, I was laughing so hard; and who got certain phrases and entire routines lodged in my brain so that 25 years later, they still pop up with astounding frequency.

Here are some Tonight Show appearances by George from 1972, when his album "AM & FM" had just come out. (Still my favorite album of his; my first favorite, and the one I still listen to; the one with the "Hair" poem on it; the one that [ profile] raqs and I can still quote large parts of, in unison.)

First up: with Flip Wilson (!!!), doing a bit of the "Ed Sullivan Show" routine:

Next, also with Flip, "Best of the News":

And finally, of course, the Hair Poem:

RIP, George.
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Thank you everyone for the kind birthday wishes! Today, I received: a new computer at work (20" iMac running OSX 10.5); flowers in a GIANT MARTINI GLASS filled with pink crystals (the most amazing thing about that is that No, it wasn't Raqs who sent it to me); and I got to watch the most amazing bluejay fight I have ever seen. Tomorrow, if I'm lucky, I expect to receive an octopus.

The best part about having a milestone birthday is getting a call from your older brother, who took turning 50 in reasonable stride (except for the part where he's going to jump out of a perfectly good airplane; and also, he leased a Porsche; at least it's not red!), but freaked out over his "baby sister" hitting the big Four Oh. Yes, yes, I'll still always be the younger one! And I have less grey hair. (Even if I wasn't coloring it.)

In the spirit of giving, I offer you all... FUNNY VIDS...

"Hi! I'm a Marvel... and I'm a DC: Iron Man and Batman"

"Part Two" (be sure to stick around for the "surprise ending"!)

"Part Three"

Oh yes, it's a whole series. )


Ganked from [ profile] beerkitty: Eddie Izzard + Darth Vader + Legos = \o/

And now....

I have Breyers' Mint Chocolate Chip with my name on it...
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I'm indebted to [ profile] jeffwik for pointing to this. Any fan of Jim Henson needs to watch it ([ profile] raqs, I'm lookin' at YOU).

Very very very YOUNG Jim Henson. Written by, directed by, starring. Only the merest hint here and there of muppets to come. More SEX than you might expect. But when you think about SS and the muppets, really, the weirdness in it can't be that surprising.

(I also have to congratulate myself that I was able to date it to 1963-1965 on the basis of the cars on the street alone, before I looked at the info posted and discovered that it was first screened at the MMA in May 1965. Go me.)
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If you haven't seen this yet, it's worth it:

"Microsoft designs the iPod package"

(Apparently, this was produced by MS's own in-house packaging design group.)
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I have a feeling that there may be a few folks on my flist who'd appreciate this... it comes from friend [ profile] ronswartz, who read the supremely funny Thousand Word Silmarillion (a must for Tolkien geeks, if you haven't seen it already), and then went and saw "Serenity", and the two collided in his brain to produce:

Serenity in 2000 Words or Less

It is, of course, spoilerriffic. I have linked to the kindly-provided spoiler-warning page. Enjoy!
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A thousand thanks to [ profile] narcissisme for this link. I needed this!

Ye Legende of Troie


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