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Folks who have been reading this LJ for years will have seen many pictures of Emily, who is the cat I had the longest, and she was my baby. I'm sad to report that she died last Thursday morning.

(Seen above: a very familiar view.)

What I didn't relate back in the summer when I posted about Morgan's passing is that during that same week, Emily was deathly ill with kidney failure. The good news at the time was that while Morgan also suddenly went downhill so quickly that I had to put her to sleep, Emily rallied, even though in the course of various tests we discovered that she had only one functioning kidney (and who knew how long that had been the case); it had gotten a severe infection, but it cleared up with treatment (better than a tumor, though, which was the initial fear). So even as I lost Morgan, I still had Emily, although I had to give her fluids twice a day from then onward.

I guess the upshot was that the kidney infection probably put such a severe strain on the remaining kidney that it didn't last that much longer. Last week she became ill again and went downhill really rapidly, despite our attempting the same treatments as had worked in the summer. I had already decided Wed. night that I was taking her to the vet in the morning, but when I woke up, she was gone. I had at least gotten one last good night with her to say goodbye.

I miss her terribly. She was just the best cat, as everyone who ever met her will agree. I don't really have any regrets. I am grateful for the time I had with her, and every day gave her whatever attention she demanded (which was often a lot), because you never know.

It's very weird in my house right now. I haven't lived without a cat in the house since like 1990. I will not wait long to get new cats. (I had already sort of been looking for a friend for Emily, although I'm glad I didn't get one, so I could focus on her at the end.) But Emily will always be irreplaceable.

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For folks who still read LJ, and who remember entries over the years that featured Morgan, my Small Emergency Backup Cat. She lived to the ripe old age of 20, which is pretty remarkable given that she spent the last like 5 years blowing snot everywhere and the last year getting daily fluid injections.

Morgan started out life as a barn kitten in Morgantown, West Virginia. She came to me when she was 9, and she instantly became the dominant cat in our house. She always charmed everyone and was never shy about demanding attention -- breaking all the rules for what calico cats are supposed to be like. Over the past year, because of the fluids, I boarded her whenever I went out of town, and she had all of the staff at the vet/kennel wrapped around her paw. She would become "desk kitty" whenever she was there, not caring the least about big dogs who'd come in, or anything, so long as she was getting scritched. She was a total sweetheart right up to the end.

I'll miss her. (I don't think Emily will.)
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As you are probably aware from the postings of other Boston-area LJers, we had a bit of snow yesterday and overnight into today. We actually achieved OFFICIAL blizzard status late last night (defined as "3+ hours of sustained 35 mph winds and 1/4 mile visibility") which, as the Weather Channel people never ceased telling us, is the first time Boston has had a REAL blizzard since the infamous one of 1978. We did not, in fact, beat that snow total record. However, we did have a 76 mph gust at Logan Airport last night, and a category 1 hurricane is 74 mph (sustained, granted), so well-played, nature.

I took a bunch of "before", "during", and "after" pics. You can click through and see any of them larger.

Many snowy pics below! )

Neighbors trying to dig out their entire driveway by hand. Mind you, the winds are still VERY strong. I then noticed that one of them (right) had, halfway through, gone and fetched a lawn chair, and just gave up.


I agree, neighbor. I'm not even going OUT there to clear off my car until tomorrow.
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As promised, I selected just 24 photos to represent the year, and hit every month except for April and September, I think. Click any to embiggen at Flickr.

Let's see if I can get one of those new-fangled LJ Collapse things to work...
I think I got it... oh it's just the old LJ Cut... )

Winter Fun

Jan. 15th, 2011 07:26 pm
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Today, I went cross-country skiing for the first time, and did not even kill myself or break anything! This is a minor miracle, because I am not good at ice-skating; I tried rollerblading once and broke my elbow; and I have never been on skis before, at all. (I view the concept of downhill skiing with suspicion. But I always wanted to try cross-country. It's flat! That always seemed much more reasonable to me.)

What they don't tell you (except for how [ profile] my_tallest totally told me) is that cross-country is only MOSTLY flat. There are little hills that you have to learn to go up, and deal with going down.

Anyway, I had planned to go to the walk-in lessons at a nearby ski track, but they were full. And [ profile] katie_m was with me, and she said she'd done it before and it really wasn't hard, so why didn't we just rent the skis and do it? And so we did.

