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Yeah, so I meant to post these awhile ago. Then I just remembered about them, and figured what the heck, I'll post them as an antidote to my craptastic day...

This poor-man's-panorama dates back to August 10, actually. I drove out to Wachusett Reservoir, which I had discovered a while ago by accident. It has a really big stone dam and you can walk around it and up and down, and I was out running errands, and it was a nice day (although you can see the scattering of clouds thinking -- for the umpteenth time this summer -- about becoming thunderstorms) and I wanted to walk around a bit, but not in the woods where there are mosquitoes. So I drove out there... where I discovered that the entire dam area is under construction, and you can't park near it or walk near it at all right now. Crud.

So as I was driving back, there was this little turn-out, and I pulled in there to take these pictures, because it was so pretty.

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To go with my very pretty, girly bike, some very girly panniers! Not the girliest ever (because this particular design also came in pink, so), but pretty close.

I got them because while I really like the basket, I was having problems with things jouncing out of it while going over bumps. The basket is more suited to leisurely rides, rather than commuting. These are capacious, and waterproof! (They are made by a company in the Netherlands called Basil. You can find them on the web by searching for "basil panniers". They make a number of other designs, but they are kind of hard to get in the U.S. I got these by ordering them online from a store in Canada, actually.)

Sadly, it looks like my biking commuting may be over for the season. For one thing, I don't have quite as much wiggle-room about when I get in in the morning, since the term is now starting. For another, I discovered last week the drawback to my lovely ride along the Charles River Bikeway -- if you actually do it at dusk (which is, of course, coming earlier and earlier these days), along some stretches what you get is a constant face-ful of gnats. That was a whole lot of no fun, let me tell you. (BUG GUTS ON MY GLASSES AAAIIIGGGH!)
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Some of these were taken on the ride in, and some were taken on the ride out, which is why the drastically different lighting conditions.

Abandoned railway bridge and below that a footbridge across the Charles to the Shaws Supermarket parking lot. For want of a better identifier, the dam is just "the Shaws dam". (A decade ago it would have been "the Ames dam". I should look it up and find out what it was originally called.)

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I know that I posted about the nice hybrid bike that I got off of Craigslist a little while ago -- the truth is, I resold it about a week and a half later. After riding to and from work a few times, I started to feel like maybe it wasn't quite the right size for me -- maybe it was a bit too small.

Or maybe that was a rationale for going to a bike store to pick up some supplies for the Craigslist bike, and meeting the Bike of My Dreams. (Really, they should market it like that.) I inquired about the price and thought about it a few days, and the salesman looked right at me and said, "I would want to put you on the 16" frame" (all he had at the time was the 14"). I ended up going back to the bike store on the Friday, and he had one with the 16" frame built, so I test-rode it. And it was AMAZING. So smooth and comfortable! And even though that was still in the period in which my tailbone was hurting like a mofo, it didn't really hurt that much to ride *that* bike.

So I bought it (it was even on sale!). I also bought a basket for it, because I was good and tired of riding to work with my bag slung over my shoulder. The next day, I put the Craigslist bike back on Craigslist, and it sold within a couple of hours for what I'd paid for it.

Here is my very spiffy new bike! It's a Trek 7000.

YES, it could be *more* girly. For example, instead of the green leaf decoration it has, those could be PINK. So there. Did I mention how incredibly comfortable it is?

Since then, I've been taking it a bit easy, working up to things. I got in the habit of riding it to work one day, then riding it home the next. Then I kind of lost last week to the CONSTANT THUNDERSTORMS OMG. Given the forecasts and being wimpy and afraid of being caught out in one of those, I just left the bike at home (I went to to the gym several nights instead, and biked 7 miles on the stationary bikes).

Today, I both biked *to* work, and then home again in the same day. w00t!

Speshul sekrit message for [ profile] jenlev: camera this morning, but no blue herons at the dam. Because the dam looked like this, and the herons could not possibly have stood there even if they would have been able to see the fish, which they wouldn't:

This is the Watertown dam, along the Charles River Bikeway.

Finally, I leave you all with a pretty sunset. This was on Sunday, after thunderstorms moved through. I came out of the O'Neill tunnel, briefly, heading for the Prudential tunnel, and the sky was suddenly ON FIRE. Flecks of bright orange below a higher canopy of dark grey, stretching up farther than I could see. It was amazing. I had made it to the Allston/Brighton tolls before I realized that my camera was in my bag, and I might be able to snap a clear pic of it -- but you can see, the sunset is already rapidly fading by then, a deep pink, and extending much less overhead. Still: pretty.


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