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Let's get the non-sucky part out of the way first: went to see Eddie Izzard on Wed. night, w00t! (with [ profile] editswlonghair and [ profile] vampyrusgirl, thanks to whom I was even able to pounce on what may have been the LAST TICKET on an impulse on Tues. night.) It was fantastic, and I recommend the show to everyone. Also, Eddie was just SMOKING HOT. (Not so much with the transvestism; jeans, black tshirt, black cutaway tails-coat with red silk lining; I hear he had on black eyeliner, but from the cheap seats, who can tell?) Also, I was totally charmed by the parts of his routine that consisted of him coming across some stream-of-consciousness point, and resulted in him pulling out his iPhone, calling up Wikipedia, looking up the thing, and reading it to the audience. I know this doesn't sound hilarious, but it was.

As for the rest...

Ehn. I'm still coughing. I'm tired all the time, and I have verrrrrrry little motivation. I was all jittery last night and I didn't know why. I'm extremely crankypants and feel very snappish and irritable, and while that's often a sign of PMS, it can't be, so. MEH.


So as I'm getting off the bus, I mis-time standing up and the bus moving, and I fall on my ass and bruise my legs and arm. :P


I walk over to my car and open the door, and say to myself, "why is there glass all over the seat?"

I had to do an entire circuit of the car before finding that it was the back window that was smashed in. :( :( :( I stood there -- IN THE RAIN -- for several moments staring at it, and thinking, what the hell? There's nothing visible back there except for two boxes of cat-litter, which are still there, and they haven't been moved, so it's not like someone riffled through the back looking for valuables.

So then I put my seat forward to get at the paper towels to brush the glass off my seat, and I find... a golf-ball in the little net pocket on the back of my seat, along with the paper towels. Yes, I *was* parked along a main road that happens to run alongside a country-club.

So I drove up to the country-club -- more glass tinkling off into the back with every bump -- and went inside to find out what their policy might be with regard to their patrons chipping their shots and breaking car windows. And indeed it turns out that they have a Standard Procedure for this, so that worked out fine, and I got their card, and the number of the glass place that does work for them and will supposedly come to me and just charge it to them. *sigh* I really hope they work on a Sat. and that they have a Mini Cooper back window with heating element in stock.

And then I stood there in the COLD and the RAIN (well, not in the rain, but under the veranda) waiting for AAA to come, because it struck me that driving with chunks of the window liable to fall out at any moment was probably unsafe, and if I tried to break it all out myself, first, I had nowhere to put the stuff, and second, if I cut myself, I would be the biggest moron in the world. It took them nearly an hour to come. [ profile] telepresence and then [ profile] raqs kindly talked to me -- or allowed me to talk at them -- until then.

Now I have a big piece of cardboard over my back window, and some plastic garbage bags sort of draped over the outside to try to keep out any more rain tonight, and THIS IS NOT THE FRIDAY NIGHT I WAS WANTING TO HAVE.

And my back hurts, and all the energy that I left work with, that I was going to apply to any number of things since I had a late lunch and didn't need to eat right when I got home, is all gone, and I'm hungry now. And my legs hurt.

The end.
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So here's how the rest of my day went:

-- left work at 2pm. (Steve let his class out early so he could start the trek back to where he lives, which is way the hell out near 495.)

-- 1 hour later, had gotten as far as Mt. Auburn hospital. That's 1 mile from work, btw.

-- abandoned bus. Walked 40 minutes through 24 degree F weather and increasing snow to get to my car. (I was quite worried because I realized on the drive in that I had forgotten to put my little shovel in the car.)

-- get to car. 3 inches or so of snow on it already. (It's been snowing since 1pm.) Clear car. Am able to drive it out of its parking space (thankfully plows had not been by yet; but I'll have cause to regret lack of plows later). Pull out into gridlocked traffic.

-- inch homeward. That's not really an exaggeration. And can I just say how much I LOVE (for which, read: despise) people who can't figure out how to drive safely in this weather? People who DON'T TURN THEIR LIGHTS ON. People who decide that I'm driving TOO SLOW and pull around me. Die in a fiery wreck, people.

-- get home at 5:15 pm. Yeah. Find that I can't pull into my driveway because a plow HAS been by at some point, leaving a big berm of snow.

-- pull around corner, park car. Walk back to house. Get shovel. Shovel out end of drive so I can at least pull in. Feel charitable, shovel out end of neighbors' drive as well (driveway on my side of house).

-- get back in car. Mini -- which, let me state, up to this point has BEEN A TROOPER, calmly dealing with lack of plowed roads when other cars are spinning wheels -- will not move out of parking space. Won't go forward, won't go back. Nice boys who are shovelling across way come over, shovel out around my wheels, and push car backwards until I can get it moving.

-- go around block back to my house. Pull into drive. Unfortunately, drive has steeper slope in front before it levels out. Can't get up it. Fortunately, Fred my Ex-Landlord is there by now, shovelling rest of front. He senses I'm at the end of my rope, and offers to get in and coax the car up while I stop traffic (so he can back out across street to make a run at the drive). Takes him a good 4 runs to get up to level part, and then a half-dozen starts-stops to use the Mini as a SNOW PLOW to get it all the way back into its parking space (lots of wheel-spinning in by-now 6 inches of powdery snow laid down over a nice foundation of ICE).

-- knowing I won't want to do it in the morning, shovel a path between car and back door.

... So I came in, caked with snow, and did what any person who had lost all perspective and reason would do: I put the harness on Emily and took her out for a walk. (She walked along the path I'd shovelled, inspected the car, and then cold-footed it back for the back door and Inside.)