GOSH, those things are slippery. But by the end of the two hours, I was getting around pretty well, the stride felt pretty natural, and I even managed one smaller downhill, and then one bigger downhill (where the wind blew back my hair and everything!) without falling at all. Woo! So yes, I would like to go again.

In a different category of winter "fun", I also bring you, belatedly, some pictures from this past Wednesday's blizzard. It was an impressively sticky snow. And then, at the very end, I bring you video of Emily-cat exploring the snow. (She really likes walking outside, even when it's cold and snowy. Alas, I just barely did not turn on the video soon enough to catch her rolling in it. But then her little feet get cold and she wants to go in.)

Pictures this way... )
Finally: Emily is Adventure-Cat.

(The sky looks blue in the pan up at the end there, but it's not. It's actually a very very dark grey, as this was from the middle of the storm.)
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So! When I last updated, it was to announce in a brief way that I had broken my right wrist in a fall on the ice. It's been a while, so it's a good time for another update.

I've been coping, even though it is a gigantic pain in the ass. Many thanks to people like [ profile] emilytheslayer, [ profile] lynxreign, [ profile] elishavah, and especially [ profile] veejane, for various bits of assistance that have made the last four weeks get-throughable. Everyone at the office has been very nice; it helps that we are in a somewhat slow period. (Although, our annual symposium took place a couple of weekends ago, and that wasn't what you would want to call "slow". But I was able to line up a lot of minions and delegate to them, so we survived it.)

The office bought me a copy of MacSpeech Dictate, the Mac version of Dragon Naturally Speaking, which I have been able to install both at work and at home. This allows me to keep up with some of my e-mailing, rather than having to do all my typing one-handed. Unfortunately, it doesn't really work for me for writing fiction, and needless to say, what the right hand out of commission I can't do any artwork, which is driving me nuts. Still, thank goodness for small favors. (I am however getting really tired of having to speak everything out loud, including punctuation.)

Below, an example of how the cats have been "helping":

(i.e., Morgan has decided that the pillow that I use to prop up my arm when I'm sitting in my chair is her new favorite place to lay, and I have to shove her over when I actually want to use it for the purpose that I intended it for. Also, yes, I had undecorated the tree prior to the fall, but had not taken it down and put it away; now, it is up for the duration, and I don't see the point of having it sit there without putting the lights on.)

That is an example of the original splint. It was succeeded by a hard cast, which is what I'm wearing now. I have a compression fracture of the distal radius, and from the start, the surgeon told me that he was worried it might "fall apart", rather than "get sticky" and start to heal. Well, nearly 4 weeks later, the latest round of x-rays taken today has shown that it decided to fall apart. Or to be more accurate, it collapsed in on itself. The ends of the bone to connect up with the wrist are not quite in the right alignment, which could be a bad thing going forward. So today, I found out that I will be having surgery on Friday to put in a plate to correct this.

The bright side is that this will not set me back to the beginning in terms of recovery. It will add a few weeks, but it won't (or, it shouldn't) add six more weeks. I'm annoyed, because the arm has just been getting to the point where it is starting to hurt a little less, like its, you know, healing; and now after Friday it's going to hurt all over again while I recover from the surgery, and I have no good idea of how long that's going to take.

In summation: FEH.

I leave you with a cute picture of Emily (all 4 feet!):

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I would say something sweeping and generic about cats and their walnut-sized brains, but rather than impugn the cats of others, I'll just impugn the brains of my OWN cat, which is much safer.

Recipe for Winter Fun with Cats: )
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Happy New Year, everybody! A grab-bag entry of recent-ish things...

First, to remind myself (because I can never really remember, any more, what I actually did on New Year's Eve in any given year): this year there was a snowstorm out there, and it was very cold. I had yummy food for dinner, and yummy wine courtesy of [ profile] rednikki and [ profile] mycranium. I watched the Disney movie "Enchanted", which I got from the library (to replace a unworking copy of "Madagascar") and which I'd been meaning to see. And it was a HOOT. Really. Disney taking the piss out of its own romantic-cartoons genre.

Speaking of the aforementioned snowstorm: I went out very early yesterday, to feed [ profile] elishavah's cat Tigger. It was already snowing, but given the forecast it sounded like it would be better to get it done earlier than later. By the time I got home, it was seriously putting it down out there. I came in the door, and of course, there was Emily, crying to be let out. "Yeah, yeah," I said. I picked up her harness, and the little fruitcake actually sat up on her hind legs and thrust her head through the loop, she was so eager to go out.

