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It's a year in review!

Do you know how long it's been since I posted? Wow. I also see that I failed to post last year, which would be bad, in that I usually forget what I did for New Years from year to year.  Except I can remember that last year I went t [ profile] my_tallest's party so I could meet his then-new boyfriend, and that was fun!

This year I did NOT party, because I got really hideously sick from food-poisoning the night before, and continued feeling icky all yesterday.  So I sat at home and cautiously ate bland things, caught up on Tumblr after a week away, and just barely remembered to turn on the TV in time to see the ball drop.  *FWEEEEE*!!!  (that's a virtual party-favor thing that you blow into and it unrolls... what the hell ARE those called?)

It also feels like I didn't DO a whole hell of a lot this past year.  I really have to think back to figure out where the year went.

The best part of the year has to have been the saw-whet owl banding, I think.  I moved up from recording volunteer to actually extracting owls from nets and then doing the banding and measurements, which took me from doing it once a week to 4 or 5 nights a week.  So that really killed off October and November.  And yet, it's still pretty rewarding.

Hmm.  I should go back through my photos and see if I can post a "one photo a month" meme or something.  Maybe for tomorrow.

I also feel like I did very little art, which is kind of distressing.  Or at least it feels that way.  I think I did about 20 pieces, if I'm being generous in the counting... and oh yeah, a 6-page graphic story, which probably accounts for the other lack of production.  It took me 9 months to do that, and it hanging over me was probably part of the reason for other lack of production.  (5-6 weeks to do, if I counted up the actual time spent.)

If you're interested, you can see it here; it was a prize for someone in an ElfQuest fan group I'm in; it's not canonical, and is perhaps a bit "inside baseball" in terms of the story, but there it is.

I guess the other thing that killed me this year was that the first part of the year was still spent doing entries for the ElfQuest Fan Art calendar; normally that would have been completed long before New Years, but the nature of the project (producing pages for 3 weekly calendars) made it bleed into 2012, and I did about 5 pin-up montages of canon ElfQuest characters for it:

I also did an entry for the EQFA 2013 calendar, which they ended up selecting for April; again, canonical (the theme was "every picture tells a story", to do a 1-page comic that would convey any kind of story we wanted), and it can be seen here.

And that's about it!  Off to contemplate what I feel safe eating for dinner...
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That I would create a saw-whet owl pendant, that is. Because I've looked and looked, but couldn't really find one that I liked that captured the cuteness of their little faces. I am not saying that this does it perfectly either (it may be a mistake to post this with this icon, thus providing the obvious side by side comparison), but it's not a bad first attempt.

Both of these should be clickable through to larger versions of the pictures, if you are so inclined.

Saw-whet Owl Pendant by ~Eregyrn on deviantART

Link to detail pics below the cut... )

Saw-whet owl pendant made of Sculpey, painted with acrylic and sealed with Sculpey Glaze.

Dimensions are just over 2.5" x 1.75".

I did this in about 5 hours worth of sculpting (includes failed attempts that were squashed out and restarted), and about 2 hours worth of painting. There are already a bunch of things I will try to do differently on my next attempt (one of the wings is too thin for my liking; I want to do the eyes differently to make them easier to paint). But all in all I'm pretty satisfied with this little girl.
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70 Million by Hold Your Horses ! from L'Ogre on Vimeo.

That is... really elaborate.

I wish I liked the song better. I like the tune, and the instrumentals, but I'm not in love with the lyrics. Don't hate them, just... meh.

However, it's a spectacular vid.

Meanwhile -- visit the post I put up earlier today for a completely addictive time-wasting musical flash thingie.
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Okay, if I'm doing this right, this ought to work -- the image below should be a link to a full-size version of the picture, that shows more detail.

Wolf Pendant by ~Eregyrn on deviantART

So, as the subject line says -- I very rarely do 3D artwork, and therefore, am not very practiced at it. The last time was an arctic-fox pendant, extremely low on detail, that I made back in 2008. It took three years, therefore, for me to break out the Sculpey and try again.

I got this idea for a wolf pendant recently, and while the above result is not very much like my original idea, it's kind of close. I wanted something, once again, that would look sort-of kind-of like it was carved from bone or ivory... and the result is a piece that looks like it's made out of polymer clay that is trying to look like bone or ivory, and really, that's okay. (I did find some online tutorials about how to turn your polymer clay into something that looks like bone/ivory, with some examples that look really, really good, but just from reading the descriptions of how they did it, I'm nowhere near being able to conceive of doing it.)

So I sat down on Sunday night, itching to do some art after a hectic weekend work conference, and kind of itching to do something that I don't normally do (since I'd just completed a couple of very work-intensive drawings in the weeks before). I probably did about 5 or 6 little wolves that I then scrapped by squishing back up into a ball of Sculpey, until I got to this one, which I liked just enough to keep going with it.

Upper left, the raw, unbaked version, showing the score-marks I made to create grooves into which dark pigment would settle to indicate the darker fur parts. Upper right, the final version: baked, washed with some raw-umber acrylic, glazed. Bottom row, details, showing that it's actually fairly flat, except for the nose. (The back looks like a real mess, let me tell you. And I've broken the upraised foreleg twice, and fixed it. That is the weak spot, I fear, so I have to be careful with it. And I kind of expect the loop that holds the cord to break off someday. I learned some things about how not to do that.)

