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So. Here we are, in 2010. Boy, that is wrong on so many levels. I am not doing that decade-in-review thing, no. But here, a quick catch-up on the past year, because I've done it the past two years in a row, so I should keep that up.

Once again, I did nooooothing on New Year's Eve. Weather was crappy here, AGAIN. (And it's supposed to be worse this weekend.) I stayed in, I ate Indian food, I had a beer, and I rewatched Disney's "Hercules", which is directly the result of having gotten trapped within the labyrinth of TV Tropes a little while back. (Verdict: not all that good a film, and the things that seemed wacky and interesting when it came out are still kind of wacky and interesting, but not enough so, if you know what I mean. Still, that's what $1 rentals from the library are for.) Ooo! Ooo! And I upgraded the RAM in my computer! I can now thumb my nose at Gmail/Safari and its annoying RAM-hogging issues.

Today I puttered around, and watched the NHL Winter Classic (played in Fenway this year!), and that was neat. It was hard to figure out who to root for, since it was the Bruins playing the Flyers (the Bruins won in dramatic fashion, which is nice, since it was their home ice). Seeing Bobby Clark and Bobby Orr do the face-off was extra-cool. On deck, also rented from the library, I have "Inkheart", which if nothing else I expect to be pretty (I also have "The Incredibles" to rewatch, and I know that's good; and "Tombstone"). I started reading, and am enjoying, Jim Butcher's Dresden Files series. At some point this weekend, I plan to break out the LP-to-MP3 turntable that I got clearance at BB&N, and pray that the LPs I have that I want to convert aren't warped. Being snowed in should be good for that.

I am glad that 2009 is gone, in that 2009 started okay, and then just before January ended, I broke my wrist in a fall on some ice, and GOD THAT WAS ANNOYING. Now, this winter, I'm all hinky about walking on the snow, of which, once again, we have had plenty already so far (WTF December?).

But 2009 was also when I let my inner birdwatcher out, I guess, and discovered a passion for following juvenile redtail hawks around and taking pictures of them, which was really delightful. And it was also when I was introduced to how owls are so much more wonderful than I had any idea they were, which is an obsession that is still partly waiting to be further explored, and that's always fun (as is anticipating/hoping for a redtail family next spring/summer, too).

Anyway, fannish output:

In RiverTwine Holt, my ElfQuest fandom group: approx. 11,717 words of fiction spread over 5 stories; and 50 pieces of art (mostly in color), including 94 figures. What's eerie about this, to me, is that that's VERY close to my total numbers for 2007 and 2008, too -- but, it's factoring in that I did no art in January (I don't know why), and then I broke my wrist and could not write or do any art until nearly the end of March. Hmm. So maybe I would have been on track for an even-more-productive year, considering those are really the numbers for 3/4ers of it.

Once again, I also entered a piece for the EQ official fan calendar - but the reveal on that is delayed, so I don't know yet whether it made it in. Perhaps I shall update if it did.

I hope that, no matter what your 2009 was like, that 2010 is BETTER. Happy new year, everybody!
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Sometime last weekend I clued in to the fact that the big Cultural Appropriation Discussion of DOOM had come around on the ol' guitar again, but I was only catching the edges of it, and I thought, aw man. That again. Do I want to even know? No, I really don't.

And then I realized that, you know: easy for me to say. It's the usual exercise of privilege to be able to say "nah, don't feel like paying attention to the latest racism-in-fandom imbroglio". And thanks to the indefatigable [ profile] rydra_wong, all the links were there. So I read. And read. And my jaw dropped on the floor. And I kept reading, and OH MY GOD.

I don't want to say a lot, because this is a thing where for me, listening is more important than talking. And Rydra has posted links to a lot of people saying very smart things; a lot of fans of color saying extraordinarily important things, and I shouldn't even attempt to co-opt their voices when it'd be better to go read them saying it.

But I did think of two things I wanted to say.