6pm. And I still feel that it was probably wise to leave work "early". *sigh*

(ETA: I wanted to add that a normal commuting time for me is 40 minutes, on a good day. Just for sake of comparison.)
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Somebody keyed my Mini! On the passenger-side door. :( :( :( !!!!!

I don't know when, exactly. I don't look at that door that often, for obvious reasons. Although... well, I just put groceries in that side last night, and I don't recall seeing it. That suggests it happened today, where I park for the day, which is... that's a very odd notion, frankly. (Seeing as I park on a somewhat quiet residential street, and have done for years and years, in pretty much the same space.)

The perils of having a dark-green car: it's more obvious even than the largely minor scrapes that resulted from that accident a little while back. (And no, still need to get that fixed; I have the insurance check in hand.)

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If you're going to speed away from the scene of an accident, you should probably check to see whether you left half of your bumper with the LICENSE PLATE ATTACHED, first.

Just sayin'.

Yes, I got hit coming home from working late (reception) tonight. I had a left-turn arrow, he sped through and hit me glancingly on the right front. The Mini actually appears to be fine (comment from one SUV driver who stopped: "That's a tough little car!"). I'm fine, although I think my shin is going to be bruised. Ow.

I had no sooner pulled over afterwards, than a completely different guy going the other way came running at me from his car yelling that the license plate was still in the middle of the road. Attached to half the guy's bumper. I walked out and got it, and by the time I got back to my car and got my phone out, another guy in an SUV had pulled up and was on the phone to the cops, describing the accident he'd seen and then, when I showed it to him, reading off the license plate number. After he left, two *more* SUV drivers pulled in to make sure I was okay and it was all called in. Then the cops showed up, wrote everything down, and took the bumper away.

The car is completely driveable; all you can see is some scratches. Which means it's going to be a pain in the ass to deal with. But that's better than the alternative!


Perhaps ironically (in the dramatic sense), the post I was GOING to make when I got home was:


(Following plenty of wine at the F&M reception.)

Also: it's kind of cute and kind of poignant to listen to late-September cicadas in the trees at night. Whereas in the summer they go "bzzzbzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzz...zzz..zz...zz...z", at this time of year they just quietly go "click!... ... ... click!!... click-click-click!... click! ... ... click... ... ... click". I like the sound of cicadas at all times, but -- that's just kind of sad.
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I just want to note: when you're driving a Mini, you may be many things. Cool. Cute. Whatever. What you are NOT, is "intimidating".

It's not like the old Saturn *was* intimidating, mind you. It was a sedan, after all. It had the virtue of surprise, I think. (As in, "yes, it's a Saturn sedan, you don't expect one of those to blow by you this fast, do you?" I never got a speeding ticket in that thing.)

But anyway. My point is... maybe it's entirely coincidence. Because this is the Boston area, after all. Not known for its courteous drivers. But in the short time I have driven the Mini, I have had *more* people take one look at me approaching and decide, what the hell, let's pull out in front of that and make *it* hit the brakes. Trucks, SUVs, sedans, doesn't matter. They all seem to be doing this equation in their heads, and I now seem to rank somewhere below "moose" (possibly even below "whitetail deer") on the scale of things they're willing to play chicken with and risk colliding with their car.

Mini Me

Apr. 12th, 2006 09:48 am
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There are many Mini Coopers...

This one is mine.

(More or less. I don't have an actual photo yet.) It's extremely cute, and yeah, there was squealing and cooing, even at the dealership. (Telepresence can verify.) It's all very exciting and still seems a bit unreal -- this fell into place very suddenly this week, and when I'm motivated, I move swiftly -- and I'm still getting used to, well, everything about the new car in comparison to the old Saturn (its size, the way it drives, what height the clutch likes to release at, figuring out all the adjustments to make it feel comfortable, etc.). It happened *so* suddenly that I still haven't quite processed that a thing that has been a definite goal ever since the *concept* of the new Mini redesign was announced (I want to say, in 2000? first model year was 2002), but that I thought would still be quite a while before I made happen, has actually happened.

To be honest, while I don't want to diss the Saturn, which was in quite good shape for a car of its age, it was true that I was starting to get a little concerned about it. I know there are much older cars on the road that aren't even "classic" cars. (It was 11 years old and was about to turn over 140,000 miles.) But it was at that point where I was acutely aware of every little unexpected noise or smell, and I would often think to myself about scenarios in which something truly important would go wrong with it. But I was figuring I'd eke a few more years out of it, because heck, it can be done, with reliable cars. Getting the new Mini... is suddenly a huge load off my mind. My god -- it has a *warranty*! They're going to do all the little maintenance-y stuff (like oil changes) for the next *3 years*!!! I almost cannot imagine.

So, add another entry to Cars I Have Owned (click for a photo-essay I did 2 years ago). A car I expect to have for a good long time (insh'allah).

I would take proposals for car names, except I've discovered that when left to my own devices I don't really name my cars, I just give them diminutive endearments. The Saturn was "the Little Car" (however inappropriate that was, as it was bigger than any car owned by anyone else I knew), and I expect the Mini will be "the Little Car" from here on out (in a much more plausible way).

Still haven't figured out where to put the koi, though.
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Not that I have one. Even if I *can* make the Saturn push 85, it's just not the same.

But, this is both an essay and an exercise in web-image scavenger-hunting that I assembled for a board I'm on (all right, all right, it's a Canucks discussion board), and I was pleased enough with the exercise in nostalgia that I thought I'd put it here as a more durable respository.

Cars I Have Known )


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