I should have taken a pic of it in my hand to show scale. It's about 2" wide and 2.75" tall. (That fits in pretty well with the size of pendants I often wear; it isn't even the biggest pendant I own.)
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So. Here we are, in 2010. Boy, that is wrong on so many levels. I am not doing that decade-in-review thing, no. But here, a quick catch-up on the past year, because I've done it the past two years in a row, so I should keep that up.

Once again, I did nooooothing on New Year's Eve. Weather was crappy here, AGAIN. (And it's supposed to be worse this weekend.) I stayed in, I ate Indian food, I had a beer, and I rewatched Disney's "Hercules", which is directly the result of having gotten trapped within the labyrinth of TV Tropes a little while back. (Verdict: not all that good a film, and the things that seemed wacky and interesting when it came out are still kind of wacky and interesting, but not enough so, if you know what I mean. Still, that's what $1 rentals from the library are for.) Ooo! Ooo! And I upgraded the RAM in my computer! I can now thumb my nose at Gmail/Safari and its annoying RAM-hogging issues.

Today I puttered around, and watched the NHL Winter Classic (played in Fenway this year!), and that was neat. It was hard to figure out who to root for, since it was the Bruins playing the Flyers (the Bruins won in dramatic fashion, which is nice, since it was their home ice). Seeing Bobby Clark and Bobby Orr do the face-off was extra-cool. On deck, also rented from the library, I have "Inkheart", which if nothing else I expect to be pretty (I also have "The Incredibles" to rewatch, and I know that's good; and "Tombstone"). I started reading, and am enjoying, Jim Butcher's Dresden Files series. At some point this weekend, I plan to break out the LP-to-MP3 turntable that I got clearance at BB&N, and pray that the LPs I have that I want to convert aren't warped. Being snowed in should be good for that.

I am glad that 2009 is gone, in that 2009 started okay, and then just before January ended, I broke my wrist in a fall on some ice, and GOD THAT WAS ANNOYING. Now, this winter, I'm all hinky about walking on the snow, of which, once again, we have had plenty already so far (WTF December?).

But 2009 was also when I let my inner birdwatcher out, I guess, and discovered a passion for following juvenile redtail hawks around and taking pictures of them, which was really delightful. And it was also when I was introduced to how owls are so much more wonderful than I had any idea they were, which is an obsession that is still partly waiting to be further explored, and that's always fun (as is anticipating/hoping for a redtail family next spring/summer, too).

Anyway, fannish output:

In RiverTwine Holt, my ElfQuest fandom group: approx. 11,717 words of fiction spread over 5 stories; and 50 pieces of art (mostly in color), including 94 figures. What's eerie about this, to me, is that that's VERY close to my total numbers for 2007 and 2008, too -- but, it's factoring in that I did no art in January (I don't know why), and then I broke my wrist and could not write or do any art until nearly the end of March. Hmm. So maybe I would have been on track for an even-more-productive year, considering those are really the numbers for 3/4ers of it.

Once again, I also entered a piece for the EQ official fan calendar - but the reveal on that is delayed, so I don't know yet whether it made it in. Perhaps I shall update if it did.

I hope that, no matter what your 2009 was like, that 2010 is BETTER. Happy new year, everybody!
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Happy New Year, everybody! A grab-bag entry of recent-ish things...

First, to remind myself (because I can never really remember, any more, what I actually did on New Year's Eve in any given year): this year there was a snowstorm out there, and it was very cold. I had yummy food for dinner, and yummy wine courtesy of [ profile] rednikki and [ profile] mycranium. I watched the Disney movie "Enchanted", which I got from the library (to replace a unworking copy of "Madagascar") and which I'd been meaning to see. And it was a HOOT. Really. Disney taking the piss out of its own romantic-cartoons genre.

Speaking of the aforementioned snowstorm: I went out very early yesterday, to feed [ profile] elishavah's cat Tigger. It was already snowing, but given the forecast it sounded like it would be better to get it done earlier than later. By the time I got home, it was seriously putting it down out there. I came in the door, and of course, there was Emily, crying to be let out. "Yeah, yeah," I said. I picked up her harness, and the little fruitcake actually sat up on her hind legs and thrust her head through the loop, she was so eager to go out.

And then she found out what the outdoors was actually like:

I think the expression on her face in the first pic says it all, no? She did walk down the steps of her own volition, but she didn't really make it very far before she decided "Fuck this" and headed back up the steps to the door.

(Showing that she either does not learn, or else cannot keep a thought in her tiny little walnut-sized brain, today, she was crying at the back door again when I got in from Cat Sitting Errands. I ignored her this time.)

Also apropos to a post this time of year: my Fannish Year in Review.

In Kadanzer Weyr, my Pern fandom group: approx. 11,050 words of fic (spread over 4 fics). No art. (!!!) :( Yeah, I'm bad; I've got catching up to do there...

