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I will not *BE* in this fandom. Seriously. No.

Yet, [ profile] nel_ani linked to this fic today and for some reason I clicked it and read it, and yes dammit, it's a really good fic. Great humor, great voices; eventually, hot sex, for those whose cup of tea that is. ;-)

"Papparazzo" by [ profile] basingstoke (Iron Man/Spiderman).

Also... All I have to say is that there HAD BETTER BE a metric ton of Tony/Rhodey fic out there.

I recently linked [ profile] telepresence to the blog of a film/popular culture professor who wrote several long and quite fascinating essays on the history of the Iron Man comic, and I would just like to point out that in Part Two, Doan writes:

"But minor chronological quibbles aside, Rhodey was a great addition to the Iron Man cast-- smoother, funnier and more capable than Happy Hogan, and a much better love interest for Tony than Pepper Potts. Without the heavy-handedness of O'Neil and Adams on those Green Lantern/Green Arrow tales, and without the "he's just a regular joe" begging the question of Lee and Kirby introducing the Black Panther in the 60s, Michelinie and Layton effortlessly integrated the book and gave Marvel an African-American hero whose popularity immediately rivaled Stark's among the book's fans.

And make no mistake: for all the women Stark has bedded and dated over the years, and despite the pathos of his relationships with Madame Masque or Bethany Cabe, his longest and most important love is with Rhodey. It is a homosocial love, to be sure, and only metaphorically becomes sexual (when Rhodey "possesses" Stark's body by donning the armor begnning with issue #170), but it is the deepest relationship in the book, and the arguments between the friends that power the second half of O'Neil's run on the book are the longest and most wrenching "lovers' quarrels" the title will ever see (it is not a girlfriend Tony reveals himself to in the page up-top, after all, but Rhodey-- a confession before a final battle). In many ways, O'Neil's lengthy run is about the nature of this platonic love, and just how far one will go for it."

Well, yeah.


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