One is just to point to the lyrics of the They Might Be Giants song "Your Racist Friend". That song absolutely gobsmacked me when I first heard it in 1990. It's not just a song about racism being bad. It's about not being silent and tolerating others spewing racist crap in your hearing, and what it says about you if you do tolerate that. I believed it was a searingly brilliant song then, and I still believe it now.

The other: you know what phrase I really despise right now? "Throwing under the bus". It came up in the fallout of the CADD, very much in a "Your Racist Friend" context -- yeah, my friends might have said racist crap, but I'm not going to *throw them under the bus* by making a statement that condemns the crap (if not the person).

You know why I decided I really despise it? Because it embodies, to me, the last 8... no, maybe make that 16 or more years of American politics. The willful characterization of all criticism -- even necessary, deserved criticism; even LOVING criticism -- as the equivalent of "throwing under the bus", and NO. NO IT IS FUCKING NOT. But I guess that's how it looks to people who practice what they preach, by which I mean -- hate the sin AND hate the sinner, and don't try to tell me they don't.

I'm so fucking tired of that, macro level and micro level. I'm so fucking tired of the idea that it isn't "patriotic" to criticize things that my country does -- NO, it's the MOST PATRIOTIC thing I can do, dammit! I'm tired of the basic notion that if you love someone, you can never, ever criticize what they do, you can never tell them they're fucked up, you can never give a child anything but an A+ or a trophy. NO.

When I post the words, "I love you like a brother, but you're FULL OF SHIT" here, I know that there's a bunch of people reading this journal who are going to nod along and suddenly have a whole bunch of very vivid memories associated with that, and the thing is, YES. Criticizing someone, telling them they're full of shit, telling them that what they just said is racist crap? Or, being gentle about it if you must -- but if you don't do it, who will? That is still being loving. That's being a friend. That is NOT "throwing people under the bus".

Because it's not about making yourself look good by condemning them. It's not about saving yourself by offering them up for sacrifice. That's not why you should do it. It's about YOU knowing what's right, and what's wrong, and about saying something when *even your friends* do something or say something toweringly, gobsmackingly wrong. Doing it *because* you love them, and because they might listen to you when they won't listen to strangers. The time to defend your friends no matter what, right or wrong, is when their lives, their well-being are truly in danger, NOT when the worst that's happening to them is that people are pointing out they're being kind of an asshole.

If you won't even point at something to say "that there is wrong", then how the hell can you ever work to FIX it?
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Happy New Year, everybody! A grab-bag entry of recent-ish things...

First, to remind myself (because I can never really remember, any more, what I actually did on New Year's Eve in any given year): this year there was a snowstorm out there, and it was very cold. I had yummy food for dinner, and yummy wine courtesy of [ profile] rednikki and [ profile] mycranium. I watched the Disney movie "Enchanted", which I got from the library (to replace a unworking copy of "Madagascar") and which I'd been meaning to see. And it was a HOOT. Really. Disney taking the piss out of its own romantic-cartoons genre.

Speaking of the aforementioned snowstorm: I went out very early yesterday, to feed [ profile] elishavah's cat Tigger. It was already snowing, but given the forecast it sounded like it would be better to get it done earlier than later. By the time I got home, it was seriously putting it down out there. I came in the door, and of course, there was Emily, crying to be let out. "Yeah, yeah," I said. I picked up her harness, and the little fruitcake actually sat up on her hind legs and thrust her head through the loop, she was so eager to go out.

And then she found out what the outdoors was actually like:

I think the expression on her face in the first pic says it all, no? She did walk down the steps of her own volition, but she didn't really make it very far before she decided "Fuck this" and headed back up the steps to the door.

(Showing that she either does not learn, or else cannot keep a thought in her tiny little walnut-sized brain, today, she was crying at the back door again when I got in from Cat Sitting Errands. I ignored her this time.)

Also apropos to a post this time of year: my Fannish Year in Review.