And then she found out what the outdoors was actually like:

I think the expression on her face in the first pic says it all, no? She did walk down the steps of her own volition, but she didn't really make it very far before she decided "Fuck this" and headed back up the steps to the door.

(Showing that she either does not learn, or else cannot keep a thought in her tiny little walnut-sized brain, today, she was crying at the back door again when I got in from Cat Sitting Errands. I ignored her this time.)

Also apropos to a post this time of year: my Fannish Year in Review.

In Kadanzer Weyr, my Pern fandom group: approx. 11,050 words of fic (spread over 4 fics). No art. (!!!) :( Yeah, I'm bad; I've got catching up to do there...

In RiverTwine Holt, my ElfQuest fandom group: approx. 11,375 words of fic (spread over 4 fics... okay, that's a bit eerie; I had no idea I had such parity between the two groups in terms of how much fic I was doing!). 52 pieces of art (most in color), including 77 individual figures. This included two pieces for the group's 2009 Calendar (I did February and July.)

Hmm. Basically, I wrote approximately the same amount of fic over this year as last year, give or take a story (still a total well under what I've done in years past). I actually did somewhat less art than I did in 2007. Good lord, what have I been *doing* this year? I guess, increased admin duties in the EQ group; that always sucks up time, it's true.


Finally! One more piece of art I did this year was for EQ fandom -- every year, the EQ site's forum, Scroll of Colors, produces a fan-art calendar. It's juried. Artists submit pieces related to the year's theme, and then you don't find out if you made it in until the calendar is released.

Well, the calendar was released today. The theme is "The Magic of ElfQuest". My entry was chosen for January. :) It can be seen here: The 2009 ElfQuest Fan Art Calendar

That's all for 2008! Really, I am not sad to see it go. :P Here's to a MUCH BETTER 2009 for everybody!
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Some of these were taken on the ride in, and some were taken on the ride out, which is why the drastically different lighting conditions.

Abandoned railway bridge and below that a footbridge across the Charles to the Shaws Supermarket parking lot. For want of a better identifier, the dam is just "the Shaws dam". (A decade ago it would have been "the Ames dam". I should look it up and find out what it was originally called.)

More below the cut... )
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Time for some cat pictures! This is Emily in her Latest Favorite Spot (lord knows, it's only a matter of time before Morgan decides to annex it), showing off one of her favorite lounging postures, Sphinx-Cat. The second shot is a good look at her thumbs. (In fact, on that particular paw, she not only has the thumb with the claw on it, but in that Y between the thumb and forefinger, she has another claw hidden away. Her left paw has the thumb, but not that extra claw in the cleft.) And the bottom pic is just fun. (It was another attempt to get a close shot at her toes.) Plus the source of a new icon!

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When you have a dream about commuting (even though it *looked* nothing at all like your actual commute does, except for the... vehicle, I hesitate to call it a "bus", that did have "73 Waverley" in lights on the top) and then you wake up at 7:10am, it's only natural to groan and think for a moment that it's a work-day and you'll have to get up in a minute. It's extremely blissful, therefore, when you realize moments later that no, it's Sunday, and you can totally go back to sleep. w00t!

I just wanted briefly to give you all some evidence of what a fruit-loop my Small Emergency Backup Cat, Morgan, is. I related earlier I think that Morgan decided a few months ago to start taking over all the spots that Emily had been sleeping in -- because Morgan is *evil*. Now it's February and she's still religiously sleeping up on top of the back of the Green Chair of Love. If you look back through my cat tags, you can find pics of Emily sleeping there. Here, I wanted to share with you what I now see every night:

The hell? What is it? Is it a calico tribble?

The top of the chair can only be about 6" wide. I really don't know how she manages to *curl up* on it. But there she is, blithely hanging over the edge.

Finally, I'll leave you with Emily, being cute (and sleeping on the bed, which used to be Morgan's Territory, but which Emily can now sleep on because Morgan has abandoned it):

Off to watch much TV, including SuperBowl!
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Yes, I went to the gym again! Also, I went on Thursday, I just forgot to post about it.