In RiverTwine Holt, my ElfQuest fandom group: approx. 11,375 words of fic (spread over 4 fics... okay, that's a bit eerie; I had no idea I had such parity between the two groups in terms of how much fic I was doing!). 52 pieces of art (most in color), including 77 individual figures. This included two pieces for the group's 2009 Calendar (I did February and July.)

Hmm. Basically, I wrote approximately the same amount of fic over this year as last year, give or take a story (still a total well under what I've done in years past). I actually did somewhat less art than I did in 2007. Good lord, what have I been *doing* this year? I guess, increased admin duties in the EQ group; that always sucks up time, it's true.


Finally! One more piece of art I did this year was for EQ fandom -- every year, the EQ site's forum, Scroll of Colors, produces a fan-art calendar. It's juried. Artists submit pieces related to the year's theme, and then you don't find out if you made it in until the calendar is released.

Well, the calendar was released today. The theme is "The Magic of ElfQuest". My entry was chosen for January. :) It can be seen here: The 2009 ElfQuest Fan Art Calendar

That's all for 2008! Really, I am not sad to see it go. :P Here's to a MUCH BETTER 2009 for everybody!
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Finished up. I might do some designs on the lower gussets, but only after I get some new pens...

More pics below... )
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Yeah. I'm glad I started on the inside pocket, because I *did* get bolder after some experimentation, and was willing to try something more ambitious for the front flap:

(You can see it up close if you click on it. You can also see a "before" pic of the front flap in the previous post.)

I just knew I'd regret not stopping into the store to pick up a couple more markers. The points on the ones I have are kind of shot, now. I think I want to put something small up top on the front, and then some small things on the lower ends of the strap. But the points I've got now aren't good for small work, I don't think. Hmm. I'd also like to put something small on the bottoms of the side gussets, but I would need to put something squarish inside the bag to give me something to press again; a book? A box? Must hunt around.

p.s. You know what's really yummy? Sangria-flavored soda.
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So, for my birthday, [ profile] raqs sent me this cool hemp shoulder-bag (by Ecolution). And I decided that what it needed was some groovy decoration.

WIP pics below the cut. )
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Okay, I can finally post about this now -- here is a recent arts/crafts project I did. I actually did it weekend before last, but it's only finished enough to post now.

More pics and description under the cut... )
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There are nights when you spend the entire night drawing, and it's nothing but frustration, and you get to the end of the evening and become convinced that you can't draw. (Not to mention the nagging feeling that even if you manage to overcome the problems and make it as good as you are capable of making it... that still actually won't be all that good.)

I hate nights like that.
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I didn't do much but huddle for Valentine's Day (for the usual reasons, but also because there was a giant storm socking the Boston area that day) -- but I did this, for a group I'm in. This way to comics-geeky EQ fanart... )
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Yeah, I've been quiet lately. I do have stuff to post about (various things: went to a Canucks game on Thurs! an SGA ep write-up; etc.), and maybe I'll get to that over the lovely week off that I have coming. And thanks to having gone to Revels last night, I now feel at least a little bit of holiday spirit (The theme this year was German, and it was actually fairly successfully christmassy, which other regular attendants of the Cambridge Revels know is sometimes less the case than more.)

In the meantime, a look at the kind of stuff I do in my spare time that I don't generally show to LJ, which will also serve as a blanket holiday "card" to all of you -- yes, it's geeky, and if you aren't familiar with comics you probably won't get it, in which case, just admire the tree, because that, everybody should get. ;-)

Welcome, Yule!
Welcome, Yule!
(RTH Holiday 2006)

(Click on the thumbnail obviously; then click again to get the actual full-size version.)

So, Merry Whatever You're Celebrating to everybody on my flist! Ho ho ho.
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Last year, [ profile] raqs wrote "Coin on Edge" sort of for my birthday. So this year, I did a cover for it, for *her* birthday.

graphics behind cut )

Hey, it's the gift that keeps on giving!

I still feel like a slacker for not having hand-drawn it. I tried, but I was having the artistic equivalent of a writer's-block day and it was sucking, so I did this instead. Maybe I'll still try to do a by-hand version, although I like the way this one came out more than I thought I would, and what I had been going to do would have been... different, and I'm not sure better. Anyway.

Happy birthday, Raqs!
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I frequently feel badly that I don't have much of anything to share except meta observations, because I don't write anything that I can post in my LJ fandoms. And what with one thing and another, most people reading my LJ probably don't even know that I'm an artist, or if they do, it's in an extremely theoretical sense. And after a while, you get out of the habit of sharing.

So, thanks to [ profile] telepresence's positive reaction, I am moved to share this:

Gina Torres (Zoe of Firefly) as Glinda the Good Witch of the North.

It's, um... not perfect (in many ways that I increasingly notice the more time that passes since doing it), and normally I wouldn't show it to many people, but what the hell. It was a quick and dirty response to a challenge for an RPG-like thing, and kind of fun, and do you know how hard it is to actually get a good reference for the costume from the film? Geez.

So, there. I do fannish stuff besides just letting my fingers fly on a keyboard in the virtual equivalent of blah-blah-blah.


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