In Kadanzer Weyr, my Pern fandom group: approx. 11,050 words of fic (spread over 4 fics). No art. (!!!) :( Yeah, I'm bad; I've got catching up to do there...

In RiverTwine Holt, my ElfQuest fandom group: approx. 11,375 words of fic (spread over 4 fics... okay, that's a bit eerie; I had no idea I had such parity between the two groups in terms of how much fic I was doing!). 52 pieces of art (most in color), including 77 individual figures. This included two pieces for the group's 2009 Calendar (I did February and July.)

Hmm. Basically, I wrote approximately the same amount of fic over this year as last year, give or take a story (still a total well under what I've done in years past). I actually did somewhat less art than I did in 2007. Good lord, what have I been *doing* this year? I guess, increased admin duties in the EQ group; that always sucks up time, it's true.


Finally! One more piece of art I did this year was for EQ fandom -- every year, the EQ site's forum, Scroll of Colors, produces a fan-art calendar. It's juried. Artists submit pieces related to the year's theme, and then you don't find out if you made it in until the calendar is released.

Well, the calendar was released today. The theme is "The Magic of ElfQuest". My entry was chosen for January. :) It can be seen here: The 2009 ElfQuest Fan Art Calendar

That's all for 2008! Really, I am not sad to see it go. :P Here's to a MUCH BETTER 2009 for everybody!
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I will not *BE* in this fandom. Seriously. No.

Yet, [ profile] nel_ani linked to this fic today and for some reason I clicked it and read it, and yes dammit, it's a really good fic. Great humor, great voices; eventually, hot sex, for those whose cup of tea that is. ;-)

"Papparazzo" by [ profile] basingstoke (Iron Man/Spiderman).

Also... All I have to say is that there HAD BETTER BE a metric ton of Tony/Rhodey fic out there.

I recently linked [ profile] telepresence to the blog of a film/popular culture professor who wrote several long and quite fascinating essays on the history of the Iron Man comic, and I would just like to point out that in Part Two, Doan writes:

"But minor chronological quibbles aside, Rhodey was a great addition to the Iron Man cast-- smoother, funnier and more capable than Happy Hogan, and a much better love interest for Tony than Pepper Potts. Without the heavy-handedness of O'Neil and Adams on those Green Lantern/Green Arrow tales, and without the "he's just a regular joe" begging the question of Lee and Kirby introducing the Black Panther in the 60s, Michelinie and Layton effortlessly integrated the book and gave Marvel an African-American hero whose popularity immediately rivaled Stark's among the book's fans.

And make no mistake: for all the women Stark has bedded and dated over the years, and despite the pathos of his relationships with Madame Masque or Bethany Cabe, his longest and most important love is with Rhodey. It is a homosocial love, to be sure, and only metaphorically becomes sexual (when Rhodey "possesses" Stark's body by donning the armor begnning with issue #170), but it is the deepest relationship in the book, and the arguments between the friends that power the second half of O'Neil's run on the book are the longest and most wrenching "lovers' quarrels" the title will ever see (it is not a girlfriend Tony reveals himself to in the page up-top, after all, but Rhodey-- a confession before a final battle). In many ways, O'Neil's lengthy run is about the nature of this platonic love, and just how far one will go for it."

Well, yeah.


May. 23rd, 2008 11:27 am
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Robert Asprin. He was only 61. :( No cause of death, yet. (Got the heads-up from [ profile] marthawells.)

GDH folks -- raise an extra glass to one of our co-founders, Yang the Nauseating. *sniff*
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... and then will be replayed any number of times, so don't stress if you miss it. But first airing is 9pm EST on the Discovery Channel in the U.S.
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Okay, I admit it. I'm that much of a sucker. I'm *there*, man.