On Thursday, I discovered two things. One: weeknights around 6pm is when EVERYONE goes to the gym, apparently. That was the most crowded I had ever seen it. But thanks to them having a skillion of each type of machine I use, I never had to wait to get on one. Score! Two: huh! Cute guys go to the gym! I know, this shouldn't be news. It just struck me, that's all. And you get to talk to them! Or, to be accurate, you get to say things like, "Give me a second to wipe this[ piece of equipment] down, and it's all yours", and they'll respond with things like, "Sure, thanks." ... Yeah, I know, that's pathetic. Still, baby steps.

I also need to provide this pictorial proof of the occasional cat detente that happens at my house. This pic was taken at about 2am on Jan 1st, when I finally came to bed to find that the cats had given up and gotten there before me. (It was cold.) I have no idea who was there first and who got there second. It's just that normally you cannot measure the distance between the two of them on the bed in single-digit inches. They were *really* cold. I heartlessly evicted both of them so I could get in bed. Emily did come back to lie down near me.
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So it snowed again here in Boston today, which apparently it's going to be doing FOREVER. There seemed to be about 6" on my car roof when I got out to it this afternoon, though perhaps only 4" or so at home, hard to tell. This time it was a fluffy but wet snow, easy to walk in. So I put the harness on Emily to take her out again... and decided that photographic evidence was in order this time.

More pics of ADVENTURE CAT under the cut! )
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You know what the definition is of "BAD CAT"? A cat who removes an ornament from the tree and has to play with it, loudly, at 4:27am. A cat whose name is MORGAN.

(This was, luckily, one of the styrofoam ornaments that I hang on the lower branches with just this eventuality in mind. I'm a little bummed, though, because -- and [ profile] raqs will know what I'm talking about -- it's the only blue one left from the set of ultra-cheap styro balls wrapped in shiny silky floss that we bought at, like, Ames or something a skillion years ago. I have lots of red ones left, but just one blue and one green. They're very shiny! I like them on lower branches, and on the window-facing sides of the tree. I wish I knew where to get some more.)

I can't brag about my shopping prowess today, because Someone is likely reading this LJ. But I can say that there are certain stores that are really, really dangerous to go into at any time, and it was only with a great effort of willpower that I got out without purchasing many more things. (Hah! Let 'em wonder!)

You know what I hate? How when you go back to the same vendor to buy a pair of jeans to replace the jeans you love but that unfortunately have finally developed holes in strategically inconvenient places, you [a] have to buy the next size larger, even though it can't just be your Ever Expanding Ass's fault, because the old jeans still fit perfectly well (are a bit LOOSE, even), so, BITE ME, Gap; and [b] are seized with the suspicion that these new jeans are somehow flimsier than the old ones, and honestly, the old ones are not THAT old, what gives? Grr.

It's not just my jeans, either. My gloves, which have done yeoman's work for something like 4 or 5 years, finally developed a hole after shovelling on Sunday. *sigh* And my BELOVED GREEN VELVET SCARF (which [ profile] raqs brought for me years and years and years ago, from Germany) is developing a lot of holes/splitting/rips in its silk lining, and I just don't know what to *DO*. *sob* (Also, the gloves perfectly match the scarf, which is sad, because that particular nice shade of dark olive is so hard to find.)

I wish my clothes would get the memo that it's a week to Xmas and replacing key items of my wardrobe wasn't on my agenda.

ETA: What do you do when your bosses give you a holiday gift that is genuinely very pretty, but difficult to actually use/wear? I've just been given a lovely ethnic-y woven scarf, and my feeling is that I would like to figure out some way to use/wear it around the office in future, but... it's very *short*. Difficult to wear in practical terms. And I deeply suspect that if I do wear it the only way I can figure doing so, it will look like nothing so much as a prayer shawl.
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So here's how the rest of my day went:

-- left work at 2pm. (Steve let his class out early so he could start the trek back to where he lives, which is way the hell out near 495.)

-- 1 hour later, had gotten as far as Mt. Auburn hospital. That's 1 mile from work, btw.

-- abandoned bus. Walked 40 minutes through 24 degree F weather and increasing snow to get to my car. (I was quite worried because I realized on the drive in that I had forgotten to put my little shovel in the car.)

-- get to car. 3 inches or so of snow on it already. (It's been snowing since 1pm.) Clear car. Am able to drive it out of its parking space (thankfully plows had not been by yet; but I'll have cause to regret lack of plows later). Pull out into gridlocked traffic.

-- inch homeward. That's not really an exaggeration. And can I just say how much I LOVE (for which, read: despise) people who can't figure out how to drive safely in this weather? People who DON'T TURN THEIR LIGHTS ON. People who decide that I'm driving TOO SLOW and pull around me. Die in a fiery wreck, people.