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I mentioned this recently in [ profile] troyswann's comments, which reminded me to go check the Mythbusters website to see if this ep (mentioned recently by Adam in a bumper on the show) would be coming up soon. (In the bumper, Adam said they were going to do a whole "MacGyver" themed episode "soon", and then he tested out the thing where MacGyver used a spray bottle of, like, windex to make a light-bulb explode and plunge a room into darkness; and hey, it worked!).

Well, set your TiVos, my friends! Next Wednesday, Feb. 20th, at 9pm EST on the Discovery Channel in the U.S., "MacGyver Myths" premieres! From the Mythbusters description: "This reverential episode of MythBusters pays tribute to the man who made something really useful from out of almost anything-MacGyver!"

As I was remarking to Sal, I had heard that the show started leaving stuff out of the description of what Mac was making, so as to make it unlikely for impressionable kids watching to be able to do some of the dangerous stuff he did. That being the case, it'll be interesting to see what things Mythbusters chooses to try to duplicate, and whether they mention this at all.

If you miss it, fear not -- the Discovery Channel reruns these eps approximately a skillion times each, so you'll surely be able to find it airing again. Folks who don't get that channel (esp. if you're not in the U.S.) may want to alert people they know who tend to be those who get things uploaded for *ahem*ing. I'm sure that DVD copies (from those of us with TiVos that can copy to DVD) will be quite possible, too. (click on "TV Schedules" at upper left)

Should be entertaining! I loves me a good Mythbusters ep in which they tackle movie and tv stuff. (The "Jaws" two-parter remains a big favorite. Which reminds me -- ROY SCHEIDER! *sniff*!)
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Huh. Apparently JK Rowling is going to be speaking at Harvard's Commencement this year.

(The hell of it is, I don't think I can actually come to work that day and try to sidle into the Yard. My nephew is getting married that weekend and I think I'm going to have to leave on Wed. or Thurs. to drive down. Well, crud! Ehn, there'll be video records of it and stuff.)
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Half of my flist will scratch their heads at the subject line, but over on the more fannish side of things (relative as that is), today has been declared "More Joy Day!", meaning, try to bring a little more joy than usual to the people around you. This is not particularly creative of me, but what I've decided to do is share with all of you some fun stuff that I've come across, that gave me a little bit of joy, and that I thought some of you might like as well.

Such as...

I was pointed to this YouTube clip by Mimi-Na on deviantArt, who did a piece inspired by it -- but I thought a number of folks here would enjoy seeing the original. This is Carol Burnett and Julie Andrews at Carnegie Hall in 1962, performing a ~10-minute long duet, and it is hilarious and wonderful, and I defy you not to feel joy watching it:

I enjoy the work of Mimi-Na in general; she does a lot of fun cartoons, often with a fannish bent. Aw, Red Dwarf!

Commission: Red Dwarf
by *mimi-na on deviantART

Mimi-Na is the person who did those wonderful "The Doctor's Girls" and "The Doctor's Boys" cartoons of all the Dr. Who companions a bit ago, which I believe I posted about. Here, she does "The Monsters of Whodom" in a similar vein:

Monsters of Whodom
by *mimi-na on deviantART

She also recently did "The Women of 'Angel'" (though this was done as a commission, and thus the selection of who to include was at the behest of the commissioner, which is the answer for "why that one?" and "why'd this other one get left out?"):

Commission: Women of Angel
by *mimi-na on deviantART

And finally, Rufftoon gives us "What if the cast of Kim Possible was trying out for roles in a Harry Potter movie?"

The Casting
by *rufftoon on deviantART
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Well, everybody's doing it. Fannish output for 2007:

WRITING: it wasn’t really a big writing year for me.

SG-1: wrote “LEGENDARY” for the 2007 J/D ficathon

Pern fandom: wrote one ~5000 word story; wrote ~6000 more words for a group story yet to be published. Just wrote ~3500 words today on a story that by god I would like to finish this year. :P Might even do it.

EQ fandom: wrote 3 stories, ~2500, ~1500 and ~5000 words.

That? Is pathetic, for me.

ART: maybe my writing output was pathetic this year because I was in an art mode instead?

Pern fandom: 11 pieces (8 in color; 18 figures total)

EQ fandom: 50 pieces (most in color; 91 figures total)

Now that’s more like it! Also taught myself a new art medium (Copic markers).

Further, I can announce today that one of the pieces of art I did for EQ fandom was an entry for a juried fan calendar, and it was chosen for inclusion in the official 2008 ElfQuest FanArt Calendar (OMG was so nervous!) – I’m July. (

Bye-bye, 2007!
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The great thing is, not only is that subject line an attention-getter, but, it's completely accurate and germane to the subject of this post! :D

If you have never heard of THE DESERT PEACH, how to explain it? A b&w, small-press comic by Donna Barr that debuted in the late 80s, it's the story of Pfirsich Rommel, "the Desert Fox's pretty younger brother", and the most femme gay colonel of a Germany Army unit in the North African desert in WWII that you can possibly imagine. It is, needless to say, completely satirical (not to say, more than occasionally outright farcical) fiction; but underlaid by an impressive knowledge of period detail and an IMO gorgeously kinetic art style. The PEACH seems like it started off as a joke that was trying to see how broadly offensive it could possibly be, both dancing along with and puncturing stereotypes, but as issues went on, Barr's writing and treatment of Pfirsich and his supporting cast became more complex, and in ways more thoughtful and serious, though always bitingly funny.

Well! If you *have* ever heard of the PEACH, but never read it because you couldn't be bothered to track down back issues (or even the compilations that have been occasionally put out), you're in luck! And so are those of you out there who just read my description (or maybe just the subject line) and said "I've got to see this with my own eyes!"

Donna Barr has just announced (via her deviantArt account, that she is scanning and putting up all the issues of THE DESERT PEACH for FREE DOWNLOAD at the following site:

Issues #1-5 are there already (including the one to which my subject line refers, #3). She says she has scanned up to issue 10 so far. She's planning to put up all PEACH material, and when she's done that, she'll move on to posting all STINZ material (another comic by her about, um... centaurs... sort of 19th century German rural-farmer centaurs... and believe me, no comics artist draws horses as gorgeously as Donna Barr does).

I don't know much about Wowio. Looks like you have to register. Barr reports that downloads are free for us, and that she and her publisher make a little cash on each download you do, from ad revenue or something. I'm going to play around with it when I get home -- because yes, I own all the PEACH run and all the STINZ run in various formats, but I sure as heck wouldn't mind having a backup of all of them on my hard-drive, no sir!

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As for all of the ZOMBIES... look, I know how it's going to go. I'd be the last to notice the whole zombie thing, and by the time I look up, it's too late. Then I grab some weapon I have lying around the house, and because it's my house, that will mostly consist of... well, um... rapiers. I have some rapiers. I can take the rubber tips off, and use them, because zombies aren't exactly tough-skinned, right? I have multiple rapiers, so I have one for each hand, and yes, I can fight with them both at the same time. And I have a main gauche, for when one of the rapiers gets stuck in a rib-cage or something.

I die quickly, but I die like a SWASHBUCKLER, I tell you. So there.
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I've seen this linked in a few places now (including Making Light, and Henry Jenkins, both in comments), and it's probably been on my flist already, but in case anyone hasn't seen it yet:

"A Fair(y) Use Tale"

A carefully edited montage of clips from Disney movies that functions as a simple (and not unbiased) primer on copyright law. It's a little over 10 min. long, and it took me a bit to get used to the format, to really hear what was being said (because it's a mish-mash of voices and intonations, not to mention images) -- but I thought it was worth sticking with it. It's clever and sometimes quite funny, and it must have been such a pain in the ass to put together.

It wasn't created by a fan, in case you're wondering. It was produced by Prof. Eric Faden of Bucknell Univ., and it credits the Stanford Fair Use Project, a part of Stanford Law School's Center for Internet and Society.


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