-- get home at 5:15 pm. Yeah. Find that I can't pull into my driveway because a plow HAS been by at some point, leaving a big berm of snow.

-- pull around corner, park car. Walk back to house. Get shovel. Shovel out end of drive so I can at least pull in. Feel charitable, shovel out end of neighbors' drive as well (driveway on my side of house).

-- get back in car. Mini -- which, let me state, up to this point has BEEN A TROOPER, calmly dealing with lack of plowed roads when other cars are spinning wheels -- will not move out of parking space. Won't go forward, won't go back. Nice boys who are shovelling across way come over, shovel out around my wheels, and push car backwards until I can get it moving.

-- go around block back to my house. Pull into drive. Unfortunately, drive has steeper slope in front before it levels out. Can't get up it. Fortunately, Fred my Ex-Landlord is there by now, shovelling rest of front. He senses I'm at the end of my rope, and offers to get in and coax the car up while I stop traffic (so he can back out across street to make a run at the drive). Takes him a good 4 runs to get up to level part, and then a half-dozen starts-stops to use the Mini as a SNOW PLOW to get it all the way back into its parking space (lots of wheel-spinning in by-now 6 inches of powdery snow laid down over a nice foundation of ICE).

-- knowing I won't want to do it in the morning, shovel a path between car and back door.

... So I came in, caked with snow, and did what any person who had lost all perspective and reason would do: I put the harness on Emily and took her out for a walk. (She walked along the path I'd shovelled, inspected the car, and then cold-footed it back for the back door and Inside.)

6pm. And I still feel that it was probably wise to leave work "early". *sigh*

(ETA: I wanted to add that a normal commuting time for me is 40 minutes, on a good day. Just for sake of comparison.)
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Cats enjoying early-winter sunbeams.

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So I was explaining to [ profile] jenlev earlier the fresh approach to evil that my secondary cat, Morgan, has now adopted.

I've explained before that although Morgan is easily half Emily's size and nearly twice her age, and is the latecomer to this home, she manages to completely dominate Emily. There's no good reason for this. (But I also have to say that little is more hilarious than watching two cats spat-fighting. Not serious fighting. The kind where they both stand there, *leannnnning* way to the side away from each other, with their ears flat, and just sort of FLAIL at each other with one paw.) But Morgan is determined to keep up a strategy of psychological warfare to ensure that her dominant position remains secure.

Latest campaign: going to all of the spots that Emily has been habitually sleeping in for the past month or longer, and "just happening" to decide to sleep there now.

I've posted pictures before of Emily stretched out along the back of the green recliner chair (which is what I always sit in when I'm watching tv or reading). Now, suddenly, Morgan is frequently up there, sleeping.

Or, my couch (which doesn't get used except by the cats) has, at the opposite end from the chair, under the lamp, a pillow that's fallen down flat on the seat, and for the past month that's been Emily's new cat bed. (Don't be silly; I'm not foolish enough to spend actual money purchasing so-called "cat beds" for these cats.) Emily likes to lie there with her face smooshed up against the arm of the couch, so that when she gets up sometimes and comes over to my lap, half of her head looks flat and she has bed-whiskers. Tonight? Morgan is curled up "innocently" in that precise spot.

I just got up to go into the kitchen, though, and I see that Emily is not entirely cowed by this state of affairs. I found her curled up on the bed, up against the pillows. Which -- you guessed it, has been Morgan's Spot for the last few months (just as the bed overall has been Morgan's since she moved in, pretty much).

Still, I really would like to know just where Morgan developed this idea that she continually find new ways to be mean to Emily.
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(YES, I know, I'm spamming LJ, and it's probably a procrastination tactic! I've BEEN running the sweeper, okay? Also I had to go out and get new bags for it. I'm taking a BREAK.)

So, some of you may have seen [ profile] raqs talking about obtaining the DeFURminator shedding tool from QVC, and how magical it was and all. A friend of ours in NZ apparently expressed interest in one, so Raqs got her one and shipped it to me so I could carry it over to her. It arrived last night. So I tried it out on the cats.


The problem is: either Emily (the big grey one) is just a SPOILED PRINCESS, or else, she has particularly sensitive skin. She hates it. And this is after a long, semi-successful program in which I've trained her to accept a wire brush in the mornings after my shower. (But she only accepts that for about one brush's worth of fur-wad, and then that's it, she's Had Enough.)

The deFURminating process with Emily was WILDLY successful, in terms of getting GOBS of fur off of her. GOBS. But oh, with the yowling and the growling and the not staying still, and the swiping and the fighting. Man, what a BAD CAT.

So, I got about 2/3rds of a cat off her before I had to give up. And I felt bad, because I couldn't do it evenly, because of all the moving-around-avoiding she was doing. I know it says not to do it too much in one place, which I was trying to avoid doing. ALL I wanted was to do it on her sides and flanks, but OH NO. (She doesn't really tolerate being wire-brushed there, either.) *sigh*

Morgan, on the other hand, was a fairly good cat about it. I got *2* whole cats off of HER. But the problem with Morgan was -- she has A.D.D. She doesn't complain or fight and she keeps coming right back. But she is constantly moving and circling, trying to get her head in on the action, and I'm like, dammit, cat, I don't WANT your HEAD. The nice thing about Morgan is she's so small and light that I can pick her up in one hand and work the deFURminator in the other. (Can't do that with Emily, even if Emily wasn't being a fighting bitch about
it.) Morgan just kind of hangs there until she gets too squirmy.

So -- brilliant idea. Wonderful amounts of hair off them both. But not 100% successful, I'm afraid.

I sure hope that [ profile] tyellas's behemoth of a cat *likes* being brushed.

(And I still feel bad if it turns out that Emily has really sensitive skin and I hurt her somehow. Because she sure as hell COMPLAINED enough as if I was.)

(But we're even, because she nicked me in quite a few places. Ow.)


Now, yes, I'm cleaning and vacuuming. Morgan doesn't apparently care. Emily hides when the sweeper is on, and then, every time I shut it off, she comes out and comes up to me and YOWLS and YOWLS and YOWLS. I don't know what her little kitty problem is. Unless -- and this is depressingly likely -- she associates Mom doing serious housecleaning with Mom Going Away. Hmm. So right now she's pacing around
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Okay! Having found the cable for my camera, so that I could get pictures off of it, I can maybe start catching up with posting some things... This post is the "miscellaneous grab-bag" portion of our show...

Cats! )
Bonsai! )
Spastic Spiderweb! )

(Note: I like the new interface for posting an image from the scrapbook. But I don't like that I couldn't figure out how to adjust the size of what got posted -- I'd like an option so that it would display thumbnails, basically.)

Still to come! A Day Trip to Georges Island (last weekend), and Tall Ships at Newport RI!
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Man... I have a bunch of things I want to post about (recent day-trips, Stargate fic, my bonsai, etc.), but that will take more than a few seconds to compose a post on... so I'm falling behind. Bleh! So here's some unorganized random brain-firings, instead.

1. WHY, when it is 86 degrees inside my apartment, will my big, hot cat insist on sitting in my lap? WHY?

2. I've been having a run of insects in the apartment. The usual carpenter ants, of course. And also... what I think might be water-bugs. Thank god, this year, no carpenter bees. (They appear to have made a home in the walls using the same holes that the aforementioned sparrows are using. I say, I don't care, if they stop comiing IN the apartment.)

OMG WHY DID I JUST GOOGLE-SEARCH "WATER-BUG"?????? *is completely grossed-out forever*

More insect ramblings... )

3. Hey, you all remember the raccoon? From a couple of months ago? Well... )

4. Meh. I'm sure I had other things to post about, but I can't recall what they were after all the ranting. Or the things I can recall... do you ever get to that point where you think about posting something and then you get around to actually doing it and then think, oh, why bother posting that, it's dumb?

Like, I could tell you that I like the new Fountains of Wayne song because it's actually a bouncy and cheerful song about being a sad, single loser in your late 20s or 30s (hello), but don't despair... and also I'm pretty sure the song is strongly alluding to the idea of single women masturbating in the shower, which, I have to give it props for that. Or I could say that I like the new Green Day song, which has a great beat and is also actually very political and anti-war, which is nice, because I do sort of wonder every once in a while where all the protest songs have gone. But... meh.

Yeah, it's that time of the summer when I feel kind of very isolated, like no matter what I do, there's just crickets chirping out there, and meh. I don't know whether that's because it's summer and that's when people's schedules get wacky and they have better things to do, or whether it's because I'm just ridiculously needy, or what. Probably, er, both.


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